Monday Motivator: Meet Jess

Meet this week's Monday Motivator - Jess! A Buffalo babe through and through, she's obsessed with donuts, her adorable pup Tony, and Rev! Catch her sweatin' up a storm on the bikes, or pushing through some major strength moves on the TRX multiple times a week. She keeps her routine balanced ... maybe that's so she can enjoy all the tacos, pierogi and donuts mentioned below! (We feel ya girl!)


1. Give us a quick background on yourself.
Born on the East Side; where all the Polish people used to reside. Raised in Cheektowaga; where all the Polish people eventually moved to. Rented in Elmwood/Allentown (during/after college) for about 9 years and currently living in North Buffalo with my 2 boyfriends (one is a tad furrier).

Many people think they have seen me before which is more than likely true. (You probably saw me slaving at Urban Outfitters or drinking at The Pink – I have moved on from both, sadly). My fitness journey actually began once I quit my retail job and I also picked up a hobby of calligraphy (@hand_and_ink) – shameless plug, get at me RevBrides!

2.Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Kanye's Workout Plan

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
Harry Styles – Sign of the Times
(Don't hate -- the album is SO good!)
Joywave – It’s a Trip
Future Islands – Ran
Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE
Honorable mention: all things Chance (the Rapper)

4. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
Cuddling and kissing the love of my life.  His name is Tony, he's French, and he walks on 4 legs. (Ok, my obsession could be slightly unhealthy but the love isn’t!) Oh, and lemon water every morning.

5. Any indulgences you just can't live without?
DOUGHNUTS – if you tell me you ‘donut’ like them, you are lying (to me or yourself).

6. Favorite workout on the bike - hills, sprints, isolations or tap backs?‚Äč

7. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Lloyds – tacos are life.
Ru’s Pierogi is a close runner up (I am 100% Polish and pierogies are pretty much the Polish taco).