Summer Sweat: RevAtJada Edition

Holiday weekend, here we come! Rev may be on summer holiday 7/2-7/4, but that doesn't mean we won't be out and about town getting our fitness on. Here's how a few of your RevAtJada instructors love to get their sweat on with good old mother nature.

"During the summer one of my favorite activities is running outside, especially on a sunny day. I grab my Garmin, some tunes and off I go. It's a great opportunity for me to enjoy nature (and work on my spin class playlists!). I most recently moved to the Northtowns and running has always been a way for me to get to learn more about my surroundings. One of my fave new running spots is the Clarence bike path - there's a water fountain on Goodrich which is excellent for hydrating on-the-go!"

Mandy Rev
"My favorite place in WNY to stay active outdoors is, without a doubt, is the Whirlpool Rapids trail in Niagara Falls, NY. It's a gorgeous hike down about 300 steps that leads you to a trail alongside the Niagara Gorge. The powerful river rages alongside you as you walk the dirt trails, climb over boulders, and even walk down close enough to the river's edge to dip your toes in the few small pockets of calmer water at the rocky shore. (Use extra caution- this is not a place to swim or play in the water. Currents are strong and dangerous a few feet away!) I enjoy the varied terrain, the incredible views and the challenge of the hike. When I go alone, I try to get in some sprints on the trails and up those 300 stairs (I've counted!) on the way up to get my heart rate REV-ed up. When I go with my family, we take our time, enjoy the views and each other's company, and still get some good exercise in."

Amanda M.
"I love getting out to Hunters Creek to hike with my pups and husband. We can hike for hours as there is a creek that runs through and provides a great natural water stop for the pups. I also find that this is the place the hubs and I can be most connected, chatting about our weeks and deepest thoughts as we plod along through the woods. It's also absolutely gorgeous here. It only takes about 1/2 hour to get to."


Monday Motivator: Meet Sanjoy

Monday may be his rest day, but today's Monday Motivator, Sanjoy, is a workout machine all other days of the week! A regular at both RevCity and Rev@Jada locations, his routine is full of variety, including TRX and spin, plus swimming, kettle bells and muay thai. Be sure to give this guy (who just so happened to be the winner of our April Lululemon Plank-Off!) an extra high-five at both studios this week.

image1 (20)
1. Give us a quick background on yourself.
As a kid, I was never interested in team sports, I preferred reading and loud music instead. My fitness interests were weight lifting, swimming and road cycling.

Shortly after moving to Buffalo, I tore a muscle in my back while doing deadlifts. I was inactive for almost a year and on medication. (I couldn't lift anything heavier than a fork, I had to sleep on my stomach and stop using a backpack.)
Once I got medical clearance to exercise again, it was recommended I focus on core strengthening and flexibility. I really didn't want to start exercising again, so I tried to find some new activities to learn and hoped I would find something I would like.

I received a membership to Jada Blitz for Christmas, I was sporadically pretending to go to the gym when I heard about the Revolution Grand Opening in March. I got a spot in one of the sample TRX classes held that Saturday, where I met the staff and learned about the Revolution studio. I had met Colleen a few years before and I was happy to see her again and I learned that she was one of the three owners of this new studio. I signed up for a big pile of introductory classes held that week, then joined soon after.

Truthfully, my primary workout objective is "Don't get hurt." My workouts have changed to TRX and Spin classes at Revolution several mornings a week. I swim and lift with kettlebells twice a week and train in muay thai 3-4 days a week. I hope to get back to riding my bike(s).

2. Describe your best workout ever in just three words.
Seven Minute Plank. (Snerk.)

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?

I like listening to Vampire Weekend during the summer, I've been listening to their songs the past few weeks.
Beck's cover of Raspberry Beret.
DJ Raff: Latino and Proud
A$AP Ferg: New Level
French Montana: Lockjaw
Ana Tijoux: La nueva condena (1977-2009)

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
Fall down seven times, stand up eight. (Japanese proverb)
I don't think of myself as unbreakable. Perhaps I'm just rather flexible and adaptable : Aung San Suu Kyi
Like a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, I'm fine (like wine) : Beastie Boys, 1998

5. Any healthy habits to start/end your days?
Almond milk, espresso, half a banana and a multivitamin.
I've been listening to Glenn Gould's piano concertos when I drive to Rev in the morning. (I don't know if this is healthier, but it makes me feel smarter and more pretentious.)

6. This or that:
Tacos or pizza (hypothetically of course!): 
Pizza. (Hypothetically, tacos stuffed with pizza.)
Hip hop or EDM for spinning:
Tap backs or isolations: 
Tap backs.
TRX hamstring curl or chest press:
Pistol squat.


Monday Motivators: Father's Day Edition

Call me biased, but our Father's Day Monday Motivator duo is just a little important to me.  Meet Bob and Jess Moses, who along with my mom, define what it means to be a supportive family.  They've always had their fitness routines, but those routines incorporated a whole lot more Rev once our location at Jada Blitz opened in March. You can catch Jess almost every day in spin or TRX, and Bob never misses Joanne's Tuesday night Spin+Yoga.  Yes, my little sister, the one who could sleep until noon everyday, is now a morning person! They're always around to get a workout in, lend a helping hand, and help spread the RevLove and I am forever lucky and grateful!

