Monday Motivators: Meet Heather

We've had all the cookies. The punch. The brunch. And we're ready to get back on the motivation train ... with Heather, this week's rock star Monday Motivator! Feel like you know her? You probably do! She's a sports reporter for WGRZ-TV, Channel 2. And despite balancing a busy schedule of reporting both locally and on-the-road, she makes fitness a priority. Read on to hear what keeps her motivated - and be sure to say hi next time you see her crushing it at RevCity!

FullSizeRender (48)
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a sports reporter/anchor at WGRZ-TV, Channel 2. I graduated from Syracuse University and Hamburg High School also I couldn't be more thrilled to start my career in my hometown! When I'm not working I love working out at Rev, eating Italian food and spending time with friends and family.

2. Describe your best workout in three words.
Rev and Core.

3. What songs are you obsessed with right now?
Take it all Back - Judah & the Lion
The Mack - Mark Morrison, Fetty Wap
Seein' Red - Dustin Lynch

4. How do you stay motivated to work out?
Having friends that also like to workout with you helps to stay motivated. My friend Natalie introduced me to Rev so we'll text about the workouts or different workouts we've done. It's motivating to have others push you and make you want to try new things. I also just think of how I'm going to feel after a workout. I feel so accomplished after crushing a tough circuit and that's the best feeling ever! The positive vibes I get from a workout last all day.

5. Any healthy habits to start or end your day?
I'll start my day with a glass of water and lemon to get my metabolism going. Then usually egg whites and turkey sausage for breakfast. Towards the end of the day I just try not to eat much late at night during my work weeks.

6. Favorite move on the TRX?
My favorite move on the TRX (and by favorite I mean it kicks my butt) is a pike or pike/mountain climber combo. It's so tough but my core feels the burn!

7. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Taffy's! (I'm a Southtowns girl and their milkshakes are my favorite!)

8. Favorite holiday or winter tradition?
My favorite holiday is Halloween! Love dressing up for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating as a kid was one of my favorites growing up. Free candy for ringing a door bell? Yes please!


Monday Motivators: Meet Courtney

Goooooood morning! One week 'till Christmas calls for a little extra Monday Motivation. Get your weekly dose from Courtney, this week's Rev rockstar. She's been team Rev ever since the days of our cute little carriage house on Delaware Ave. Now you can find her mostly at our RevExpress building, crushing everything from TRX and RevCore to Indo-Row and cycling!

1. Background: Business Advisor at Millard Fillmore Suburban as well as a spin instructor at Worlds Gym. In my free time, my husband and I like to go on hikes and try new restaurants all over WNY.

2. Describe your best workout ever in three words.
Long outdoor runs.

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
For Her by Chris Lane, but if you ask me next week it will probably be a rap song.

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
"Live in the moment" - This is something that I'm working on myself with all of the stresses of everyday life.

5. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
Every morning I start my day and end my day with a cup of hot lemon water, or if I'm feeling lazy it will just be water.

6. Favorite move on the TRX?
My FAVORITE MOVE is the clock press - it has been since I first tried TRX about 2 years ago. I get so excited when I see it on the board!

7. Favorite Buffalo food truck?
Lloyd's for sure! During the summer months I will go out of my way to find the Lloyds food truck, at least once a week.

8. Favorite holiday or winter tradition?
Being home with family in front of the fireplace and watching "A Christmas Story", we have been doing that for at least 20 years.


Monday Motivators: Meet Kristen

Brrrrr, it's cold out there! Think warm thoughts and read on to hear all about this week's fabulous Monday Motivator. Kristen has been with us for 8 months now, rockin' her RevRides, TRX and Indo-Rowing workouts at both RevCity and RevExpress. Whether she's workout out with her equally as awesome sister and mom, or just crushing some "me time" on the TRX, this girl knows how to get it done!

1. Give us a quick background on yourself.

I was born and have lived in Buffalo my whole life. I graduated from Williamsville North High School and am currently a student at U.B. I started spinning about 8 months ago after my sister invited me to come check out Revolution. Once I started I was hooked and have been coming ever since!

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Colleen's Tuesday TRX / Rachel's Thursday Spin!

