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Monday Motivator: MEET OLIVIA

August 19, 2021

Monday Motivator, Olivia

What does your workout routine look like these days?

When I moved back to Buffalo in April, it was one of my goals to get back into shape. A friend dragged me to Rev for a spin class and I was immediately hooked (Thanks Rachel!!).  I’m doing 4-5 spin classes a week now, supplemented with strength training and long walks with my dog Lucy. 

What inspires you to stay motivated?

I spent my 20s hyper-focused on my career and sacrificed my own health and wellness as a result. Now my health is a top priority for me. I’m super competitive, so working to hit small goals each week keeps me focused. That and the community at Rev keeps me coming back each week.

What is your current go-to class and why?

It’s too hard to pick just one! I’m doing a good mix of RevRide and RevRythm these days. I love Amanda’s and Lauren’s energy and special shout out to Bethany for side-eying me out of the back row. All of the classes and instructors are amazing and, anytime I have a class scheduled, I look forward to coming all day! 

What song totally gets you fired up for an amazing workout?

I have Welcome to the Madhouse by Tones and I on repeat right now. It’s such a good album from this young Australian artist. A lot of the tracks would be awesome coreo songs, especially Westside Lobby and Won’t Sleep. 

Anything fun on your bucket list for “end of summer?” 

Lots of beach time planned for the next few weeks! 

If you could workout with anyone – living or passed on – who would it be and why?

Jennifer Lopez … for sure. Have you seen her body??







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