Monday Motivators: Meet Ben & Jill

Good morning RevFam, no better couple than Ben and Jill to kick off the first 2.0 Monday Motivator post! Our favorite thing about these two is that Ben is an early bird and Jill prefers the not-so-early AM, but it does not stop them from getting their workouts on, whether together or separate. They work incredibly hard and always have fun doing it, we are so thankful for their support. Keep on reading for their fun responses (and no, we do not let Ben ride in his boat shoes!).


1. How long have you been part of the indoor cycling world? How about TRX?
Jill: I've done cycling classes on and off, but always HATED them (cardio just isn't my favorite), but at Rev, it's growing on me! I tried TRX at Rev for the first time about 6 months ago, and it helps me push through that half hour of cycling when I have the "reward" of TRX coming. 
Ben: I've been doing spinning and TRX for about four months.

2. What goals has Rev helped you to achieve?
Jill: Actually working out before work (okay, just once in awhile, but still)!!
Ben: Not sure if this counts as a goal, but I feel that I am entitled to eat even more dessert now than I did before.

3. Summer time is here! What's your favorite way to enjoy Buffalo's great weather?
Jill: Ben and I just bought bikes for the first time this spring, so I've been loving having the chance to get outside on them. Otherwise ... sipping a margarita anywhere outside is always a good option.
Ben: Golfing, biking, swimming, day drinking. Just being outside!

4. Tell us a fun fact that we don't know about you.
Jill: This question is stressing me out! On that neurotic note ... in the Senior Superlatives section of my high school yearbook, I was voted "Most Likely to Freak Out." Though I like to think I've mellowed since then ...
Ben: I've been 6'4" since the 7th grade. If you are impressed by my coordination now ...

5. What song really gets you Revved up during spin & TRX classes?
Jill: Any ridiculous rap songs that I listened to in college (so, circa 2008) make me smile and push myself a little bit harder. 
Ben: Honestly anything with a beat works for class, but for the record I hate that peanut butter song.  It's the worst! 

6. How do you help each other stay motivated to work out?
Jill: As Ben also alluded to, it's a lot easier to stay on track with healthy eating and working out when it feels like we're in it together. And perhaps more importantly, Ben gets my butt out of bed in the morning when I'm signed up for a class. It's a terrifying job, and he's a brave man to take it on!
Ben: Jill reminds me it is bathing suit season and I put down the ice cream and sign up for a 5:45am spin/TRX class instead. Anything later than that and the day is half over! Right, Jilly?


Feeling the Buffalove


We’ve been feeling the RevLove, oh-so-strong this week, and RevFam, we couldn’t be prouder to be leading this pack. From our families, to Sean, Spencer and Pat, to Brandon, Kevin and Lauren, to our friends, and to the entire RevFam (that’s you guys!), we are thankful from the deepest depths of our hearts for all of the love, support, patience and enthusiasm you’ve shown this week - post one unexpected and speedy move from the carriage house.

We’re not going to lie - it took ...a few (or more!) bottles of wine and some major brain and muscle power, but wow, when we step into 1716 Main, now it all just feels so right. No matter our location, the wheels will continue to turn, our TRX angles will get deeper and you will always get one of the best workouts in Buffalo. The events of the week have really tuned us into something that we knew all along … Revolution is way more than just a ride. And this is only the beginning.

Hugs, love and turning the dial up,
Colleen, Amanda & Rachel


Monday Motivators: Meet Allison

Happy Monday, RevFam! We have had a whirlwind weekend and could not have a better featured lady for you this week. We love to use Allison as an example during TRX for any newcomers who are feeling discouraged - she is always a great example to new students on proper TRX form ... and she was brand new to those straps just six months ago. She is always ready to lend encouragement to our newbies, which goes a long way! She is just as sweet as she is strong and we love having her as a part of our RevFam.


1. How long have you been part of the indoor cycling world? How about TRX?
In late January of this year, my sister brought me to my first class, which was Rev+Core with Colleen. It was my first foray into TRX and indoor cycling, and I had a tough time getting through the workout. Thankfully, with some firm encouragement from my sister and friendly motivation from the Rev girls, I made it through the first one – and I kept coming back. I love the high intensity of indoor cycling and TRX, but it’s also hugely important to me that the workouts have been protective of my injury-prone back by helping to strengthen my core.

