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July 23, 2021

Sarah, mom-to-be and Monday Motivator

1. How has your workout routine evolved over the course of your pregnancy?

I am happy to report that I am still exercising about 6 days/week. My weekly mileage has decreased significantly and my current pregnancy brain has made it difficult to remember choreography in RevRhythm but I still move every day! I want to be the fastest, strongest, hit the choreography the best every workout – so pulling back and listening to my body has been tough. Two things that have helped me keep going are (1) KT tape – this was a total game changer for belly support and I can’t recommend it enough, and (2) my inherent competitiveness

 2. What benefits have you discovered from maintaining an active lifestyle throughout your pregnancy?

Growing a human is weird, exciting and overwhelming but after a killer workout my mind is at peace. Staying active has helped me to feel like myself at a time in my life where everything seems to be changing. Fingers crossed it makes for an easier labor & delivery too!!

 3. Are you having any fun cravings?!

I have not had any cravings but I have embraced all of the ice cream Buffalo has to offer during this pregnant summer! My husband and I have a bucket list of places to visit – highly recommend Lake Effect Ice Cream, Fran-Ceil Custard on South Park Ave and the ice cream sandwich at Ballyhoo.

 4. Tell us your current go-to class and why.

RevRun+Upper Body. This is 100% without a doubt my current favorite class. Taking Kathleen’s class every Friday morning has become my weekly speed work and I attribute these sessions to how I’ve been able to maintain a strong running pace. I love pushing the limit on the treads and competing against myself to be faster. I’m already itching to see what I’m capable of when I come back to Rev post-baby!

 5. If you could workout with anyone – living or passed on – who would it be and why?

This question is so hard with the 2021 Olympics currently going on but to stay on brand, I have to go with a runner! Molly Seidel – she is one of our USA Olympians headed to Tokyo to run the marathon this month (an event that I will be on the edge of my seat watching)! She is a rock star athlete and she runs her local Turkey Trot in a turkey costume – my kind of workout buddy.



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