Feeling the Buffalove


We’ve been feeling the RevLove, oh-so-strong this week, and RevFam, we couldn’t be prouder to be leading this pack. From our families, to Sean, Spencer and Pat, to Brandon, Kevin and Lauren, to our friends, and to the entire RevFam (that’s you guys!), we are thankful from the deepest depths of our hearts for all of the love, support, patience and enthusiasm you’ve shown this week - post one unexpected and speedy move from the carriage house.

We’re not going to lie - it took ...a few (or more!) bottles of wine and some major brain and muscle power, but wow, when we step into 1716 Main, now it all just feels so right. No matter our location, the wheels will continue to turn, our TRX angles will get deeper and you will always get one of the best workouts in Buffalo. The events of the week have really tuned us into something that we knew all along … Revolution is way more than just a ride. And this is only the beginning.

Hugs, love and turning the dial up,
Colleen, Amanda & Rachel