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September 13, 2021

Sarah, Monday Motivator

  1. What does your workout routine look like these days? 

I recently started a new job, so the honest answer is: not as consistent as I’d like because I’m adjusting to an entirely new schedule. However, as things start to calm down with my schedule, I hope to get back into the groove of two 60 min. personal training sessions with Ari and two spin classes per week, with one Row+Strength or TRX class sprinkled in. 


  1. What inspires you to stay motivated?

Lots of things, really. There’s the vanity of it all… I look and feel a LOT better when I’m exercising regularly. But there’s also a social fulfillment with being part of the Rev fam that I love. I get to see and support friends I’ve had for decades when I come to class, I make new friends at the classes I go to regularly, and I can keep up with my active family members and friends when we do things like go for hikes together.


  1. How’s PT going with Ari? Any advice you could share for someone on the fence about jumping into PT themselves?

Personal training is an investment in yourself that is SO worth it. I still get a little self-conscious in classes, but the longer I work with Ari (we’ve been working together for about 8 months now), the stronger and therefore more confident I feel. She pushes me out of my comfort zone. Whether it’s a new movement or revisiting a movement I struggle with, working with heavier weights or slamming the battle ropes, Ari helps me feel confident that I’m capable of anything. Plus… as I mentioned before, my schedule can sometimes be a bit hectic and the classes I want to go to don’t always work for me. PT is great because Ari and I can work together to find times to work out that make sense for both of us. If you’re on the fence about PT, trust me: jump.


  1. Fave Rev class and why?

RevRide with Amanda for a few reasons: 

  • It was one of the first Rev classes I ever took.
  • Amanda was my first new friend in high school; watching her thrive and be completely in her element up on that podium fills me with a ton of pride!
  • I see the strength I gain from turning up the resistance in her classes in unexpected ways… I recently visited a friend in San Francisco and was able to climb those infamous hills on a bike with relative ease; definitely couldn’t have done that without all the metaphorically muddy hills Amanda makes us climb in class!
  • I’m not a morning person. Never will be. So I rarely get to take any of Rachel’s classes  
  1. Anything fun on your bucket list for “end of summer?”

There are a lot of restaurants with some stunning outdoor spaces I’ve been wanting to get to… hopefully I can squeeze a few more indulgent meals in at those places (and follow them up with a Rev workout, of course) before the cold weather comes! 


  1. If you could workout with anyone – living or passed on – who would it be and why?

Ashley Graham. I’ve been watching her crush workouts via Instagram for years while unapologetically celebrating her strength and her body and I absolutely live for it. She’s arguably one of the OGs of the body positivity movement and her example has definitely helped me work towards a place of self-acceptance and self-love. I may never have a tiny waist or a flat tummy, but I’m strong AF and that feels fan-freaking-tastic.



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