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July 12, 2021

Greg, Director of Development, Sean, Director of Business Development and Joe, Business Development Associate of Seneca One

1. Describe your roles at Seneca One.
Greg: In my role with Douglas Development as the director of Development, I oversee all aspects of construction and development for all of our Buffalo, NY properties. With Seneca one, specifically, i work closely every day not only with our awesome DD team, but with the contractors, owners, leasing agents and all of the buildings departments, to make sure everything at the property is the best experience, in all aspects, for the tenants and guests. 
Sean: This is a tough question! Douglas Development now owns over 11M square feet of space in WNY and our team is quite small (less than 10). As Director of Business Development at Seneca One, I am learning that my role evolves every single day, meaning that no two days are alike and that my responsibilities continue to expand as Douglas’ footprint in WNY continues to as well. It’s a role that I’ve been dreaming about for over a decade. Unparalleled resources, creative freedom, and leadership unlike anything I’ve ever experienced are just three reasons why I can easily share that my role at Seneca One: to ensure that the community is always growing, that those that visit us always want to come back, and that by being at Seneca One only increases your business’ chances for success. 
Joe: I am a Business Development Associate and the Official Tour Guide of Seneca One. I take the general public, local organizations, new hires and anyone that asks through Seneca One and show them the history and future or each space. I also help coordinate and facilitate collaborative community events for Seneca One. 


2. What’s your most proud accomplishment so far at Seneca One?
Greg: in my 27 months at SO I’ve worked daily with great local contractors, and managed over $100M in fast paced construction. Today the residential is 100% leased and commercial over 60%. Working closely with the DD team, and evolving Seneca One from the “tall empty building,” into “Seneca One – the community,” and the place to be in our city, is and continues to be not only one of my greatest accomplishments, but many other hard working members of our team as well!
Sean: Easy answer! Revolution coming to Seneca One was something I facilitated from first conversation through the chaotic construction sprint and then countdown to the first class. I couldn’t be more proud of what Rev has brought to Seneca One from a community building perspective. It’s truly amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of our team for getting it done. 
Joe: I think my most proud accomplishment since I started here at Seneca One was when I received a round of applause right in front of my boss Sean after a 15 person public tour on a Saturday afternoon. I promise it was not staged. 

3. What are some upcoming events / partnerships at Seneca One you can tell us about? 
Sean: Keep an eye on Jazz on the Plaz, we’ve got some exciting announcements to make! Other Half Brewing Co. is also a relationship that we are strategizing right now to ensure Seneca One establishes itself as a craft beer destination. Also, teaming up with Billy Club to launch Seneca One Canned Cocktails to offer at our various events! 
Joe: Throughout the month of July, Seneca One and JazzBuffalo present Jazz on the Plaz! It’s an outstanding live music event with beer and wine, food truck and just a positive and welcoming environment. We also have teamed up with Other Half Brewing Company this summer to launch our Summer Beer Garden. Every weekend, Other Half is ready to roll with their various and great tasting beer. It’s a blast! 


4. What are your favorite ways to sweat – Rev or non-Rev?
Greg: When I’m not sweating out of places i didn’t even know could sweat, because of class with Rachel, I’m always on the move. I get about 10 minutes a day at my desk, otherwise I’m cruising around our many properties, coaching my kids sports teams, or trying to squeeze in some softball!
Sean: 5:45 AM on Tuesdays with Rev! Sometimes I break a sweat running around Seneca One, playing ice hockey with a great group of friends week to week, and playing 18 holes. If we’re talking about sweating, then am I allowed to bring up the steam room at the Knights of Columbus in Buffalo may be my favorite space in the city to sweat. 
Joe: Every morning I go to war with myself whether it is at RevRide or strength training. When I am done with each workout I feel victorious. That small victory helps set the tone for the day. It ain’t easy. It’s not for everyone. But I love the feeling. So, If I’m not ripping some drops on bike No. 17 in the back, I’m probably at my other gym throwing plates! 


5. What’s the first thing you do after a 5:45 AM RevRide with Rachel?
Greg: I walk out of clubhouse and I’m immediately getting ridiculed by the contractors that are working at Seneca one, I get on my phone and get my day going! 
Sean: Head home to clean up and perhaps shut my eyes for a bit to refresh before heading into the office. 
Joe: The first thing I do after a 5:45am RevRide with Rachel is I head right to the next gym to complete my strength training. I love lifting and exercising. It’s good for the mind and body. Plus, the atmosphere is electric at both places.


6. If you could workout with one person – deceased or living – who would it be and why?
Greg: Cal Ripken- baseball player- he was known as the “Iron Man.” I always admired his grit and determination to play every single game in a demanding sport for 2,632 straight games, over 16 years. 
Sean: I’d love to go for a brisk Fall morning walk, maybe a jog, with Jerry Seinfeld in Delaware Park. 
Joe: If I could work out with one person – deceased or living – I would work out with David Goggins. David Goggins is the author of the book “Can’t Hurt Me.” He is an American Ultramathon Runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, public speaker and author. He is a tried United States Navy Seal, former United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party member and his workouts are insane. His book helped create my morning fitness regiment. 




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