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Rev Monday Motivators: Meet Robert

It's that time of the week again, get ready for your dose of Monday motivation. Each week we highlight the people at Revolution that we just can't get enough of. Their all around awesomeness needs to be shared with the world!

For this week's Monday Motivator, we chose the one & only Robert (aka. Lopez)! Keep reading, you'll love the story of where this nickname came from. We love the positive energy he brings to Rev. Meet Robert and read his answers to our five questions.

Ride for Roswell

1. Describe your ongoing fitness journey.
My journey began when I was five; my parents were active so I was an active youth. I spent a lot of time cycling, swimming, fishing, riding my motorcycle and snowmobiling (yes, at age 5!). Things slowed in my twenties when my priorities shifted, but don’t get me wrong, some of those dance party nights were quite the workout!! My thirties proved to be active but not in a cardio focused way. My jobs provided a physical outlet and helped me stay in shape, allowing me to eat all that chocolate cake! Ahhhhh, then came those forties…I hired a trainer by 41. That’s when the real workouts began - weights, TRX and cycling. Since that time, I’ve learned a lot and workout on my own 4 days a week. I still work with a trainer once a week to keep me in check and up to date on the newest workouts and research. I also still do TRX for the workout and camaraderie!! Not to mention every now and then I get a new nickname...

2. What's the number one most played song on your Ipod?
It changes often, but for the sake of a story….we’ll go with J-Lo - “On the Floor.”

3. What's your favorite Rev Class & why? 
It’s hard to choose a favorite class when you have amazing instructors. I love the three of them for their dedication, motivation and hard work. They inspire me to work harder and improve my physical strength and core. That being said, I like all of the classes but tend to favor the strictly TRX classes. 

4. Fave post workout fuel/snack?
Cliff Builder Bars, because they have protein in them.

5. What ice cream flavor best describes you? 
Lopez-Ice Cream
Perry's Ice Cream - Cinnamon Buns. I took a poll of my friends plus it goes with the it turns out, TRX has quite an effect on your gluteus maximus (buns, derriere, dupka, butt, etc.). After a year of TRX classes, I developed a fuller, rounder, higher butt. This of course did not go unnoticed by my TRX friends who then compared my buns to the infamous J-Lo’s behind. They began calling me Lopez and still do. In fact, my buddy Max calls me “Uncle Lopez,” so it has traveled beyond my fitness family!

We'll take a TRX testimonial any day! Thanks for reading and we hope Bob's fit lifestyle helps you have a motivated week!