• Published: Jun 17, 2019
  • By amoses87

Monday Motivator: Meet Maggie

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born and raised on Grand Island but I feel a really strong connection with the city of Buffalo. I recently graduated with my Master of Science in Education from Buffalo State College. I am currently working with young children with intellectual disabilities as I pursue my license in speech-language pathology. When I am not working out I love spending time with my family, friends, and two long-haired dachshunds. I also love watching my two favorite sports teams: the US Women’s National Soccer Team and the Buffalo Sabres.

What does #RevLife mean to you?

Growing up I played competitive soccer so I have always loved the atmosphere of being on a team. After my college career ended, I struggled with finding that drive to workout on my own. At Rev I feel like I’ve found my new “team.” There is such a sense of community and support that I feel like you would never get from your everyday gym. You are greeted with smiles and messages of motivation from the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out.

We all get in the zone in different ways. Where does your head go during a workout?

The one thing I learned throughout grad school was take things day by day. There is always a list of things that need to be done but when I’m working out I try my best to dedicate the whole 45 or 60 minutes to the workout in front of me. When my mind starts to think about how tired my body is, I remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to move my body in ways that others may not be able to. If anyone has ever taken Tommy’s spin classes, I also hear him saying “you can, you will, you must.”

What’s your favorite class at Rev?

That is a really tough question because I love them all, but at the moment I would have to say Run+Strength. It is the perfect combination of cardio and weights!

What’s your favorite meal/snack to eat after a tough workout?

I’m usually headed somewhere right after a workout so I like having something I can eat quick. Perfect bars (thanks to my friend Jacquie) are my new favorite snack. They taste like healthy cookie dough, doesn’t get much better than that.

If you have friends visiting from out of town how do you show them the perfect Buffalo day?

Whenever I have family or friends coming in from out of town there are a few musts on the list. At some point we go to Wegmans and pick up Bison chip dip, then we head to Mighty Taco or Chef’s (sometimes both), Bills/Sabres game, and then bring them to Rev!

What’s your favorite place to brunch in Buffalo?

Nick’s Place on Amherst Street! I would highly recommend to anyone who has never been.

Early bird or night owl? 

Definitely early bird. They always say at November Project, “Win the morning, win the day” and I feel like that’s so true. You have more energy and you’re ready to take on the day after an early workout.

What’s your ideal rest day look like? 

Ideally, I would be (re)watching The Office or Friends with my doggos. Then I would take them for a walk and finish the day by eating anything Mexican and reading a good book.

What’s your Favorite guilty pleasure song? 

Honestly anything Beyoncé but if I had to pick my #1 song I request at a wedding/bar/really anywhere, it would be “Come on Eileen.

If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island which 2 luxury items would you want to have? 

The first item would have to be sunscreen (if you have ever seen me, this will make a lot of sense). The second item is not really a luxury item but it would probably be my dogs. I would miss them too much.

Cats or Dogs? 

Dogs and more dogs. All the dogs.

If you were to win $100 million today what’s the first you do? 

I would initially put some money away for my family and friends and then I would travel the world until I’ve hit every country.

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