How do I ... Where do I ... What does this mean? Helpful RevReminders!

 Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned vet, read on for some helpful RevReminders to keep in your back pocket!

1. Before your first class, please arrive 15 minutes early. This will allow our team to help you set up for your ride, row or TRX class and show you around. Not your first class? Please arrive 5 minutes early - classes will start on time! If you're more than 5 minutes late, your bike may be given to a walk-in client.

2. We have free parking (for 40+ cars!) alongside the building. Please pull down the driveway between 1716 Main St. and the church next door. If you’d prefer to park out front, there is free street parking available on both sides of the road.

3. Please do not wear street shoes on the bikes or mats. We do ask that you bring a pair of sneakers to change into. This helps us keep our equipment running in tip top shape for all your sweating needs!

4. Our week unlimited class pack is a great way to try a variety of classes and instructors. And good news – your package (along with any of our unlimited packages) won’t start to count down until you’re first class. So for example, you can purchase today, register for class 5 days from now and it will begin counting 7 days down from that first class. Yay!

5. If you need to cancel a class we require that you cancel online 12 hours before your scheduled class. All unlimited packs will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee for any cancellation after the 12-hour window. All regular class packs will lose the class. But don’t worry! We get that life happens. If there is a work, family or personal emergency please shoot us an email and we will take you off the class list.

6. So what if you love your first class and you want to register for more? Each class on our schedule opens a week in advance.

7. Three ways to register: A. Revolution Buffalo Website (Schedule allows you to pick your bike seat from our map.) B. MindBody App (You can’t select your bike seat but the app is convenient for quick booking on-the-go.) C. MindBody Website (Again you can’t select your bike seat but it’s still a convenient booking tool.)

Please reach out to us at with questions. See y'all at the studio!


Monday Motivators: Meet Cara

Recognize this babe? It's Cara - this week's Monday Motivator! She keeps us all lookin' good, stylin' hair at one of our fave local businesses - Studio 806 on Elmwood. Cara's on her feet all day, but still manages to make her fitness a priority. TRX, spin and all the rest of the classes in between, she's got an amazing attitude and killer work ethic. Learn more about this cheerful chicka below!

image1 (41)

1. Give us a quick background on yourself. 
Wow. Shucks guys this is pretty cool. Well to start my name is Cara. I have a pretty rad job, I get to be creative, do what I love and make people beautiful all at the same time, including some of the amazing ladies at Rev. (I'm a hairstylist at Studio 806, incase you didn't know.) Other than that I'm obsessed with my two cats (all cats, honestly, my nickname is catmom) and my pig dog too. When I'm not at work, Rev, or home (which is rare), I'm probably running, attempting to ride motorcycles and/or hanging out at Billy Club. 

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Does "is it over?" count? But really how about "everyone at Rev" because without everyone there I wouldn't be nearly as motivated as I am. 

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
I cannot stop listening to Cash Machine by D.R.A.M, Fake Love by Drake and All Night by Chance the Rapper. Or really anything in that genre has gotten me hooked. 

4. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
Is coffee considered healthy, because as I'm sure everyone can agree, I need that to start my day. Mix that with as many Rev classes I can take and maybe some weird (as mostly everyone calls it) vegan food and smoothies and juices. 

5. Favorite workout on the bike - hills, sprints, isolations or tap backs?​
Quite honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with all of them. I hate them all while in class but, love them all in the end. 

6​. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Sadly, Lloyds is the only one I have really dabble in. Which is not a bad thing, because who doesn't want tacos on wheels.


Monday Motivators: Meet Briar

Is it just us, or could we use a little extra kick this morning comin' off of a mimosa and chocolate bunny-filled weekend? Enter this week's Monday Motivator: Briar. This high-energy dude is hooked on Rev - especially our RevRide, thanks to his gf. Learn more about this pup-rescuing, masters-pursuing, sports-enthusiast below!


1. Give us a quick background on yourself.
I played soccer in college here in Buffalo and struggled to find that one style of workout that could continue to help my cardio after the college athletic dream came to an end. I was introduced to Rev by my girlfriend who convinced me to try a class and I have been hooked ever since! I continue to be a huge sports and outdoors enthusiast. I currently live in Buffalo with my dog who I rescued a little over a year ago. In college I received a degree as a Social Studies teacher and obtained a Master's degree from Canisius College in Education. However, after two years of teaching I decided to change course and am preparing to go back to school for my MBA at UB.

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Motivating, challenging and high-energy.

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
I have been listening to Kygo and a lot of his mash-ups of current hits.

4. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
I aim for a gallon of water a day as well as tons of greens! I also am challenging myself to cook more throughout the week in order to eat more balanced meals. The goal is to transition to a clean diet.

5. Favorite workout on the bike - hills, sprints, isolations or tap backs?​
I really have become a fan of each of the different exercises on the bike however, isolations, I think top the chart. It challenges you to use your mind and body to focus on one specific part of the body. The pain is worth the gain.

