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By admin

January 27, 2020


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi! I’m Catherine, born and raised in Buffalo. I went to John Carroll and Canisius for college. I found a job shortly after graduation and then one thing led to another and 10 years later, here we are! I’ve always worked in the government/political sector in different roles and now am the Legislative Liaison for the County Executive (aka middle man all day). I love the team I work with and they help keep it fun even when it’s pretty tough. I live in the Elmwood Village and love to spend time with friends checking out all the food and drinks. I love that it’s busy neighborhood with lots to offer, also helps with the search for eligible bachelors


What does #RevLife mean to you?

Balance!! Whether it’s heading back to Rev after over indulging, after a long day or volunteering through Rev, it’s all about balance. Putting yourself first for 45 minutes to either destress or detox or to put others first for a bit. It’s always a little of this to go with a little of that.


We all get in the zone in different ways. Where does your head go during a workout?

Either “Am I doing this right?! This can’t be it..” or what else I have to get done that day or (best case scenario) just tuning into the music and what I’m doing.


What’s your favorite class at Rev?

I’ve been coming to rev for 3 (or 4?!) years and haven’t ever taken a class I haven’t liked. Love my doubles on Thursday with Mandy for strength and Lindsay for spin, Tuesdays with the Dr., whenever I can make it to a spin with Rachel or Colleen and Friday mornings with Lauren when I can scoot into work a little later or else Friday evenings Sunday mornings with Emily are always a good challenge. So really all of the classes?


What’s your favorite meal/snack to eat after a tough workout?

I generally work out after work and lately it’s been a lot of chicken wraps/tacos/stir fries (pizza could always happen if offered though).


If you have friends visiting from out of town how do you show the the perfect Buffalo day? 

Ooh some sort of active morning either class at Rev or our own group workout followed by going right to Kostas on Hertel for breakfast. Then probably playing with someone’s babies  for a while and grabbing dinner on Elmwood or Allen followed by a few drinks and likely some dancing.


What’s your favorite place to brunch in Buffalo?

Coles is always a classic but recently went to Toutant for brunch and it was VERY good.


Early bird or night owl? 

Night owl on the weekends and early (ish) bird during the week


What’s your ideal rest day look like?

Probably a nice day of self care (pedicure, massage, etc) and then dinner and drinks with family. OR could also watch a lottt of true crime anything for a while.


What’s your Favorite guilty pleasure song?

Ooh I don’t feel guilty about them lol but love when Lauren plays old pop hits (BSB, Nsync, Spice Girls etc) or else have really been loving Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now”. I was also living for Tommy’s show tunes Saturday spin or the Celine Dion spin—maybe a little less proud of how much I loved those haha.


If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island which 2 luxury items would you want to have? 

Some sort of air conditioned cube to live in or just a very strong, never dying fan (I run verryy hot). And then probably my phone (lame but need it!)


Cats or Dogs? 

I don’t have either at the moment but dogs for sure.


If you were to win $100 million today what’s the first you do? 

Ooh this is lame but either pay off all my student loans or buy a house immediately.

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