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The RevTeam’s Best of 2017

As instructors, our lives revolve around music. We’re listening for the newest jams or the best remixes of old favorites ALL of the time. On the way to work, in the shower, cooking dinner, you name it! We love how our clients start to do the same – a lot of you are rocking out some push-ups on the steering wheel to see if your new favorite song would work for some choreography. The RevTeam has put together our favorite songs of 2017 on our Spotify accounts, catch the links below. We’ve also shared our favorite memories and biggest accomplishments of the year. You may have come up with a resolution for 2018, but have you sat down to recognize something positive from 2017? Take a few minutes to relive your best moments and give yourself a pat on the back for all you’ve achieved!



“Favorite moment of 2017 is a total no-brainer, our Christmas present – Henry! We didn’t expect him for another week and we’re so happy he’s here! One of the biggest Rev moments for me was the launch of our new website in September. So much work went into getting such a colorful and interactive site up and running and we are so proud of it!”



“My favorite moments of 2017 were celebrating my 30th birthday and our one-year wedding anniversary in Montreal with Pat, having the BEST girls weekend of all time for one of my best friends’ bachelorette parties, and spending Thanksgiving in Ireland. My biggest Rev accomplishment was last month when we sat on a panel to discuss our business with over 250 people from M&T Bank, public speaking is my least favorite thing in the world!”



“My favorite memory of 2017 is of Ava’s birthday luau and celebrating the first year of the biggest love of our lives. The biggest Rev moment was the Ride for Roswell. A team of 55 people raising over $20,000 and supporting a really meaningful place for our family.”




“My happiest moments in 2017 were spent with friends, family, and obviously – Hank!”



“I made it to the big 4-0 in relatively good shape. That was an accomplishment! My resolution AGAIN this year is to take more spin classes.”

Sidebar: David does NOT use Spotify. Still holding strong to his iPod 🙂







“My favorite Rev moment of the year was cheering on all the riders with the Rev Fam at the finish line of Ride for Roswell….so much cowbell! My biggest accomplishments of the year were enriching my soul through many new (sometimes unnerving) adventures (traveling in Europe!), new friendships (many of them through Rev), and new opportunities in Buffalo (NP, TedxBuffalo).





“I honestly can’t define just one favorite Rev moment of 2017. The whole year was one great moment. Clients that turned into friends, the addition of Lex to our team (LC squared!), taking on PT clients and the endless support from the boss babes.

“My favorite memory of the year was travelling to Iceland in April. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The landscape, people, crisp air, the history, it was everything. To drive around navigating with a paper map (we chose to have no cell service!) with my best friend (my husband) was the most rewarding adventure to date.”





“Having the opportunity to lead the November Project with Rev will always stand out in my mind when I think of 2017! The power of good music, moves and so many amazing people made this day something I will never forget!”



“My favorite Rev moment of 2017 was sharing the DJ Battle Ride with Lauren. SO MUCH FUN. Theme rides are my jam.”

“My most notable accomplishment of the year was conquering becoming a morning person (hello Monday 5:45am!)”








“For me, 2017 was a year full of facing fears and taking chances. It was filled with having amazing adventures, making positive changes and learning new things. One of my happiest moments of the year was celebrating my 30th birthday on top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park – one of the most rewarding hikes I’ve done to date.”

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