Bob & Jess
1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
 I have always worked out but nothing was ever consistent or exciting, I would get bored with my routine and then suddenly stop going to the gym for months ... which reminds me I should cancel my membership since spend my time at Rev and it is always something new! The first time I took a spin class and a TRX class I had to stop half way through and got sick- now I make it through the entire class and have been pushing myself to work harder every time. I have noticed since I started being consistent with my workouts and trying new things that I am getting stronger every time and I feel the best I have in years.
Bob: I have been pretty active over the years. Basketball, running, soccer and some volleyball until my mid 30’s. That took a toll on my knee so then light runs like local 5k races, bicycling and hitting the local gym a few days a week. Now that my daughter and her partners have REV, I have added spin and yoga to my repertoire and love it. Thank you girls. Keep up the good local fitness workouts and giving back to your community

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever).
Hard to put into 3 words but I will go with intense, sweaty, and amazing!  
Spin & Yoga class on Tuesday nights with Joanne Wu.

3. What songs are you currently obsessed with?
Currently obsessed with "My House" by Flo Rida and "Desiigner" by Panda. They pump me up and if you happen to drive by me while "My House" is on the radio you would enjoy a a mini concert/dance party! 
B: "Good to Be Alive Right Now" by Andy Grammar.

4. Do you have a mantra that keeps you motivated?
Lately I keep telling myself, "progress not perfection." I used to be all about how much I weighed and that drove me to workout more but it was never consistent. Now I keep telling myself "progress not perfection," and I pay more attention how much stronger I am getting and how great I feel. 

5. What two things can you not start the day without?
I make a veggie/fruit smoothie every morning in my Ninja- when I am in a rush and do not make it I always feel like I am missing something. I also start every day with dance party/rock session. I have sat in the parking lot before work just to finish a song. Nothing like a 30 second dance party to wake you up. :)
My wife & partner Judi and my home made smoothie.

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now? Least healthy?
Healthiest thing in my fridge at the moment would be spinach and kale, they are staples for my breakfast shakes.  Least healthy item in the fridge at the moment is a bag of turkey pepperoni but it will not last long because I have been known to finish bag pretty quickly - which is why I do not buy it very often.
Lots of veggies, fruit, yogurt and almond milk.

7. How do you help each other stay motivated?
I started coming to REV with my dad whenever he would go to a class that Amanda was teaching to support her. I wanted to be a good sister so I tagged along to spin classes every once in awhile.  When Rev at Jada opened up we started going to the 6am Thursday spin with Amanda and since I live at home still we would remind each other to set alarm for class and hold each other accountable to get out of bed. Now I get up and go without him - we have both found our favorite classes. Now its just family fun to ask how a class went or if you did anything new, especially when it comes to TRX.
Complimenting each other for staying with it and always asking about when next class is.

8. What's the best part about attending class together?

Nothing better than spending time with my family. (Dad & Daughter time.)

9. This or that?
Cold pressed juice or coffee?
If I had the choice in the morning between juice or coffee I would grab the coffee every time :) 
B: Cold pressed juice
TRX or Spin?
Started going to REV for spin classes but have fallen in LOVE with TRX and even ordered straps so I can practice at home.
Spin over TRX or Yoga.
AM or PM workouts?
I shocked myself and my dad I think since I love sleeping in but I love morning workouts now, by the time class is over I am wide awake and ready for the day.
B: AM.





Monday Motivators: Meet Laura

Good morning! Catch some fresh vibes for your week from Laura, this week's Monday Motivator. Sweatin' for her upcoming wedding, honeymoon and life in general, she's brings a positive, happy energy with her whenever she's at Rev. Be sure to give her an extra high-five in classes this week and read all about her, below!

1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.

I danced as a child and all the way through high school. I also tap danced for a few years after college thanks to a super awesome friend who encouraged me to get back into it. Fitness has become more of a focus for me as I've gotten older because it's so important for health! I always feel so great physically and mentally when I'm consistent about staying active, and I can definitely feel it when I slack! I like to go for plain old run outside with my dog. I also like to take a occasional yoga class, and in recent years I've been loving group fitness classes ... and of course REV!

2. Describe your BWE (Best Workout Ever). 
Spin, TRX, swim!!

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
Andrew McMahon- Cecilia and The Satelite :)

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?

5. Two things I can't start my day without:
Coffee, and another coffee.

6. Healthiest things in my fridge:
We just got a nutri-ninja (so exciting) so there is spinach and and plenty of fruits in the fridge right now!

7. Favorite way to spend a sunny Buffalo day:
On my mom and dad's boat, sipping on something sweet with friends and fam! Grass Island is my favorite spot to anchor.

