Monday Motivator: Meet Caitlin

When you run into your Monday Motivator outside running to her workout at Rev, you know she's major motivator material. We're celebrating the awesomeness that is Caitlin all week long as our final Monday Motivator of January. She's a runner, spinner and TRXer, and just an all-around cool chicka. Check out her Q&A below.

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1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
I was an overweight, unfit kid—the kind boys would laugh at during the mile run in gym class. That made me a self-conscious, shy person. I started working out in high school in hopes of keeping a poor body image from holding me back in adulthood. By my junior year of college, daily (or near daily) exercise was a nonnegotiable for me, and I turned into a pretty serious runner, logging over 30 miles per week on the regular. After foot surgery in 2012, I became prone to stress fractures that would sideline me for weeks at a time (which is a very distressing scenario for anyone who is accustomed to regular workouts!). At the same time, I was also starting to get bored of the monotony and isolated nature of running. It was during one of those stints of injury-inflected malaise that I decided to try spin. A friend had mentioned Revolution in passing, so that is where I started. Now, I am practically obsessed with the energy of group fitness and the particular brand of instruction and atmosphere Rev offers--TRX included. 

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in just three words.
Sweat-drenched euphoria.

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
If it's appropriate for a brooding and/or inspirational slow, heavy hill, I'm probably super into it. 

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
Maybe "Get uncomfortable." I guess I'm of the mindset that if you don’t step outside your comfort zone, you won’t see change—whether physical, intellectual, or emotional. I don't always heed my mantra, but it's there when I need it.

5. What are two things you just can't start your day without?
A Diet Coke. And then a second Diet Coke. 

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now?
I always have a stockpile of broccoli.

7. What's the oldest thing in your fridge right now?
Wine, I think. Although there is a canister of languishing nutritional yeast that may, in fact, be older...

8. This or that? Choose one:
TRX or Spin: If forced to choose, I would have to pick spin.
AM workouts or PM workouts: Toss up. Mornings are best to ensure I get a workout in before I get distracted by life. Evenings are good for sweating out any workday stress.
Yoga pants or jeans: Yoga pants. Hands down, no contest.


Monday Motivator: Meet Jenn

We're kickin' off mid-January with the fabulously hard working Jenn. This Monday Motivator brings her best to the studio every single week. From the straps to the bikes to yoga with Kathleen, Jenn does it all. She's even a part of our Rev+BarreCentric package, squeezing in a few classes every week at Barre Centric. Talk about a well-rounded routine! Learn more about Jenn below. 

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1. Describe your fitness journey.
Sports have been always been a part of my life. I played volleyball and tennis in high school and then kind of trailed off a little bit. About 5 years ago I really started focusing on working out. I ran my first 1/2 marathon in November of 2013 and I am looking to do another one someday soon! I was excited to have a new workout routine and try spin for the first time in August.

2. Best workout ever (BWE) in just three words: determined, sweaty, repeat.

3. What song are you obsessed with right now? I am a huge country fan! Right now I am loving Florida Georgia Line's "Dirt".

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
Over the past year I have continuously told myself "be who you want to be." This year has been a little different for me. It has had its good times but definitely it's challenges. I made a major move, moving to Buffalo and starting a new job. When I started thinking about moving and thinking about my options, I had to determine what was going to make me happiest and be best for me. And I am happy with my decision to move to Buffalo :)

5. What are two things you can't start your day without?
The snooze button and my dog Rudie!

6. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now?
Probably some snap peas, fruit and salad fixings.

7. What's the oldest thing in your fridge?
Probably some orange juice or I think there maybe some carrots or celery in there left over from soup I was going to make?

8. This or that? Choose one.
TRX or Spin: TRX.
AM or PM workouts: I always have a desire to workout in the AM, but I just can't get up that early, so PM!
Yoga pants or jeans: Definitely yoga pants!


Now Hiring Instructors!


Revolution is currently looking for athletic, personable, motivating and inspiring instructors to join the RevTeam. We are looking for instructors that are currently certified to plan and coach workouts in TRX, indoor cycling or both disciplines. Please share this info with anyone you think might be interested.

Auditions will be held on 1/23 from 12-4pm at 1716 Main St., Buffalo. 

Audition Sign Up
Please answer the info below and send, along with your current resume and proof of certification, to if you would like to attend the audition. We will send you a confirmation with your audition time slot. Please arrive prepared to lead a 20 minute ride or TRX class for the Revolution management team. Cycling music should showcase your style, personality and what you would typically plan to play in a class, with an emphasis on variety in resistance, choreography, and energy. The same applies for selection of TRX choreography and music.

