• Published: Feb 12, 2018
  • By Revolution Buffalo

Monday Motivators: Meet Megan

Take a break from reading/watching all things Winter Olympics to meet today’s Monday Motivator Megan. Her job as a CPA can be super stressful and she knows how to blow off some steam by giving her all at her workout. She has completed almost 250 classes and recently discovered how much she loves rowing. We’ve been told by other clients that her effort in Indo-Row is so inspiring, and we 100% agree!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your sto​ry? 

I grew-up in Lockport, but now I live in the Elmwood Village with my boyfriend Sean and our cat Pumperknickel. I have degrees in accounting and criminology from IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania). Now, I’m a CPA and I’ve worked for around 3 years in the tax department at a regional accounting firm. When I’m not at work, running, or at Rev, I love doing anything outside, cheering for the Buffalo Bandits, eating ice cream, or checking out all the cool restaurants and places that we have in Buffalo. In the spring, summer, and fall my boyfriend and I go on hikes and trail runs all around Western New York.

What does #RevLife mean to you?

#RevLife is all about some serious good vibes and great workouts. I’ve been coming to Rev for almost 2 years and love the team atmosphere. I know I can count on the instructors and other participants to give me an added boost when I needed and I’ve got their back if they ever need me.

​​We all get in the zone in different ways. Where does your head go during class?

Where my head goes depends on the day. Most of the time, I focus on whatever moves I’m doing in the workout and the goals I have for myself, which helps me to push myself as much as I can and forget about anything that’s been bothering me. But let’s be honest, sometimes I really just think about whatever I get to eat after.

​What’s your favorite​ class format at Rev (RevRide, IndoRow, etc.) and why? 

I love all of the classes at Rev, but I think my two favorites are RevMvmt and IndoRow. RevMvmt is different from other workouts that I do and Emily is always pushing me to get better every week. I also starting going to IndoRow as part of the scavenger hunt, but found that I really enjoy rowing, so now I consistently go to IndoRow too!

What’s your favorite dinner spot in Buffalo? 

We have so many good restaurants here, it’s hard to pick just one! For a nice dinner, I usually choose Left Bank; if I’m feeling something more everyday, I like Big Ditch. I’m a big ice cream fan and my favorites for dessert are King Condrell’s or Lake Effect for hard ice cream and Hoover’s Dairy (in Sanborn) or Green Acres for soft serve!

If you could choose your superpower, what would it be? 

I think I would choose the ability to control probability. I would need to be careful to not abuse this power, since I could control the outcome of everything, but I think I would give the Bills or the Sabres a pretty good shot at winning the Superbowl or the Stanley Cup. 

Who would play you in the movie version of your life? 

This was difficult to pick, but I think Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope as Meg Morris might be it. With my accounting background, I can be a bit Type A, just like Leslie Knope, but I can be pretty goofy too. I also think Leslie’s work for the Parks Department connects back to my first job as a lifeguard for the Town of Tonawanda and that I like to be outside as much as possible.


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