Meet the RevTeam!

In her 12th year as an indoor cycling and group fitness instructor, plus first-year Lululemon Ambassador, Colleen is lovin' every minute of the ride. Her goal is to help Buffalo find fun in exercise – working out shouldn’t feel like a chore.
Mad Dogg Spinning®, TRX®, Indo-Row®, Les Mills Body Pump and Les Mills CxWorx
Class with Colleen
Push your limits (and your pedals) to killer beats, heart-pumping sprints and quad screaming hills. You’ll smile, you’ll sweat and you’ll accomplish goals.
Colleen's Motivation
“Make a commitment. With your body. Your mind. And others in the room. These positive connections keep us all coming back for more of the good stuff.”
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Amanda has been a regular in the saddle for more than ten years now! She loves getting up on the bike and pushing riders to get out of their comfort zone. In her three years as an instructor she’s gained a world of confidence in herself and loves to see the same change within her clients.
Mad Dogg Spinning®, Indo-Row® and TRX®
Class with Amanda
An intense, varied and thoughtfully crafted trip to breathlessness. Be prepared for some seriously positive energy!
Amanda's Motivation
“Exercise because you want to, because you need to, and because it makes you feel invincible.”
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Fitness has always been part of Rachel’s life. She’s been riding in the saddle for ten years and instructing over four. With experience in resistance and circuit training, she’s also begun to enjoy running half-marathons.
Mad Dogg Spinning®, TRX®, Indo-Row® and ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Class with Rachel
Music is everything! She’s got passion for big beats and loves to see clients rockin’ out to a good tune. A ride with Rachel is about catching the same inspiring, powerful beat in this crazy-hectic world.
Rachel's Motivation
“Be where you are, that space is perfect. In order to see change, you need to challenge your body. Embrace it.”
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For more than five years Brandon has been motivating group fitness classes. This past year he started his cycling adventure and couldn’t be more revved up. Let the good times roll.
Mad Dogg Spinning®, TRX®, Indo-Row®, Les Mills Body Pump, Les Mills CxWorx and Les Mills Body Attack
Class with Brandon
Bring your energy and “woo-hoos” to class with Brandon. You’ll want to sing along with him as you sweat puddles from working so hard!
Brandon's Motivation
“Make group fitness extraordinary by feeling the music, feeling the positive vibes from people around you and feeling healthy."
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Lindsay has enjoyed 11 amazing years as a group fitness instructor and considers herself a life-long learner. Fitness is in her blood. Lindsay remembers as a child waking up to her Gramma teaching exercise classes in her basement studio! Lindsay shares a life-long passion for fitness and hopes to inspire you to reach your best potential!
Mad Dogg Spinning®, TRX®, Indo-Row®, AAFA Primary Group Exercise, NETA Kettlebell Specialty
Class with Lindsay
#1 rule in class is that you have fun. Rule #2 is that you sweat! Be prepared for some heart-pumping beats as well as high intensity interval circuits. Lindsay will take extra care to explain form and technique in each of her classes as well as provide modifications. All you need to do is show up!
Lindsay’s Motivation
Lindsay’s mantra when it comes to achieving your personal fitness goals is that we are all beautiful works in progress. We each have our own goals as well as something positive to contribute to each class – it’s important to celebrate the wins, learn from the challenges (or in Lindsay’s words, “opportunities”) and never give up on being the best you can be!
Lauren's been in the saddle cycling and getting all bendy and twisty in yoga for years. (Check out her Instagram @LIITTLELAUREN to see all the poses she has mastered!) She continues to love leading class with more than two years under her belt.
Mad Dogg Spinning®, Indo-Row®, TRX® and NASM Personal Trainer
Class with Lauren
Motivating riders to push beyond their limits with a great mix of strength and endurance from heart pounding jumps to the thick, gritty hills. Exceed your expectations and love yourself for it.
Lauren's Motivation
"Step out of your comfort zone and unveil your greatness; ride your bike how you want to live your life."
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As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, David has made Functional Training his professional focus. Using basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting and rotating - David is determined to have every client leave their session stronger, faster and more flexible than they came.
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, TRX and Tabata Bootcamp
Class with David
Prepare to challenge your muscular strength, endurance and stability during a full-body high intensity TRX workout. Get ready to push, pull, lunge, squat and plank yourself to a healthier you!
David's Motivation
“There is always room for improvement. Never stop trying for better."
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Emily is excited to enter her fifth year as a fitness instructor. Her journey began with personal training and evolved into teaching a variety of group fitness classes. Emily has had a passion for health and wellness her whole life. She draws upon her experience as a former athlete to inspire, motivate and challenge clients.
GEAR Indoor Cycling, TRX®, AFAA Personal Training, Indo-Row®
Class with Emily
Come prepared to reach higher levels of your potential! Tough workouts will get your body moving; leading to a stronger, healthier, happier YOU.
"The secret to success is that there is NO SECRET. Do the work." Tim Grover
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Mandy's fitness journey began at Rev, where she fell in love with the power and versatility of TRX Training. She has spent countless hours learning new moves and challenging herself to push to the next level. As an instructor, she's ready to push you past your limits to achieve things you once thought were impossible!
TRX®, Indo-Row® and NASM Personal Trainer
Class with Mandy
You can expect good music with a focus on form, function and fun! Mandy will give you that extra push necessary to help you achieve your goals.
Mandy's Motivation
Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming things you once thought were impossible.
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