Monday Motivators: Meet Cara

Recognize this babe? It's Cara - this week's Monday Motivator! She keeps us all lookin' good, stylin' hair at one of our fave local businesses - Studio 806 on Elmwood. Cara's on her feet all day, but still manages to make her fitness a priority. TRX, spin and all the rest of the classes in between, she's got an amazing attitude and killer work ethic. Learn more about this cheerful chicka below!

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1. Give us a quick background on yourself. 
Wow. Shucks guys this is pretty cool. Well to start my name is Cara. I have a pretty rad job, I get to be creative, do what I love and make people beautiful all at the same time, including some of the amazing ladies at Rev. (I'm a hairstylist at Studio 806, incase you didn't know.) Other than that I'm obsessed with my two cats (all cats, honestly, my nickname is catmom) and my pig dog too. When I'm not at work, Rev, or home (which is rare), I'm probably running, attempting to ride motorcycles and/or hanging out at Billy Club. 

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Does "is it over?" count? But really how about "everyone at Rev" because without everyone there I wouldn't be nearly as motivated as I am. 

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
I cannot stop listening to Cash Machine by D.R.A.M, Fake Love by Drake and All Night by Chance the Rapper. Or really anything in that genre has gotten me hooked. 

4. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
Is coffee considered healthy, because as I'm sure everyone can agree, I need that to start my day. Mix that with as many Rev classes I can take and maybe some weird (as mostly everyone calls it) vegan food and smoothies and juices. 

5. Favorite workout on the bike - hills, sprints, isolations or tap backs?​
Quite honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with all of them. I hate them all while in class but, love them all in the end. 

6​. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Sadly, Lloyds is the only one I have really dabble in. Which is not a bad thing, because who doesn't want tacos on wheels.