• Published: Jul 09, 2018
  • By Revolution Buffalo

Monday Motivator: Meet Joel

We’re lucky to know so many awesome people because of Rev. And this week’s Monday Motivator is no exception. He radiates positivity, cares about his community and works out like a beast when he’s on the bike/TRX floor. We recently learned Joel is a serious adrenaline junkie, training to become a certified solo sky diver. How cool is that? Read on to learn more!


Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

One of the first things you will learn about me is that I don’t like talking about myself that much. I really enjoy hearing about other people’s lives and experiences. Helping other people is very important to me. Whether it’s giving someone directions or delivering them a meal.

I am a people person that really tries to get the most out of life and life’s experiences. I would much rather travel than vacation. I like the fact where I land is hardly ever my destination. I’m an adrenaline junkie who is training to become a certified solo skydiver.

What does #RevLife mean to you?

RevLife to me is two things. It’s community (support) and it’s a bad ass workout. I love the sense of community within and surrounding Rev. The people inside Rev made my first class and every one since a blast. I have also seen the Rev community come together to support Buffalo in many ways. To be a part of that is special.

The workouts speak for themselves.

We all get in the zone in different ways. Where does your head go during a workout?

My head goes to my work frustrations. I then take every single one of those frustrations out on the bike or on those TRX straps. I also ask myself every class “What delicious fatty food have I earned with this workout?”

​What’s your favorite​ class at Rev?

Rev + Total Body

What’s your favorite meal/snack to eat after a tough workout?

My homemade bacon egg and cheese on a Bread Hive Bagel (with Cholula hot sauce).

What’s your favorite dinner spot in Buffalo?


If you could choose your superpower, what would it be?

To be invisible whenever it suits me

Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

Robert Redford because we look EXACTLY alike.

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