• Published: Apr 02, 2020
  • By Revolution Buffalo

Meet The Fur Friends of Rev

Owner: Tommy

Name: Louis Bond

Nicknames: Lou, lulu, bb

Age (In dog years): 21 – FINALLY LEGAL!

Breed: French Bulldog

Favorite Treat: That’s a tie between peanut butter and ice cubes

Favorite Activity: Going for a car ride aka bye bye!


Name: Luna

Nickname(s): LunaBear, Snaggletooth

Age (in dog years): 21

Breed: Amstaff/Boxer Mix

Favorite treat: rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes

Favorite activity: chasing squirrels, long long walks and all the snuggling- quarantine time is her favorite.


Owner: Johnathan

Names:  Moose (black and white harlequin) Duke (black and grey merlequin)

Nicknames:  Mista Mista Moosey or Mr Moose Caboose or Mozzarella-cheesy. Those are moose’s.

Duke:  Dukey Dukey-doo doo.  Dukacesation across the nation.

Moose: just turned 10 (77)

Duke: just turned 6 (42)

Both Great Danes

Favorite treat (both) orange sherbet cups!

Favorite activity (both) walks in the park and finding sunshine to lay in!

Owner: Alie

Name: Sara

Nickname(s): Boo Boo

Age (in dog years): 9ish

Breed: Boston Terrier/Italian Greyhound/who knows!

Favorite treat: Cheese

Favorite activity: Walks in the Elmwood Village and snuggling under blankets


Owner: Lauren

Name: Remmy, Duke, Zara

Nickname(s): Prince Charles Remmington III, Sir Duke Ellington, Princess Zara Bean

Age (in dog years): 60, 40, 24

In order by oldest to youngest.

Breed: Long Haired Chihuahua, Italian Greyhound, Spanish Greyhound

Favorite treat: Remmy- LOVES blueberries. Duke- cannot get enough of watermelon. Zara- she loves it all- except bananas, not so much.

Favorite activity: Remmy- growling at absolutely nothing. Duke- giving very stinky kisses. Zara- RUNNING!


Owner: Chloe

Name: Hank

Nickname(s): Hankertonmcdoodleson

Age (in dog years): we don’t know his age bc he was a rescue and they didn’t know! But he acts like a grumpy 74 y/o man lol

Breed: pitbull

Favorite treat: literally anything

Favorite activity: sunbathing


Owner: Brandon

Name: Hank Ash

Nickname(s):  Hanky

Age (in dog years):  45

Breed:  labradoodle

Favorite treat:  any treat from his monthly bark box or garbage for that matter LOL

Favorite activity:  Hank loves walking around Buffalo with his dogfriend, Kali.

Owner: Brian

Name: Blue

Nickname: Blue bear

Age: 8

Breed: Burnese Mountain Dog

Favorite treat: beggin strips

Favorite activity: sleeping


Owner: Amanda

Name: Tank

Nickname: Pumpkinhead

Age: 50

Breed: Lab/Rottweiler mix

Favorite treat: Anything Finn is eating. Especially peanut butter.

Favorite activity: Sleeping horizontally across the top of the bed.


Owner: Amanda C.

Name: Otis

Nickname(s): O

Age (in dog years): 2 months

Breed: French Bulldog

Favorite treat: TBD – just got him!

Favorite activity: So far chasing my feet, lol.


Owner: Kathleen

Name: Clay

Nickname(s): Smol ,BBclay, sausage boy, babyboy, crumb, angel, honey, prince, hen, sleepy, TB, sweetie. 

Age (in dog years): 35

Breed: miniature dachshund

Favorite treat: Raw hide bone 

Favorite activity: laying in bed under 3-4 blankets

Owner: Jordan

Name: Gracie

Nickname(s): Gracie Lou

Age (in dog years): 56

Breed: Havanese

Favorite treat: chicken strips

Favorite activity: Walks with mum obv


Owner: Chris

Name: Sabre Keller

Nickname: Sabs, Poochie

Age (in dog years): 42 dog years young

Breed: Jack Russell/Border Collie

Favorite Treat: Pepperoni, but only right off my piece of pizza.

Favorite Activity: Running in the snow or going on trips around the house with his pig.


Owner: Sarah

Name: Bella and Ralphie

Nickname(s): Belle and Ralph

Age (in dog years): 63yrs and 42 yrs

Breed: Pitbull mix and Havanese

Favorite treat: Peanut Butter and raw broccoli

Favorite activity: Belly rubs


Owner: Allie V.

name: Cooper

Nickname: scoopy

Age (in dog years): 21 ? (he turns 3 this month)

Breed: golden retriever

Favorite treat: sweet potatoes

Favorite activity: tug of war


Owner: Laura

Name: Ellie
Nickname: Ellie girl, El, fat pants
Age (in dog years) : 63
Breed: pink nose pitty
Favorite Treat: she loves a classic milkbone on the regular, but once in a blue moon she will hit up Tim Hortons and order a plain timbit!
Favorite activity: she absolutely loves to lay outside when the sun is out and the pavement is hot! I have to tell her to “take a break” every once in a while so she doesn’t overheat!

Owner: Emily

Name: Madeline and Theodore

Nickname(s): Teds! (Madeline has always kept her name, she’s a queen )

Age: Almost 4!

Breed: Barn cats

Favorite treat: Almond milk and Greenies

Favorite activity: naps in the sunshine


Owner: Gretchen

Name: Carter and Oliver

Age: 6yrs

Breed: Orange Tabby cats

Favorite treat: Carter LOVES dried shrimp and Oliver LOVES chicken or really any meat. They also both love sauces/dips like Chik-Fil-A sauce, ranch, guac etc

Favorite activity: sleeping and cuddling with brief intense bursts of energy—For example they really like when we throw their food pebbles and they have to “hunt” for it.


Owner: Lindsay

Name: Domino and Duncan (left to right)

Nickname(s): Bitty and Spooky

Age : 4

Breed: not sure ,they are rescues from Ten Lives

Favorite treat: Tuna! Duncan loves Cheerios

Favorite activity: sleeping & eating and running away from my daughter.






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