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
MO - Final Song
M83 - Midnight City

4. How do you help each other stay motivated to workout?
I am always motivated to workout because the time I spend spinning or doing TRX at Revolution is my "empty mind time." All I have to focus on is riding as hard as I can or preforming a TRX move to the best of my ability and anything other than that doesn't matter while I am there. I look forward to that time everyday!

5. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
I am not sure how healthy it is but I start everyday with an apple and a vanilla misto from Starbucks. I love the misto because it's half coffee and half non fat milk so it gives me caffeine without making me crazy like a full cup of Starbucks coffee would.

6. Favorite move on the TRX?
High Plank with mountain climbers or crunches. It took me forever to grow strong enough to be able to just stay in high plank so it feels awesome to be able to add anything else to it!

7. Buffalo food truck you can't live without?
Chef's On The Go - it's amazing!

8. Favorite holiday or winter tradition?
Decorating the Christmas tree at my mom's house and dinner afterwards with my family.


The Rev Holiday F(IT) List

Whatever your goals happen to be this holiday season (even if it is just to survive!) we've got what's hot and happenin' in the WNY world of wellness. From the ultimate in gear and apparel, to getting your sweat on in new and unique ways, these are the must-have/wear/eat/do items on our holiday wish list. Happy shopping!

1. Revolution Indoor Cycling
For the Rev-lover (or any sweat-lover!) in your life.
This soft tank designed by Positive Approach Buffalo is everything. It's Buffalo. It's Rev. And it totally rocks! Email us at to pre-order your (friend's) size. From water bottles to gift cards to dry-fit gear and more, consider us your one-stop-stocking-stuffing shop.

2. Modern Nostalgia
For the thirsty Buffalo in your life
The Corksicle ($27.95) + Blue Handmade Buffalo Flask ($28) + Mug Motivation ($16.50)
Hydrate, hydrate this holiday season! From artsy mugs to a Buffalove themed flask handmade in North Carolina, ModNos has your beverage vessel gifting needs covered 100%. The Corksicle Canteen keeps drinks cool for up to 25 hours (24 hour spin marathon anyone?) and warm up to 12. 

IMG_1427IMG_1430 (1)

3. Barre Centric
For the Barre Babe in your life
Barre Socks
($12.50) & Barre Babe Top ($30)
Barre booties are as adorable as they are functional - and just the right size for stuffing stockings. Snag one of these "barre babe" tops, too. (We don't know about you, but anything "crop" style helps keep us motivated to move throughout the holiday season!)


4. Garage Fitness
For the one likes a little bit of everything (and your Southtowns friends)
Buy one 5-Class Pass
($40) get one free
Our gal pal Judy may be out in Angola, but whenever we get to visit a workout at the Garage it is the best part of our day. From Kangoo to Barre to Steel Mace and TRX, this funky gas station turned fitness studio is an all-inclusive, energetic and so much fun setting to get your sweat on. For your pals in the Southtowns, this is the gift to give. AND she's offering a one year anniversary special running this month - buy one 5-class pass, get one free? We're sold!


5. Longboards Paddle Co.
For the outdoor adventure Buff-a-lover
Kayaks & Paddle Boards
(cost varies)
Don't get us wrong. We're dreaming of a white Christmas ... but the sunny skies of a Buffalo Summer are never quite out of our minds. Give the gift of true adventure with a kayak or longboard. All boards are 25% off - and get a free paddle with the purchase of a kayak! Call owner Nancy Maisano at (716) 998-0949.

paddle 2paddle1

6. Jada Blitz
For the gym-lover in your life
Buy one GC for (
$100) and receive one for ($20)
Buy one GC for (
$150) and receive one for ($30)
Purchase a GC for
($200) and receive one for ($40)
Our partners in sweat over at Jada Blitz Training are offering a whole slew of generous gift card deals this month. They're the perfect gift for the gym-lover in your life. We might be a little biased (RevExpress is located inside the Jada building after all) but they have a huge selection of cardio and strength equipment, fun classes, a delish shake bar and some of the best trainers in the biz! 


7. Love In Motion Yoga
For the Buff-a-yogi in your life
5-class package
Share a stretchy, strong, flowy and sweaty holiday with the one you love (including yourself). One of the newest studios in town, Kath, Kate and their ridiculously awesome staff have arrived to keep you calm, cool and collected while the holidays wind up. Their 5-class pack is the perfect starter gift!


