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September 21, 2021

Gabby, Rev client and Monday Motivator

1. How long have you been coming to Rev and how did you hear about it/ get started?

I have been coming since end of 2017 but regularly since 2019. My aunt first started spinning when Rev moved to Main Street from the carriage house and I started to occasionally tag along! Over time I started to try new classes and expand from spin to have a more diverse workout. 

2. What does your workout routine look like these days?

My workout routine is pretty scheduled – I tend to go to the same classes at the same time each week. 

3. What inspires you to stay motivated?

Since graduating college this past spring, my college athletic career has come to an end. This has left me with nothing to train or prepare for, no workouts given to me, and no direction in the gym. Revolution has always been able to do this for me when I come home on breaks and during the summers! I have been motivated, wanting to continue to feel strong and healthy and Rev has aided me so much this summer in doing so. Something that I have not always been good at is maintaining my strength. A recent goal that has been motivating me is to be able to maintain and feel stronger every day. I want to be able to use heavier weights, run faster, get more reps in and continuing to show up to class really helps me accomplish that goal. Also, it helps to balance my chocolate addiction.

4. Fave Rev class and why?

It is so, so hard to decide which Rev class is my favorite. I would say RevHIIT is probably a go-to if I can make it as it combines strength and cardio. I do always look forward to RevRun and Upper Body on Friday mornings – running is my favorite workout.

5. If you could workout with anyone – living or passed on – who would it be and why?

I would for sure workout with Serena Williams! As a competitive squash player and leisure tennis player, I admire her ability to train for her sport while continuing to live her life by raising a family and being a solid role model to all young female athletes. 



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