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February 17, 2020

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Megan Hoare. I grew up and currently live in Buffalo. I am a Business Development Coordinator at NOCO Energy Corp. Basically I help to market the different forms of energy we distribute. I love to travel as much as I can but I also love exploring all Buffalo has to offer with my friends! I have been a Shea’s season ticket holder since 2010. I balance that out with reading for my book-club and doing face masks multiple times a week.

What does #RevLife mean to you?

Honestly, before Rev became a part of my life last year, I was someone who only really noticed the value of taking care of other people and definitely overlooked the importance of taking care of yourself. In the past year that has all changed. Every single instructor I have ever taken at Rev is always telling us that we are at this class for ourselves and the effort we are putting in that day is just for us so it’s important to make it count. As someone who is new to this concept of putting yourself first, and still working on it, it has been invaluable to me to have those reminders multiple times a week.


We all get in the zone in different ways. Where does your head go during a workout?

It is really hard for me to shut my brain off and I have been trying to train myself to shut out work and personal issues when I’m taking a class. Recently I’ve been trying to focus more on the music and keeping my tap backs on beat!


What’s your favorite class at Rev?

RevRide on Saturday mornings at 10:45! It always puts me in a good mood to take on the rest of the weekend!


What’s your favorite meal/snack to eat after a tough workout?

During the week it is the Everyone’s Talking About smoothie from Healthy Scratch! On Saturday mornings it’s avocado toast with goat cheese and sriracha from Perks Cafe on Elmwood!


If you have friends visiting from out of town how do you show the the perfect Buffalo day?

I love exploring the Elmwood/Downtown/Canalside area during the day. A few of my favorite activities (that aren’t restaurants/bars) are going to Bison’s games, a comedy shows at Helium Comedy Club, or Shea’s when there is a show in town. And the best way to end the night, in my opinion, is a late night dinner at Mother’s, preferably on the patio if weather allows it.


What’s your favorite place to brunch in Buffalo?

Thin Man’s Drag brunch!! It’s so fun!


Early bird or night owl?

Uhhh neither… but either if I HAVE to. I struggle with trying to take a class in the morning before work, I have paid my fair share of late cancellation fees. I’m definitely not as cool as I used to be and don’t generally stay up/out too late anymore. Ideally, I’m up around 7:30/8 and in bed by 11/11:30.


What’s your ideal rest day look like?

Well if I’m resting and not going to work out I’ll go to driphouse to relax but still sweat. Followed by a microdermabrasion facial (Ashley of Elegant Esthetics on Chandler St. is amazing and affordable!) Then round the day out by laying in my bed with fresh sheets, reading a book.

What’s your Favorite guilty pleasure song?

I have a playlist on my Spotify titled “Musicals” that is FULL of guilty pleasure songs.


If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island which 2 luxury items would you want to have?

My phone and eye cream 🙂

Cats or Dogs?

I don’t have any pets, but dogs!

If you were to win $100 million today what’s the first you do?

Tell my grandma!! But also plan the first of many yearly trips for me and my friends and my aunt! I’ll worry about my student loans when I get back.


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