8. This or That? Choose one.
Cold pressed juice or coffee?
Yoga pants or jeans?
YOGA PANTS all day.
TRX or spin? 
Depends on my mood and what I want to get out of it! After a hard day at work spin is great because I can really push myself, and take the stress out on the bike! TRX is great when I'm really in the mood to work my muscles. I feel like its a more focused workout. They're both wonderfully addictive :)


Get Outside!

Sometimes you just gotta get outside. For those mornings/nights where you want to get your sweat on with Mother Nature, come find Rev in some of the best nature settings Buffalo has to offer. Check out the list below, and be sure to check back for additions as the summer heats up.

Canalside, Pierce Lawn
FREE RevFit Bootcamp - Every Monday 6-7pm (excluding 6/4) through 9/5

Join a rotating list of Rev's favorite instructors as they lead you through a one hour body weight workout. Think lunges, high knees, push-ups, tabata, relays and more. Perfect for all fitness levels - modifications will be provided as needed. Please bring water, a towel and mat. No reservation required.

Fitness First, Tony Walker
FREE TRX w/Amanda - Every Tuesday 6-7pm
We're partnering up with the fabulous Tony Walker Co. to bring you TRX Tuesdays with Amanda. Stop on by for a free TRX circuit workout at the Tony Walker Plaza and stick around for post-TRX tacos and tequila at Giancarlos. No reservation required.

Open Air RevRide at Hydraulic Hearth
6/18, 10:45am

Join Amanda for a destination outdoor RevRide at Hydraulic Hearth! Spin + Cocktails + Food Trucks + DJ Johnny Buns. Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning/afternoon in Larkinville.
Cost: $20. Registration is required.

FREE Power Hour at Outer Harbor - Wilkeson Point
8-9am, Lindsay on 7/9 & Lauren on 8/27
Join Rev for a fun and fresh RevFit total body bootcamp on the water! Hosted by Longboards Beach Fitness and sponsored by Independent Health, it's the perfect way to kick off Saturday with a sunrise sweat session all summer long! All fitness levels welcome. Please bring a towel, mat and water bottle. No registration required.

Rev+Sunrise Rides at Canalside
7/17, 8-8:45am & 9-9:45am

The scenery. The sunshine. The sweat. Rev is hittin’ the road, taking our stationary bikes out of the studio, down to CANALSIDE! Join us for a sweaty 45 minute, open air class. We’ll ride to cool beats with the wind in our hair and the sun on our shoulders, surrounded by the sights of water, ships and sky. Class appropriate for beginner and advanced fitness levels; open to current Rev riders & the public. Cost: $20. Registration required.

7/20, 6pm w/Colleen at Kegworks of Buffalo
Save the Date - details to come!


Monday Motivators: Meet Leah & Pamela

Another week, another Monday! This one's comin' at us with a huge dose of Monday Motivation from this duo of pals, Pamela and Leah. They're regulars at the Rev@Jada location, spinning and TRXing their way through each week together. Read on to learn all about them, below!

FullSizeRender (5)_copy1
1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
Leah: I've always been pretty active with hiking, rollerblading, and intermittently pretending like I enjoy running. I never did much for strength training, but really love the TRX classes. Being active makes me feel better all around and I'm trying to focus on challenging myself, building strength and healthy habits instead of the pounds I'd love to lose.
Pamela: My fitness journey started almost a year ago when I decided it was time to get healthy. My friend Leah and I started taking summer classes at Canalside which is where we took our first outdoor Revolution spin class! From there we took advantage of first timer packages at local gyms. I ended up at Rev@Jada since the new location was closer to home. I love the TRX class as it helps me stay focused, balanced and strong!

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in just three words.
L: Sweaty, challenging, variety. (I get bored easily.)
P: My BWE: Workout with friends.

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
L: Been on a G Love and Special Sauce kick since it's gotten warmer outside.
P: Song I'm obsessed with: Fifth Harmony. "Worth it"

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
L: Not a mantra, but Amanda is great at motivating me during classes!
P: Mantra I live by: Sweat off the stress!

5. What are two things you just can't start your day without?
L: Coffee and avocado toast
P: I can't start my day without kissing my dog and my husband!

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now?​
L: Lots of fresh produce Least healthy?​ Half a bottle of wine, but that'll be gone shortly...
P: Healthiest thing in my fridge is fresh Brussels sprouts.

​7. How do you help each other stay motivated?

L: Usually we aren't feeling unmotivated on the same day, so we keep each other accountable. It's also easier to stay excited about working out when there's a friend to enthuse about classes with and who is fun and encouraging.

8. This or that? Choose one:
L: Cold pressed juice or coffee​?​ Cold brew coffee.
    TRX or Spin​?​ TRX.
    AM or PM workouts?​ PM.
    Yoga pants or jeans? Yoga pants.

P: Coffee definitely! Starbucks cafe late with soy!
    Yoga pants without a doubt.
    I have never been a morning workout person always afternoon or evening.
   TRX definitely! It keeps me strong! But I do love spinning too!