Bike Stations 101


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Did you know? When you reserve a bike through our website schedule (all linked into everybody’s favorite booking tool, Mindbody), all you have to do is show up. No rushing to get there obnoxiously early to stake out “your bike” like a vulture. (Because don’t we all get to a point where we feel like we literally own the bike we ride day in and day out?)

Maybe you’re the cycle superstar gunning for the bike right up front that lets you lock eyes with the instructor on more than one, one-gaze too long occasion. Or you’re the rider that chooses a bike to make you feel like you blend into the pack a bit more. Or you’re bringing your BFFs and you want to make sure you’re all in the same row. And maybe, just maybe, you saw a really cute guy/girl who always sits on bike 12, and by picking bike 11 you’re guaranteed the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Whatever the reason you choose “your bike,” book it and relax, knowing you’re not going to get stuck in the corner if you get there last. At Revolution you get what you came for. Try it out…we hope it makes you feel like a VIP!

See our schedule and book your bike here for RevExpress or RevCity.

Please note: Unfortunately if you log in to book directly through Mindbody or the Mindbody app, this feature is not currently available. But no worries, you’ll receive an email with a bike assignment just for you.