Monday Motivators: Meet Heather

We've had all the cookies. The punch. The brunch. And we're ready to get back on the motivation train ... with Heather, this week's rock star Monday Motivator! Feel like you know her? You probably do! She's a sports reporter for WGRZ-TV, Channel 2. And despite balancing a busy schedule of reporting both locally and on-the-road, she makes fitness a priority. Read on to hear what keeps her motivated - and be sure to say hi next time you see her crushing it at RevCity!

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a sports reporter/anchor at WGRZ-TV, Channel 2. I graduated from Syracuse University and Hamburg High School also I couldn't be more thrilled to start my career in my hometown! When I'm not working I love working out at Rev, eating Italian food and spending time with friends and family.

2. Describe your best workout in three words.
Rev and Core.

3. What songs are you obsessed with right now?
Take it all Back - Judah & the Lion
The Mack - Mark Morrison, Fetty Wap
Seein' Red - Dustin Lynch

4. How do you stay motivated to work out?
Having friends that also like to workout with you helps to stay motivated. My friend Natalie introduced me to Rev so we'll text about the workouts or different workouts we've done. It's motivating to have others push you and make you want to try new things. I also just think of how I'm going to feel after a workout. I feel so accomplished after crushing a tough circuit and that's the best feeling ever! The positive vibes I get from a workout last all day.

5. Any healthy habits to start or end your day?
I'll start my day with a glass of water and lemon to get my metabolism going. Then usually egg whites and turkey sausage for breakfast. Towards the end of the day I just try not to eat much late at night during my work weeks.

6. Favorite move on the TRX?
My favorite move on the TRX (and by favorite I mean it kicks my butt) is a pike or pike/mountain climber combo. It's so tough but my core feels the burn!

7. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Taffy's! (I'm a Southtowns girl and their milkshakes are my favorite!)

8. Favorite holiday or winter tradition?
My favorite holiday is Halloween! Love dressing up for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating as a kid was one of my favorites growing up. Free candy for ringing a door bell? Yes please!