The Un-Recipe Recipe Series: Colleen's Grilled Salad

You know all the ways we like to sweat. But what is the RevTeam eating to fuel our bodies through all that physical activity? We'll be sharing some of our favorite meals and snacks more regularly, with easy to follow "un-recipes." This is how we're "cooking" - and we're betting you are too!

No grill? No problem. Make this dish any season of the year with a grill pan on the stove top. You'll still get those pretty char marks, with the convenience of heating up the chicken-pepper mix right in the same pan!

Colleen's Grilled Salad 
One romaine heart (sliced in half) and brushed with olive oil + salt and pepper
Sliced roasted red peppers (we use Wegman's jarred red peppers)
Leftover chicken breast from last night's dinner
4 slices of thin prosciutto