2. What goals has Rev helped you to achieve?
The past 6 months, Rev has helped propel me forward along a path toward my ultimate (and very broad) goal of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. I had a difficult time finding a sustainable fitness routine the past couple of years – and the more out of shape I got, the more discouraged I felt. I’m too persistent to give up, but I felt like I was close until I started at Rev. Colleen, Amanda, and Rachel have been integral to my renewed commitment to working out. Their positive energy goes a long way, and the community atmosphere they created at Rev helped me to feel comfortable and gain confidence. Smaller milestones along the way include the first time I could to a TRX pike, and going from push-ups on my knees to being able to crank out a respectable amount of standard push-ups. And, of course, nothing felt better than fitting into the pants I had to put away up on the top shelf of my closet.

3. Summer is here! What's your favorite way to enjoy Buffalo's great weather?
My absolute favorite thing to do is to go for a jog, walk, or wog (walk/jog) with my boyfriend and my dog, Moosie. We live in prime dog walking territory in Buffalo – and whether it’s a four-mile run or a one-mile walk to get gelato, Moosie is over the moon happy to be outside and getting his own doggie workout in. When you see his ears flapping in the wind as he pulls me along with his leash, you’ll agree he’s easily one of the most athletic dogs on the Elmwood circuit — and yes, that is a challenge to you other pups out there!

4. Tell us a fun fact that we don't know about you.
I invented the Cupid Shuffle ... Okay, obviously didn’t invent it, but whenever it comes on (especially during tailgates at the Ralph) I love to boogie down.

5. What song really gets you Revved up during spin & TRX classes?
For a while, it was Trampoline and Whistle (While You Work It) but those have been replaced with Bad
Blood and Party in the USA (which I think was a one-time 4th of July song, but I loved it).


The Revolution Has Just Begun - Introducing Rev 2.0


Revolution Indoor Cycling, 1716 Main St., Buffalo, NY

As many of you know Rev has been closed since Thursday evening as a result of some structural property issues preventing us from continuing use at our Delaware and Highland location. We appreciate your patience, support and kindness as we have worked through the issue.

But on to bigger and better things. We have found an amazing property owned by Canisius College at 1716 Main St. and have secured it to begin classes Monday night, July 20th, at 6pm! Revolution is about getting in a great workout with a great team, and we can accomplish that no matter what our location.


Come visit us as our new address, 1716 Main Street. We can not wait to see you! P.S. There is off-street parking. Wah-hoo!

IMG_2458 (1)_copy



Monday Motivators: Meet Celery

Cooler than a cucumber, Celery just can't seem to win a race against Blue Cheese and the Chicken Wings down at Coca-Cola Field. We've got a pretty good feeling that with a few more TRX training sessions and Rev, Celery just might take the win this season. Meet Celery below, and catch Celery during the 5th inning race at your next Buffalo Bisons home game.

photo (2)

1. How long have you been part of the indoor cycling world? How about TRX?
A few years ago I hired a trainer and he took me all around Buffalo. training at different sites (the stairs at the Albright-Knox were the toughest), but it didn't turn into any wins. So just a few weeks ago I decided to spin before our big BPO night at Coca-Cola Field. It gave me added energy for our big night and I ran my fastest race to date. I'm a newbie but I love it! TRX is the workout that I never had - but totally needed. Every class I take inches me closer to that finish line just a little bit faster.

2. What goals has Rev helped you to achieve?
Well my 40 time has improved and just this weekend I finished second in the race, losing out by the length of a leaf on my stalk. The goal is to finally win my first race. Indoor cycling has made me faster and improved my dance moves. I can really get down on the bike and it shows when I dance on the field at Bisons games!

3. Summer time is here! What's your favorite way to enjoy Buffalo's great weather?
Fridaynightbash! There is nothing better to do than to hang out at Coca-Cola Field on a Friday Night! There's always a great theme attached to the night and it always ends with the best fireworks show in Buffalo. I'm always a little more revved up on my Friday night races ... I have a good feeling about this Friday's night race, just saying ...
4. Tell us a fun fact that we don't know about you.
Well as you all know I have never won a race in my 5 years in Buffalo and Atomic Wing has really given me some headaches this year, but many don't know that I have an arch nemesis. He's a carrot and has prevented me from winning several times over the years. He always seems to pop out when I have a huge lead! He has yet to make an appearance this year, but I feel that my training at Rev will allow me to take care of him. Nobody actually likes carrots anyways!

