Meet The All New RevFit: RevFit Cardio & RevFit Strength

Rev’s signature workout, RevFit has been divided into two separate, but equally awesome formats. RevFit Strength and RevFit Cardio. This evolved programming thoughtfully pairs complementary disciplines (strength and cardio) to give you well-rounded workout options throughout the week. We recommend you attend two classes from each discipline per week (four classes total) for the best results. No class is ever the same, but it’s always an amazing workout.

RevFit Strength

45 minutes of straight up, down and dirty strength training. You’ll sweat through three signature stations, utilizing the TRX, dumbbells and an assortment of medicine balls, bands, kettle bells, plates, and body weight moves to strengthen and lengthen all around. Think arms, abs, chest, back butt and legs. It’s the total package. This work out is the perfect complement to anyone already Indo-Rowing or cycling multiple times per week.

RevFit Cardio
45 or 60 minutes of interval strength training with a strategic focus on getting your heart rate up! You’ll travel through three signature stations, utilizing our Water Rowers, TRX, and a variety of dumbbells, plates and or kettle bells. You’ll build and lengthen key muscle groups and burn serious calories as you tackle rowing intervals and the (occasional) burpee! Try this class if you want to sneak in cardio, without even realizing it’s happening. Because, cardio is hardio.

NEW Schedule:
Monday 7am (Lex) – RevFit Strength 45
Monday 5pm (David) – RevFit Cardio 45
Tuesday noon (Lex) - RevFit Strength 45
Wednesday 6pm (Brandon) – RevFit Cardio 45
Thursday noon (Lex) - RevFit Cardio 45
Thursday 5pm (Lindsay) – RevFit Strength 45
Friday 8:30am (Lex) RevFit Strength 45
Friday noon (David) – RevFit Cardio 45
Saturday 8am (Brandon) – RevFit Cardio 60 

Book a class and let us know what you think!