• Published: Dec 04, 2017
  • By Revolution Buffalo

Monday Motivator: Meet Kristin

Congrats to this week’s Monday Motivator – Kristin! This girl is totally living her best life – just read her answers below – and inspiring us to do the same!


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m actually not a Buffalo native. I’m from downstate (Hudson Valley area), 29 years old, work in sales at Geico, LOVE to travel and try/experience new things with the love of my life. I keep my circle small and surround myself with positive people and vibes only. I’m living the best life I can and trying to make the last year of my twenties the healthiest and most memorable year yet!


How do you stay motivated to come to class, especially on days when you’re just not feeling it?

I stay motivated to come to class 2 ways:

1.) By always remembering how amazing I feel AFTER working out at Rev.

2.) Looking in the mirror and seeing how much progress I’ve made! My body has changed drastically. It is so rewarding seeing hard work pay off!


What are some little ways you stay active every day?

I try to be as active as possible every single day. I do Pilates at Long + Lean, take classes and Rev and do cardio at the gym when I’m not at either studio.


​What song gets you totally pumped during class?

Whatever is on Lauren’s playlist – anything Lil’ Jon lol!


Who are your Rev ride-or-dies? (Workout buddies who keep you accountable.)

I come to Rev solo but everyone there is always so friendly and welcoming. I feel like I gain new friends each week. Seeing familiar faces makes coming to class so easy


What’s something random you always have in your gym bag?

Chapstick, always!


Give us two truths and a lie!​

I’ve been running since I was eight years old.

Lady Gaga follows me on Twitter.

I hate reality TV.

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