Monday Motivator: Meet Sarah

Happy Memorial Monday Motivator! This chica is so dedicated to her fitness - there's rarely a day she isn't pulling a double! From the early 5:45am workouts, she takes a quick  water break and rolls straight into 7am classes. Keep up the hard work Sarah - you sure do make it look easy! Check out her Q&A below.


1. Tell us about your fitness journey.

I've always been very into cardio, but lazy when it comes to anything else workout-wise. That being said the rev combo classes really work for me because I'm forced to do the other stuff I'd normally skip. I also work out harder when I'm being held accountable, so it helps that Miranda attends nearly all the same classes as me. She really helps keep me in check ... otherwise I'd probably hit snooze every morning. ????

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in three words:
One without push-ups.

3. What song are you currently obsessed with?
Florence and the Machine - Hardest of Hearts
Vance Joy- Mess is Mine
Ellie Golding- Army

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you:
Not so much a mantra but I definitely love the feeling I get after working out in the morning. It makes me a kinder, less stressed human.

5. What are two things you can't start your day without?
Checking Instagram for puppy and food pictures, copious amounts of water

6. The healthiest thing in my fridge right now:
Reduced sugar ketchup, which is actually life changing. Buy it.

7. Favorite way to spend a spring Day in Buffalo:
Brunching or patio drinking and feasting with my friends

8. This or that?
Cold pressed juice or coffee? Hmmmm I go to Squeeze anddddd Starbs everyday so that's an impossible decision.
Yoga pants or jeans: Lululemon. Always. Denim is the enemy.
TRX or Spin: Spin. I'm still struggling with TRX even though I think I've been at Rev since day one. I'm learning to like it more though, very slowly.