The audition will consist of an initial screening ride with follow up if needed.

If anything changes after signing up, please contact us at as space is limited.

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  • Why do you want to coach at Revolution and what can you bring to our team? 

Revolution Indoor Cycling is a locally owned and operated cycling and TRX fitness studio. We strive to create an environment that motivates and inspires wellness of mind, body and community. Our team is committed to supporting each other, developing our brand and helping our clients set and achieve their goals in a safe, welcoming environment.


Monday Motivators: Meet Whitney & Madeline

This week's mother-daughter duo of Whitney (mom) and Madeline (daughter) helps keep each other motivated and accountable, even when Madeline is away at school. Up and "revving" before most of the city is awake, they always push themselves from the second class starts through the very last sprint or push-up. We love starting the day with Madeline and Whitney's positive vibes in the room - their dedication is contagious!


1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
W: With four kids and a full time job, time (or lack of) has always been a major factor in my workouts. I need something that motivates me, but fits into my schedule. When Madeline introduced me to Rev I really liked the 5:45 am classes, but I ended up sticking with it because of the atmosphere, the great workout, and the instructors.
M: I started rowing in 8th grade and going to spin classes with Colleen a little after that to supplement practices as cross training. I rowed throughout high school, still going to as many spin classes as I could, as well as running two half marathons. Now that i'm in college and no longer rowing I work out on my own, going to yoga and classes at Rev whenever I'm home. Rev classes are the butt kicking I need when i'm home, college is a lot of fun...

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in just three words.
W:Sweaty, loud, heavy.
M: Sweaty, sore and fun.

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
W: Afrojack's "Summerthing" is a regular favorite during class, but I love when Colleen plays Tina Turner's "Proud Mary." It's such an amazing song!
M: I really like everything the girls play in class. Though I have to admit Justin Bieber has been my go to jam when I'm in the car alone or with the little girls I babysit.

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
W: don't really have a specific mantra but I saw a quote from Dolly Parton recently that I really liked...."Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose."
M: "Madeline, get out of bed."

5. What are two things you just can't start your day without?
W: Starbucks and a hot shower.
M: Starbucks and a workout.

6. How do you help each other stay motivated?
W: Madeline keeps me motivated because she has always been so committed to fitness and being healthy. I certainly wasn't getting up at 5:30 to workout when I was in college! She inspires me to keep going even when she is away at school.
M: She makes sure I get out of bed and I make sure she is signed up for classes (even when I'm not home).

7. This or that? Choose one:
TRX or Spin
W: I can't choose. That's why I like the classes with both!
M: Spin.

AM workouts or PM workouts
W: Definitely AM! I would never make it to a PM.
M: AM.
Yoga pants or jeans
W: I've always loved jeans. I would wear them every day if I could.
M: Yoga pants, 100%.


Monday Motivators: Meet Kate

In 2015 we celebrated 52 Monday Motivators - wow. Congrats to the entire RevFam for a year's worth of hard work. We're looking forward to the next 52 motivators and all the happy, healthy sweat work 2016 brings.

We're ringing in the new year and all new round of Motivators with our good friend and workout machine - Kate. She gets in a healthy variety of spin and TRX each week - making her active lifestyle look so easy! Read on to learn more about what keeps Kate moving and be sure to say hi when you see her around the studio this week.


1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.
I've played sports my whole life so I've always been active. I was spinning on and off but only started consistently spinning when Rev opened. It took me a little while to try TRX but now I'm hooked.

2. Describe your BWE (best workout ever) in just three words.
Rev+UpperBody - it's one of my favorites!

3. What song are you obsessed with right now?
I can't pick just one, but everything on Jess Glynne's new album. Also, I'm on a huge Beiber kick right now ...

4. Is there a mantra that motivates you?
If I pick "Eat, Sleep, Rev, Repeat" do I get extra points? But really, Rev has been amazing over the past year!

5. What are two things you just can't start your day without?
Coffee and Greek yogurt - definitely Wegmans brand though.

6. What's the oldest thing in your fridge right now?
I'll have to check with my mother. ;)

7. What's the healthiest thing in your fridge right now?
Probably some fruit and vegetables.

8. This or that? Choose one.
TRX or Spin: I'm indecisive, so i'll say both!
Early riser or night owl: I’ve turned into an early riser.
Pancakes or waffles: Hmmm, waffles.
Fall or winter: Fall!!