​6​. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Food truck Tuesday may be one of the best things going. My girlfriend and I love trying all the different trucks but I think Lloyds continues to be at the top of my list. Plus who doesn't love the fact they have restaurants now!!


Monday Motivators: Meet Chris & Alyssa

Sweating is always better together! Just take it from Chris and Alyssa, this week's Monday Motivators. They've been in Buffalo for 3 years now, both with jobs in the marketing industry. Working on their fitness is a big priority, catching their favorite classes together when they can. Read on to learn more about this awesome couple below.

image1 (40)
1. Give us a quick background on yourself.

We met in college in Wisconsin. We're both in the marketing industry, with Chris being a freelancer and Alyssa works for an advertising agency. In our 3 short years here, we've really gotten into different types of work out classes, challenging ourselves and learning more about how to improve our health. We have a dog named Sabre who is our best buddy.

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
That. was. amazing. - AK
That was it. - CK

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
Always depends on mood, but anything by A R I Z O N A or Tyrone Wells. -AK
Bounce Back by Big Sean - CK

4 . Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
Both Chris and I like to start our day with a big old glass of lemon water. We both love sparkling water, so we bought a SodaStream and go through at least 3 liters a day.

5. Favorite workout on the bike - hills, sprints, isolations or tap backs?​
HILLS - I usually curse to myself after them, but I feel stronger each time I'm done. - AK
Pushup/Tapbacks, all day - CK

​6​ . Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Ru's Perogi!

7. How do you help each other stay motivated to workout/be healthy?
Encourage each other to make healthier decisions, or get to that workout even if we are tired. We also don't get too down on ourselves when we indulge - we just get back on track afterwards.


The Un-Recipe Recipe Series: Mandy's Rice Bowl

A well-balanced lunch, this bowl is filled with simple fresh flavors, and a whole lot of protein. Prep rice and chicken in a large batch on on Sunday, and use it to create this meal throughout the week. 

mandys lunch_copy


-boneless skinless marinated chicken thighs from Wegmans
-brown rice
-cottage cheese (Friendship brand 1% is best tasting and best macros- 15g protein in 1/2 c!)

-Roast chicken at 450 for 18-20 mins.
-Make rice (I used brown jasmine rice. 1c rice to 1 1/2c water, combine in pot, boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 mins.)
-Sautee zucchini, garlic and spinach in a small amount of olive oil and a pinch of salt until tender.

Serve with 1/2 c cottage cheese. Add black pepper to your liking.


Monday Motivators: Meet Judy

If you've never met Judy, you must say hi this week! She's one of the most bright, bubbly and hard-working gals we know. She's keepin' the RevFam motivated this week with her commitment to variety in her workout routine - including all Rev class formats, hot yoga and tennis. Catch more of her feel-good-vibes below!

FullSizeRender (66)

1. Give us a quick background on yourself.

I'm a classically trained violinist and grew up focusing on music & the fine arts so I didn't tap into my inner athlete until college. During my freshman year at Northwestern University, I walked everywhere and joined a local gym that offered alternative workout options like MMA and Pilates. I also befriended a few members of NU's tennis team who taught me how to play tennis and I still love to play singles and doubles. My current weekly workout routine includes a variety of REV classes that combine TRX, spinning, and rowing. I commit to attending weekly classes like REV Total+Body, REVFit, and REV Indo-Row. I also balance my workouts with hot yoga classes.

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Lively. Engaging. Mindful.

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
I'm constantly searching for new music and my current playlist features a compilation of songs that vary from classical to classic rock n' roll. Some of my favorite songs are by Future Islands, The National, Kings of Leon, Andrew Bird, Nina Simone, Sam Cooke, The Beatles, and Francoise Hardy.

​4. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
Although there is a lot of controversy about caffeine, I still love to have espresso or coffee in the morning. I consume water throughout the entire day and occasionally drink vegetable-based juices during the week. I really like the Green Gingerale at PRESS right now and when I have a craving for a smoothie, I visit Nature's Apothecary. I try to commit to cooking five nights per week and prefer to use certified organic ingredients, in addition to sourcing ingredients from local farms like Native Offerings and Plato Dale. I do my best to support local purveyors and frequently visit Farmers & Artisans, Nickel City Cheese, and support our local bakeries.

5. Favorite workout on the bike - hills, sprints, isolations or tap backs?​
During REV Ride classes, I prefer resistance training so I challenge myself by climbing a lot of hills. I focus on engaging my core during every single ride and think about how I can make improvements to my overall posture. I tend to set my bike at a higher resistance level because it is easier on my joints and knees. I also like lifting free weights during rides and the music the instructors play helps me stay motivated.

​6​. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Other than Lloyd Taco, I honestly have not tried many Food Trucks although it is wonderful to see a flux of young business owners who are passionate about cooking and creating their own Food Truck themes. I recently sampled a few menu items from Ru's Pierogi on Niagara Street and thought they were great so I will visit Ru's Food Truck this year and try a few other Food Trucks when the weather warms up.