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Monday Motivator: Meet Allie & Taylor

August 3, 2021

Monday Motivators (and sisters!) Allie & Taylor


What does your workout routine look like these days?

We like getting the day started with a good sweat before work or ending the day with a class to reset. We compare schedules each week and try to go to as many classes together as we can!

We’ve noticed you attend a lot of classes together! How do you help each other stay motivated?

We love spending time with each other so knowing that we’ll be in class together while also getting an amazing workout makes it that much more fun. When we workout in the morning, we are also motivated by cold brews after class from Starbucks or Tim Hortons.

What is your current go-to class and why?

We really can’t pick just one favorite! Most often we go to RevRide, RevRhythm, or Run+Strength. These are our go-to classes because the energy the instructors bring as well as the Rev community is always 100.

What song totally gets you fired up for an amazing workout?

Last summer we had “Cruise” by Kygo on repeat for the drives to 6am spin at Larkin Square and it became our pump-up jam. We have found so many fun new songs from class and keep a playlist on Spotify of our favorites.

Since it’s Olympics week/ month, if you could compete in any Olympic sport which would it be and why?

If we could compete in any Olympic sport, it would be synchronized diving. We already have telepathy so a synchronized sport would make the most sense for us.

If you could workout with anyone – living or passed on – who would it be and why?

Mindy Kaling, because we read that she is a spin enthusiast! But mostly because she’s hilarious and we’d love to become her spin friends.








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