• Published: Aug 12, 2019
  • By Revolution Buffalo

Monday Motivator: Meet Dan and Sarah

Tell us a little about yourselves:

S: I am soon to be 39 yrs old, a wife, a mom to 5 great kiddos, a runner (marathoner). 

D: About to be 52, that’s 364 in dog years, I love my time with my kids, competing with me, accomplishing things together, multi sport athlete, combat veteran.

What does the #Revlife mean to you:

D: Being part of a unit, pushing myself for a little bit more, then having Kathleen or Colleen give you the “Come on quit slackin look” as they tell you to increase the grade to 4% and your speed to sprint.

S: revlife is: bettering ourselves and each other. its meeting up with friends to sweat, and then brunching after. it doesn’t feel like “work” when we go. Its walking into a studio and always knowing someone or having a friend with you, and pushing you. Its support. Its something that my husband and I can share together and be involved in. Its our social life.

What does your typical morning look like:

D: Up at 5 or earlier if there’s a class, make us breakfast, quick read or video, off to work.

S: First, there is always coffee. Then baby snuggles and we’re getting the kids breakfast and ready for school. On an early rev day, one of us is heading to a 5am class while the other is home on kid patrol. 

How do you keep yourself/each other motivated:

S: It isn’t too hard, because we both enjoy fitness and running. Some days it is healthy competition. Other days it is just knowing we can spend some time together and go for a run. And we get to see our friends! And then there is always the race bling. That’s a plus!

D: Some healthy competition, encouragement, support.

What’s your favorite way to sweat (Favorite Rev class and outside of Rev):

S: Run and Strength at Rev, November Project Buffalo, BFLO Run Club.

D: Run/strength, running with dogs at city shelter, or pushing my limits on a run.

What does your ideal rest day look like:

D: hahahahahaha WTH is rest, we have 5 very active kids.

S: haha what he said! 

Favorite post workout fuel:

D: Coffee, a little something sweet, good meal.

S: COFFEE, whatever delicious egg concoction my hubs puts together for us, mini scones.

Favorite book/Podcast:

D: Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl, Tribe by Sebastian Junger, GOALCAST.

S: Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives By Mina Samuels.

What does the perfect Buffalo day look like to you:

D: Family, Bills win, good sweat, great whiskey, Family.

S: I have two. Sunny days its drinks on a patio or a brewery after a good run. Love a good thunderstormy day or a snow day and then its staying home in our sweats and just spending time together with the occasional Netflix binge. 

One tip you would give parents trying to stay healthy and fit:

D: Don’t get discouraged. You’re going to get overwhelmed some days, it’s just one day. Regroup, reset your goal, and keep pushing forward, you’ll get there.

S: You’ll feel like there is no time, but you have to make the time! You can always squeeze it in. as a couple, figure it out and work together, plan together. Try to sweat together. Involve the kids sometimes. It shows them that a healthy lifestyle is important, and that it is important to you! You were a person before you were a parent. And you’ll be a better parent if you get “your fit time” in.

If you were to win 1million dollars what’s the first thing you would buy:

D: My kids college education.

S: my dream home where Dan and I can grow old together.

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