Monday Motivator: Meet Julie

Happy Dyngus Day, Buffalo! Get in the groove to celebrate, with our awesome Monday Motivator, Julie. She's a master of all things TRX, spin and yoga - clearly by this rockin' TRX yoga pose! And when she told us she "does it for the mimosas" we knew she was a girl of our own heart. Get to know Julie in the Q&A below, and be sure to give her a giant Monday Motivator high-five if you see her in classes this week.

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1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
I always used to be a little lazy - involved in some sports and dance but never fully committed. In college I strictly used the elliptical until I found spinning. Since then I met some awesome friends who got me into a lot of cool stuff and I LOVE it!

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in just three words.
HighFives, WooHoos, LotsofLaughs. (Those all count as 1 word each, right?)

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
Missy Elliot - Where They From

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
"Do it for the mimosas."

5. What are two things you just can't start your day without?
The Today Show (Willie Geist!?) and coffee.

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now?

7. What was the last vacation you took?
Hotlanta for work with a side trip to North Carolina to visit a friend.

8. This or that? Choose one:
TRX or Spin - TRX 
AM workouts or PM workouts - PM 
Buffalo Winter or Buffalo Summer - ☀Summer


Happy Easter Savings!

Easter sale

The Easter bunny is hopping by Rev a little early, delivering a 15% off SALE! From now until Sunday, use code BUNNY15 for 15% off class packages and year unlimited. (Unlimited month and new client unlimited week excluded.)
Don't forget to hop on over to RevCity for a donation-based yoga class with Kathleen on Easter Sunday starting at 9:30am! No sign-up required.
Yoga first. Chocolate bunnies later.

Happy Easter from the RevFamily to yours!


Monday Motivator: Meet Anna

March is wrapping up with this lovely Monday Motivator - Meet Anna! She's got a killer workout ethic, and always puts forth her very best whether she's on the bike or TRX. And when she's not at Rev you can find her running miles and miles and miles and miles around town, keeping the spirit of being a former high school and college cross country runner alive. Say hi to Anna this week, and learn more about her in the Q&A below!

1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey:
I ran cross-country/track in high school and college and just fell in love with the sport! Distance running is my favorite thing - I ran my first marathon last year, which was fun but pretty challenging.
I still love to run but it can be hard going at it alone when you're used to being on a team for so many years. When I go to Rev I feel like I'm back on a team - even if it is just for 60 minutes!

My fitness journey is always ongoing. I love to try new workouts to see what my body can handle. I am also still trying to conquer the push-up tap-back move (#spinninggoals). Overall I just love
doing anything that's active, energetic, and inspires me to keep pushing and burn those calories so I can indulge in my daily dark chocolate addiction!

2. Best workout ever in three words? 
Run, Spin, TRX

3. What song(s) are you currently jammin' to?
Powerful - Ellie Goulding, Major Lazor, & Tarrus Riley .... and any song by Britney Spears!

4. Do you have a workout mantra that helps keep you going?
"You can do anything for 30 seconds!!" (as I want to crumble to the floor during a pike)

5. Two things I can't start my day without:
Coffee and saying hello to my pup Louie!

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge?

7. What's the most recent vacation you took?
Looking forward to my upcoming Spring Break vacation in Florida!

8. Choose this or that:
Spin or TRX? TRX
AM or PM workouts? I will workout anytime!
Spring or Summer? Summer


BAFFF. TRX101. Easter Yoga. Acro Yoga. Power Hour. And more.

So much to do, so little time. The second half of March is jam-packed with your favorite classes, plus some super-fun special events. Read on below to see what's coming up!

March Savings & BAFFF - New Clients!
One Week Unlimited passes now only $15 through 3/31/16. New clients can come try as many classes as possible for 7 days in a row with this special pass - a great way to try all of our class formats and instructors - at both locations!

Bring a Friend for Free
Bring a friend for free, now through 3/31/16 to any class at either location! Email us at to reserve a spot for your workout buddy (new clients only, please). Sweating together is better!

3/19, 12pm, TRX101 w/David @RevCity
Get back to the basics with TRX101! David's breakin' down the ropes to teach anyone from beginners to advanced TRXers the must-know skills for mastering the straps. You'll take a slower pace, in a small group setting, while still getting a great workout and learning important technique and form. Class is capped at 10 people so book your spot today! 

3/26, 12pm, Donation Based DJ Rev Down Yoga meets AYFit w/Joanne Wu MD, E-RYT, CHHC, CET 
45min open levels yoga flow meets 45min AYFit. AYFit is a community fitness program developed by, and designed to build smart, toned, coordinated muscles in a safe, fun & progressive environment. AYfit is about working individually and with partners to build smart, intelligent muscles with acrobatic body weight exercises. Our success is measured by how skillfully & efficiently we support people. AYFit is a balanced, progressive training for spirit, mind and body. Currently, there are around 275 AYfit trainers around the global. The AYFit system will contribute to strength and endurance, as well as assist in creating stability and integrity around the joints to help correct muscle imbalances. AYFit Trainers are instructed in how to share the system of fitness at the appropriate level of each participant. AND its Fun!