5. What is your favorite song to workout to?
Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen. A few years ago we made a video and I really think I nailed my roll in the video. My boss likes to have us run to a constant mix of 2 Chainz and T. Swift (he's a weirdo) but give me Carly Rae any day. Take a look at the link below to see my moves!

Buffalo Bisons Video: Call Me Maybe

We're officially "Celery Stalkers!" #celerystalkers #buffalobisons

Catch all the fun - starting this Thursday the Buffalo Bisons are home for an eight-game stretch!


Monday Motivators: Meet Lindsay & Molly

We featured Wendy a few months ago, and it was only a matter of time before her daughters Lindsay & Molly brought you some motivation as well. They are an extension of their mother: happy, sweet sunshines. We love watching the dynamic between sisters during a workout, always the perfect amount of competition and encouragement. Keep reading for Lindsay & Molly's fun answers to our post questions:
Mathias sisters

1. How long have you been part of the indoor cycling world? How about TRX?
L: I've only been spinning for about a year. I never tried it earlier because I don't like riding real bikes, but my mom and Molly forced me to go with them one Saturday morning and I have been hooked ever since! I started doing TRX at Rev during Total Body classes, but I don't love it as much as spinning yet.

M: My first experience with indoor cycling was with my rowing team in high school. During the winter months our coach would make us do indoor cycling to help gain strength. TRX is very new to me, I’m pretty sure my first experience was this summer at Rev and I love it!

2. What goals has Rev helped you to achieve?

L:  Rev has really helped me achieve my goal of motivating myself to workout. Before I found it so annoying to have to go to a workout class, but ever since I started at Rev I look forward to spinning after a long day of classes or work. Everyone is so positive at Rev and it helps me keep my spirits up no matter what's going on.

M: Rev has helped me achieve many goals this summer. Since the studio is so close to my house, the location and class schedule has really helped me get to a fitness level I want to be at. I heard so many great things about Rev and I was so excited to come home from school and be able to get at it! 

3. Summer time is here! What's your favorite way to enjoy Buffalo's great weather?

L: Molly and I have a slight obsession with ice cream in the summer so that's definitely one of our favorite things to do. I also like to take our dogs for long walks and go swimming at our grandma's pool.

M: I love walking down Elmwood Avenue on summer nights. Whether I’m getting ice cream, frozen yogurt, or just people watching, I think Elmwood Avenue is always buzzing with great people during the warm summer nights! 

4. Tell us a fun fact that we don't know about you:

L:  A fun fact about me is I love to travel. I've been to Australia, Jamaica, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Spain, and I have a trip planned to Amsterdam in August.

M: I’m leaving to study abroad July 11th in Melbourne, Australia. I’ll be there until just before Thanksgiving. I’m traveling with a group from my school and I couldn’t be more excited to travel in that area of the world! Although, I will really miss Rev :(

5. What is the best part of working out with your sister?

L: My favorite part about working out with Molly is that every time I look over at her she will make me laugh and motivate me to keep pedaling even when I feel like I can't anymore.

M: My sister is my motivator in life and being able to work out with her just adds to the many activities we love doing together. We also love music so when a good song comes on, we can telepathically feed off each others energy to work our butts off!

6. What is your favorite song to spin to?

L: My favorite song recently to spin to is Lean On by MØ and Major Lazer. 

M: My favorite song to spin to would have to be Trouble by Iggy and Jennifer Hudson. It’s has a great beat to go fast to, or to cool down and breathe a little bit.

We are going to really miss Molly while she is gone, we will have to step in and make sure Lindsay is getting the motivation she needs! These two ladies are the perfect way to motivate all of us to get back into our fitness routines after a long weekend off.


Star Spangled Sweaty - Rev Happy 4th Workout #3

Happy Fourth of July, y'all! We're wrapping up the weekend with one more workout, packed with body weight cardio for a little extra help burning off those Happy Fourth indulgences. No equipment needed, just you, your water bottle and a small patch of grass.

We're gearing back up to deliver some of our best workouts yet back at the studio, starting tomorrow. It's a packed week, with TRX/cycle/combo workouts, Rev Night at the Ballpark (get your tickets in studio asap!) and another scheduled ride down at Canalside. Hope to see you for some/all of the fun!


