• Published: Oct 30, 2017
  • By Revolution Buffalo

Monday Motivator: Meet Nina

Put down the candy! And catch some Monday motivation, from Nina. This week’s motivator is an absolute sweetheart. She’s a busy mom (dog and human mom!) who stays active walking all around Buffalo, bakes more than 1,000 Christmas cookies each year, works for Nichols School and is a freelance writer on the side. Whew! Oh – and her two truths and a lie have got us totally stumped. We want all of them to be true!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My husband, two-year-old son, Boston Terrier, and I live in the city and love it. I love my day job as the Director of Admissions at Nichols School and I’m also a freelance writer. I serve on the Board of Directors for the International Institute of Buffalo and the Alumni Board of Directors for Canisius College, from which I graduated with a degree in communication studies and an integrated marketing certification. I love to travel, spend time with family and friends, read, write, cook, and bake. I’m about to embark on my busiest baking season of the year (starting with seasonal fall fruits and flavors!), and my mom and I make about 1,000 Christmas cookies together each winter. Don’t worry, we share them with family, friends, and colleagues!!

​​How do you stay motivated to come to class, especially on days when you’re just not feeling it?

Once my son starting sleeping through the night, I worked really hard to get back into my workout routine with a certain amount of spinning and power yoga per week. Finding that this early morning time worked well for spinning again motivated me in itself. It’s hard to go when everyone else is still asleep–when I leave, my husband, son, and dog are all still cozy in bed–but knowing I have this dedicated window of time to workout before diving into my busy day helps me get up and out of the house. Time is even more precious to me since my son was born, so being able to spend my evenings after work with him makes me motivated to go in the morning. I always know I’ll be glad I went because Rev makes you feel great.

​What are some little ways you stay active every day?

I adore living in the city and being able to ditch my car whenever I can. I’m a huge walker and think everyone in this city and this country should try walking more. It’s good for the soul and so much more. I’ve always enjoyed taking walks by myself, with friends, with my husband, with my dog, and now with my son too. He’s always on the move, so chasing after him is fun and keeps me going. I also enjoy having a job where I am constantly up and about. I get to walk around a beautiful campus and get out of my chair and away from my desk often. I’ve also been known to break into dance moves whenever possible.

 What song gets you totally pumped during class?

I love an old school song, dance remixed. Any playlists with Whitney, MJ, 90s, etc. is great by me, and I always like a Rihanna tune thrown in for good measure. The music I like to listen to when I’m not working out is different than what I like to get pumped during class.

Who are your Rev ride-or-dies? (Workout buddies who keep you accountable.)

I actually go by myself most of the time due to my work schedule, but Christina Pearl is my Rev hero even if our schedules don’t line up as much as they used to for joint workouts. We used to spin together bright and early in the pre-Rev days and Colleen was our favorite teacher. We followed her to Rev! Chrisi is consistently dedicated to her goals and never fails to amaze me with her strength. When we can’t meet up at Rev, we love a good neighborhood walk together too. Lately, Colleen herself keeps me really motivated!

What’s something random you always have in your gym bag?

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my gym bag: lip balm, tissues, hair elastic and headband, head phones, and an all-natural arnica muscle rub. I guess the arnica cream is the oddest, but I swore by it when I first got back into power yoga!

Give us two truths and a lie!​

I named Lloyd, the taco truck/company/restaurant. I was once the entertainment at a traditional Indian wedding. I am fluent in three languages.

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