This event is capped to 21 people. Sign up early. $2 to commit your spot online.

Live music with local DJ. Community social post-class with drinks and healthy snacks provided.

ALL donations go to Yogis in Service. About Yogis in Service, Yogis in Service is a non-profit organization located in Buffalo, New York. Nearly 100% of our donations go directly to providing yoga, for free, to our community. For more about Yogis in Service, please go to:

3/27, 9:30am, Easter Sunday Yoga w/Kathleen @RevCity
Hop your way on over to a relaxing and energizing Easter Sunday yoga class with Kathleen. She's been incorporating our yellow weighted balls, TRX and more into her classes - so much fun! Rev up. Rev down. And then go eat all the chocolate bunnies. (Please note 9am TRX is cancelled Easter morning.) Sunday yoga classes are donation based. Just show up!

3/28, 5:30pm, Monday Power Hour w/Brandon & Lauren @RiverWorks 
5 bucks gets you an amazing one hour bodyweight workout with the dynamic duo of Brand and Lauren down at RiverWorks for Power Hour, hosted by Longboards. Get in on the fun, and enjoy a discount at the RiverWorks restaurant post class. No registration needed. Just show up!

3/29, 7am & 3/31 6pm, RevBattle: Pop vs. Rock - Lauren vs. Kevin @RevCity
Kev and Lauren are battling hard - to the beats of your favorite rock-n-roll stars and pop acts. Look forward to high-energy, amazing tunes and hill-packed, sprint-strong class. Book your bike now!
kev and lauren


Monday Motivator: Meet Beth

Good morning! This week's cheerful motivator, Beth, is all about Buffalo. She works hard at the studio and around town, volunteering regularly at the Buffalo Zoo and running her very own Buffalo-centric blog, Just A Blonde In Buffalo. We don't know where she gets the energy to do it all - we're in awe of her drive and passion every time we see her (which is a lot, thankfully!). Read up about Beth in the Q&A below.

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1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
Fitness has always been a part of my life since I was little. Growing up I was in softball and dance and throughout high school I was in track and tennis. As I’ve gotten older I would have up and down moments where I would be a frequent gym goer and then veer off. Over the last 5 years or so I have made it a part of my daily routine to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle. Three years ago I started participating in half marathons and my next goal is to complete a full marathon. I like trying new fitness classes - it helps keep my workouts fresh and I don't get bored.

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in just three words.
White Water Rafting  - if I did that everyday my arms would look phenomenal.

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
Rihanna – Work
Brett Eldridge – Drunk on Your Love
Whitney Houston – My Love is Your Love

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
“Keep your chin up kid and you’ll go far.” – my Dad
“Breathe.” – Rachel, during TRX training
“Make it count.”

5. What are two things you just can't start your day without?
Water and coffee.

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now?
Iceberg lettuce and carrots.

7. What was the last vacation you took?
A weekend getaway to NYC.

8. This or that? Choose one.
TRX or Spin: Both! Colleen’s AM spin class wakes me up and helps get my day started and Rachel’s TRX training sessions have made me stronger and more confident. I love both for different reasons!
AM workouts or PM workouts: Definitely AM – “the early bird gets the worm.”
Jeans or Yoga Pants: Jeans.


Monday Motivator: Meet Marc

Meet Marc, the first Monday Motivator of the month of March. (Hows that for some alliteration?!) He somehow manages to find time to get his Rev on amidst his crazy schedule managing his family business, Picasso's Pizza. We suspect that all of the delicious pizza he must indulge in from time to time has something to do with his dedication to finding time for a workout. You can catch Marc working hard in Brandon's Saturday morning classes. (He once worked so hard that he spun a pedal off of a bike!) And we bet he'll start popping up for Rev@Jada classes since his Transit Road Picasso's is right down the street!


1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
It's been a long road, high school sports to college intramurals, half and full marathons, sprinkle in a Tough Mudder. Yoga to hiking Hawaii.

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in just three words.
Anything in the sun. Anything that has me dripping with sweat. Best workout ever.

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
Kanye West - Waves.

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
"Live in the moment, be the moment. Be Legendary."

5. What are two things you just can't start your day without?
Coffee and a workout.

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now?
Bootleg Bucha - Grapefruit Hops

7. What was the last vacation you took?
Charleston, SC

8. This or that? Choose one:
TRX or Spin: TRX
AM workouts or PM workouts: AM
Buffalo Winter or Buffalo Summer: Buffalo Summer