• Published: Sep 06, 2017
  • By Revolution Buffalo


Row, row, row your way into one of the best cardio and strength workouts around with Indo-Row® at RevCity! We’re excited to share all of the good-for-you benefits of adding Rev’s Indo-Row and RevFit (with indoor rowing) classes to your current workout routine. It’s a must-try compliment to TRX workouts, spinning classes, yoga, barre, running … all of those amazing things you’re already doing.


How long is an Indo-Row class?

They’re just 45 minutes! We know what you’re thinking, “45 minutes? Are they for real?” Yes, yes we are. This unique class format captures all of the elements of on-water rowing, and bundles them into a fast-paced, competitive, measurable workout.


Who can do Indo-Row?

Anyone! This class is designed for any experience level. It’s a challenging workout that can be modified for anyone from first-timers to experienced rowers. Our certified instructors are here to help you learn how to Indo-Row safely, effectively and efficiently.


How do I know I’m getting better at Indo-Row?

Each machine features the Indo-Row® Race/Pace Coach monitor that provides feedback on pace, distance and calories so that you can gauge your improvement. Snap a photo of your screen before you leave class to track your progress over time.


Indo-Row Fast Facts

  • A single Indo-Row class burns approximately 400-800 calories.
  • The rowing stroke uses nine major muscle groups and 84% of your muscle mass.
  • Rowing workouts are kind to your body. They remove body weight and impact from joints of the hips, knees and ankles as a seated exercise.
  • Rowing engages your full body functionality: 60% legs, 20% core, 20% arms


When can I row?

Now! Check out our class schedule now for new Indo-Row offerings and the addition of rowing machines to our popular RevFit format. Our instructors are fully certified in the Indo-Row workout format, and Revolution Indoor Cycling is an officially licensed Indo-Row studio.

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