Monday Motivators: Elizabeth & Vivien

Happy Labor Day, Buffalo! We've got a double dose of Monday Motivator coming at you this week, with the lovely Elizabeth and Vivien. These pals are dedicated to everything they do - whether they're training for road races together, studying late into the night for their UB dental program, or crushing some major moves on the TRX. And while their life routine may seem a little intimidating, they are two of the sweetest, smiliest ladies around. Look for them in classes this week and catch some of their crazy-contagious positive energy!


1. How long have you been part of the indoor cycling world? How about TRX?

E: I went to my first spin class in high school, but I didn’t become a regular until Rev. My first pair of spin shoes will be making their debut next week! As for TRX, I tried it during Rev’s soft opening, and it’s been an awesome way to incorporate in a strength-training component.
V: Cycling since 2012, TRX since 2013. I love the addition of the exercise balls on the bikes. Even if I’m not in a combo spin/TRX class, I can still work the upper body.

2.  What goals has Rev helped you to achieve?

E: I’m super involved with outreach at UB Dental, and Rev has helped me to link volunteerism and exercise--two things I love to spend my time on! At the RevCommunity event at the Ronald McDonald House (that I did with Viv and two of my classmates), we directly engaged with an awesome community organization. Since then, I’ve incorporated Ronald McDonald into the calendar of outreach events that dental students participate in--we’ve helped with their “Cooks for Kids” program and will be participating in a clean-up there next weekend.
V: Rev has been instrumental in keeping me on top of my health goals, supplementing running and strength training at home. Rev helps me “sharpen the saw” - mentally and physically. It’s important for me to balance a healthy lifestyle no matter how busy dental school gets.

3. Fall is almost here! What's your favorite way to enjoy the weather?

E: With a good book! I can’t Erik Larson’s new book about the Lusitania (accompanied by matcha tea and one of Viv’s zucchini brownies #hint).
V: The fall harvest. I joined a local farm share this year, and so far I’ve been getting a lot of delicious zucchini. This means I have to make zucchini brownies #squashgoals.

4. Tell us a fun fact that we don't know about you.

E: I love hiking and camping, and I went “Galactic Backpacking” in Tikal, Guatemala (a site where footage from Star Wars was filmed).
V: When I first started driving, my brother taught me how to drift on ice/snow (as a safety maneuver!). This skill has served me well driving in the Buffalo winter.

5. What song really gets you Revved up during spin & TRX classes?

E: The music was on-point at the Boy Bands vs. Pop Tarts spin--I’ve never had so much fun tapping back than to Hanson.  (But I will also make a suggestion for some Shaggy.)
V: It was really the best playlist. Another time “Ignition” came on during a Friday PM class and I had to sing along. One of my college housemates used to play that song every weekend, and jam along with her ukulele.

6. How do you keep each other motivated to work out?

E/V: We train for Buffalo half-marathons and night skiing in icy/windy conditions!