Monday Motivators: Meet Jackie

Good morning, Monday! Meet Jackie, this week's Lloyd's-lovin', pitbull-rescuing, almost graduated from pharmacy school motivator! She was introduced to Rev a few years ago by her future sister-in-law, and hasn't looked back. Read on to learn more about Jackie and catch some of her ultra-good vibes!

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1. Give us a quick background on yourself.
I was introduced to Rev by my sister and future sister-in-law almost two years ago and now I can’t get enough!! I’m currently a student at D’Youville College School of Pharmacy but won’t be for much longer as I’m graduating in May with a Doctorate in pharmacy (finally!). I currently work at the VA Medical Center but just found out I matched at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo for a pharmacy residency after graduation! I am a huge dog lover and slightly obsessed with my boyfriend and I’s rescue pitbull Louie. Rev is the perfect escape from my busy schedule and I love sweating with my sisters!

2. Describe your best workout ever in three words.
Shaky TRX planks.

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara.

4. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
I always start my day with a giant glass of water (followed by coffee of course)!

5. Favorite workout on the bike - hills, sprints, isolations or tap backs?​
Tap back and push up combo.

6. ​6​. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Lloyd’s for sure. However, I’d rather be at the Lloyd Taco Factory enjoying a Marg along with my taco. ;)