Warm up: Light one mile jog or walk around the neighborhood.

Circuit #1:

30 seconds fast feet

30 seconds high knees

30 switch lunge

30 sec squat pulse

30 sec fast feet

30 seconds high knees

30 switch lunge

30 sec squat pulse

30 sec plank jack

30 sec mountain climber


Circuit #2:

30 sec push ups

30 sec forearm plank

30 sec tricep dips

30 sec push ups

30 sec forearm plank

30 sec tricep dips
60 sec push ups

30 sec rest

60 second forearm plank

30 sec rest

60 sec tricep dips


Circuit #3: Ab Ladder!

2 situps, 2 bicycles, 2 toe touches

4 situps, 4 bicycles, 4 toe touches

6 situps, 6 bicycles, 6 toe touches

8 situps, 8 bicycles, 8 toe touches

10 situps, 10 bicycles, 10 toe touches

Cool down: Light jog or walk one mile around the neighborhood.



Rev, White & Glutes - Rev Happy 4th Workout #2

Hope you Revvers had fun with our stair workout yesterday! Up next is our no-equipment-necessary outdoor body weight workout. Booty blasting cardio and core strength are the focus. Do this one out on the lawn, in the driveway or a nice patch of grass at Bidwell or Delaware Park. It'll take ya about 30-45 minutes. Grab your fave workout buddy and get movin'!


Warm up:
 10 min light jog or walk around your neighborhood.

Circuit #1:
30 seconds jumping jacks

30 seconds high knees

30 seconds squats (no jump)

30 sec alternating R/L step forward lunge (or walking lunge if you have room)

30 seconds jumping jacks

30 seconds high knees

30 seconds squats (no jump)

30 sec alternating R/L step backward lunge (or walking lunge if you have room)

60 seconds squat thruster


Circuit #2:

30 sec hold a high plank

30 sec squat jump

30 sec high plank w/mountain climber

30 sec switch lunge

30 sec high plank cross-over mountain climber (right knee crosses over to left elbow/left knee to right elbow)

30 sec squat jump

60 sec sit-ups or crunches

30 sec rest

30 second in & outs

30 sec rest

60 sec sit-ups


Circuit #3: Burpee Ladder!

1 burpee, 1 squat

2 burpees, 2 squats

3 burpees, 3 squats

4 burpees, 4 squats

5 burpees, 5 squats

Cool down: 10 minute jog or walk around neighborhood.


Stars, Stripes & Stairs - Rev Happy 4th Workout #1

Rev may be closed for the holiday weekend, but you're still itchin' for a workout? Starting today, through Saturday, we'll be featuring three separate posts, with recommendations for getting your sweat on around town. Up first? Our 30-40 minute Stars, Stripes & Stairs Workout, below.

Warm up:
1 loop around Hoyt Lake jogging or walking.

Circuit 1:
Squat jumps up stairs (2xs up & down). Squat & jump, propelling yourself to the next step up. Land in a squat and repeat up to the top. Jog back to the bottom.

Walking lunge up stairs (2xs up & down). Lunge up to the next step, alternating legs. If stairs are too close together, skip a step as you lunge up. Drive off back leg through glutes to propel up. Jog back to bottom.

Tricep dips X25. Put your hands on the bottom step (or stone benches next to the steps) and legs out in front of you on the ground.

Decline pushups X10. Put your feet 1-2 steps up off the ground with hands on the ground.

Stair SPRINT X2. Race up the stairs as fast as you can. Single or double steps. Jog back down.

Jog up & down stairs X2.


Circuit 2:
Side lunge up stairs X2 (right side). With your right side facing the top of the stairs take a big step (1-2 steps up) up will your right leg leading. Drive off your right leg to lift up. Left leg follows. Repeat all the way to the top. Keep your butt low.

Side lunge up stairs X2 (left side). With left side facing the top of the stairs, same as above but left leg leads.

Tricep dips X25.

Decline pushups X10.

Stair SPRINT X2.

Jog up & down stairs X2

Cool down: 1 loop around Hoyt Lake jogging or walking.

Now, throw on your fave RevGear and go get sweaty!

Please be reminded, Revolution Indoor Cycling is not liable for any workouts outside of the studio. Please exercise with caution.