8. Lululemon Buffalo
For the gear & swag obsessed
Sparkle and shine in lightweight duds designed to help you perform at your athletic best ... and look pretty rad while doing it! From lightweight gear that's perfect for the studio to warm, cozy pieces for snuggling by the fire, the rockstar team at Lululemon Buffalo can get you outfitted head to toe for any occasion. 
Picture 1:
Free runner crop, swiftly racer back, fast lane bra, fringe fighter headband*nullux, run course sock, purist cycling water bottle
Picture 2:
Run for cold best, swiftly LS, fast and free tight, baller hat , run all day backpack, H20m water bottle

lulu1 (2)lulu

9. The Lexington Co-Op
Co-Op Ownership
($80 one time fee) 
Stock up on a few of the Co-Op staff's favorite gifts to give and receive, including the most amazing local Country Honey, Bootleg Bucha Kombucha, the mighty Singer Farm Tart Cherry Juice, dreamy all-natural body and skin care and Fair Trade chocolates and coffee. (Hello stocking stuffers!) The co-op returns 56 cents of every dollar back to the community- yours!
For those who want to shop for the freshest local, seasonal and organic foods- we love a Gift Membership at the Co-op! Get great deals and join the fun on special Owner Appreciation Days.

Rev- Lex


Monday Motivators: Meet Marissa

Recognize this week's Monday Motivator? She's Marissa, reporter and news anchor at Channel 4 (WIVB)! She relocated to Buffalo from Chicago more than a year and a half ago. And despite her crazy schedule she makes time for private training with David AND RevClasses (often times doubles!) almost every morning and night of the week. Get to know this awesome chica in the Q & A below.
FullSizeRender (47)
1. Give us a quick background on yourself.
I've lived in the beautiful city of Buffalo for a little over a year and a half now. I moved here to be a Reporter and Anchor at Channel 4 (WIVB) and have been loving this city full of great people! I'm originally from outside Chicago but this job takes you to towns across the country every couple of years-- Finding a great place to workout (and great people to workout with) is key to my sanity! I started working out with the awesome crew at Rev about 6 months ago and haven't looked back! Rev is my happy place!

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Keepin'. It. Fun.

3. What song(s) are you obsessed with right now?
Tame Impala- The Less I Know The Better
Leon Bridges- Smooth Sailin
Passion Pit - Where the Sky Hangs

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
Workout now, coffee later.

5. Any healthy habits to start/end your day?
I'm that girl whose water bottle is so large it doesn't fit on the spin bikes. I drink probably 3 liters a day!!

6. Favorite move on the TRX?

Love me a good Pike Plank.

7. Favorite Buffalo Food Truck?
The OG of Food Trucks: LLOYDS

8. This or that:
Rosé or margaritas?
Tequila straight- lots of lime! What? It's like organic.
Hip hop, Pop, Oldies or EDM for spinning?
Pop throwbacks!
Tap backs or isolations?
Isolations because I am the most uncoordinated person ever!


The Un-Recipe Recipe Series: Mandy's Proatmeal Bowl

You know all the ways we like to sweat. But what is the RevTeam eating to fuel our bodies through all that physical activity? We'll be sharing some of our favorite meals and snacks more regularly, with easy to follow "un-recipes." This is how we're "cooking" - and we're betting you are too!

Perfect for refueling after a Rev workout, this bowl is the best of both breakfast worlds - thick, creamy smoothie combined with filling oats, sweetened with vanilla and maple syrup. Yum!

Mandy's Proatmeal Bowl
1 serving of quick rolled oats (cooked with water)
3/4 cup almond milk (or any other milk or milk substitute)
2 scoops of protein protein powder (Mandy uses Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey French Vanilla Creme flavor.)
1 5.3 oz Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt with fruit. (Mandy used raspberry.)
vanilla extract
maple syrup

Cook oatmeal in your preferred manner. While oatmeal is cooking, mix together a 3/4 cup of almond milk, 2 scoops of protein powder, a drop of vanilla extract, a few shakes of cinnamon, and a few drops of pure maple syrup. When oatmeal is ready, pour the protein shake directly over the oatmeal and gently stir in. Top with Greek yogurt and fruit topping and a sprinkle of granola. 

(As prepared: 67g protein, 60g carbs, 7g fat 560 calories)

Proatmeal bowl