Monday Motivators: Meet Brennan

We need some heavy motivation to stay focused during a short work week, so here comes Brennan!  In between golf games (We did not know he was such an avid golfer!), Brennan can be found working his hardest at Rev.  We can safely say he has attended ALL classes, no matter what time ... early am, late evening, weekends, he makes sure a workout fits in with his schedule, sometimes even taking two classes per day! Read on to learn more about Brennan. (Fresh set of questions):


1. How long have you been part of the indoor cycling world? How about TRX? 
Spinning for 6 yrs and TRX since you folks opened. 
2. What goals has Rev helped you to achieve? 
I have been able to continue living a healthy lifestyle and built some serious core strength. TRX has helped me with my back issues, which has significantly improved my golf game. I feel like my swing is back to where it was 10 years ago!
3. Summer time is here! What's your favorite way to enjoy Buffalo's great weather? 
Love to go out and walk whether it is in the Elmwood Village or down at Canalside. Unless of course, I am on the GOLF course…
4. Tell us a fun fact that we don't know about you:    
My passion is golf. If I could, I would play 7 days a week.
5. What is your go-to healthy summer dinner? 
Grilling and enjoying my front porch. Steak and vegetables is my favorite go-to grill meal.

6. What is your favorite song to spin to? 
Hmm, not a music buff, but anything loud and upbeat. The Nicki Minaj vs. Rihanna Rev Battle music last Tuesday was fun.

No wonder Brennan is so good at the oblique swings on the TRX, they mimic a golf swing! Stay motivated Rev Team, work hard these next few days and then take some time to enjoy yourself and celebrate good ol' USA. We've got some GREAT motivation coming for ya next Monday to get you back on track.


Monday Motivators: Meet Anthony

It's our favorite day of the week (besides Friday of course)! Anthony is up next to bring you some much needed Monday motivation. He was a pro when it came to cycling but TRX brought a new challenge that Anthony was took head on. You can catch him taking combo classes 3 or 4 nights a week, always with a smile on his face, no matter what form of torture the suspension trainers are bringing on!


1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?
I've always loved cycling, but it's tough to get the same workout on the actual bike when compared with a Rev Spin class. It might take 3 hours or so on the real bike to work up a sweat that measures up to one of these classes. By participating in Rev classes it definitely makes me a stronger cycler while at the same time a healthier individual. I never thought I would have really gotten into TRX, but I tried it once and can't get enough of it! Seeing myself become stronger with the TRX and the spin classes motivates me to try and do better each time around.

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
Rev plays a lot of really great music but tracks from "Eight Mile" definitely helps to keep the motivation factor strong when trying to tackle one of those steep hills!

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
Rev + Total Body - it's the best of both worlds. Thirty minutes of intense spin coupled with TRX makes for a challenging and fulfilling workout. It's the best!

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
Water. Lots and lots of water.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Sleeping in on Sunday followed by an early afternoon Bloody Mary.  Starting over fresh with the Monday work day and another Rev+TotalBody Monday night.

There ya go team - Monday is a fresh start, use it to re-rev yourself up for another healthy and active week, we'll see you soon!


Monday Motivators: Meet Emma

This classy lady busts her butt mornings, evenings, spin and combo classes alike. She gives it her all, and gets stronger every time she grabs onto that TRX. (We've noticed, Emma!). She's sweet, smart and dedicated to the sweat life. Get it girl!emma

1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?

Mostly the simple fact of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Physically and mentally. Exercising has helped make this possible. Every day I feel myself getting stronger in both ways and it keeps me going.

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
Anything with a good beat! But I can definitely get down with a climb to "Juicy" by Biggie. 

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
Usually Monday night Spin with Rachel. I get to unwind from my weekend and get inspired to start my workouts for the week ahead of me!

4. Favorite post workout fuel?
If I take a morning class I like to make protein shakes. Half a banana, a scoop of protein powder a scoop of peanut butter and almond milk -- so satisfying! If I'm in a hurry before work Ashkers has a good shake too, similar to the one I make at home. 

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Relax and enjoy the company of my family and friends. Definitely a fan of Sunday fundays.

Lovin' this girl's dedication. (And if you ever need the hair style of your life, stop in and visit her at Studio 806!)


Monday Motivators: Meet Teresa

Happy Monday! Meet our latest motivator, Teresa. Since we opened in January, she has been a wonderful staple in our early morning Rev classes. Teresa is a prime example of those dedicated to staying healthy and fit, making sure to get her workout in before the day gets crazy. We can control our mornings (for the most part), but we cannot control what happens during the day, and that often interferes with getting exercise in after work. Teresa also has two (Adorable!) children that she is free to spend her evenings with when she gets her workout in early. We love having Teresa with us, keep up the good work!


1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?
It may be a cliché, but at this point in my life, all my inspiration comes from my family and the need for me to stay healthy in order to keep up with them, now and in the future. I exercise to stay strong for my kids, my husband, my mother and everyone else in my family who may need me. Exercising and feeling fit gives me motivation to keep coming back...even at 5:45am when one half of my brain is telling me to stay in bed!

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
I have to admit here that I am awful when it comes to knowing who sings what, and many times I run home after class with lyrics in my head to Google who it is I am singing along to! I love all the classic rock and old-school songs that find their way into classes (those mornings with Corey Hart are especially fun, Colleen). I do really like when I hear "Feel It in My Bones" by Teagan and Sara, and I that Peanut Butter song, not sure who sings it or what it is about, always gets me going, I don’t know why. One song I would love to hear is Angel by Shaggy – not to date myself, but this was a favorite of mine back in 2001 when I was first introduced to spinning.  

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
I love the TRX and spin combination classes, and I also really like the challenge of the hour long spin classes. Any Rev class at 5:45am would get me out of bed, I just love the fact that I can get a great workout in before the rest of my crazy day begins. I have been trying to get to more TRX only classes as I really feel that my body needs this type of challenge to stay strong, healthy and injury free.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
My favorite post workout fuel is my breakfast which is always eaten on the way to work. I usually make egg ‘muffins’ ahead of time (enough for the entire week), with some type of meat protein (turkey bacon or sausage). My awesome husband warms them up for us while the kids are eating and I grab them and eat them in the car. When I haven’t made these ahead of time, he will make us egg ‘tortillas’ (basically scrambled eggs in the shape of a tortilla), and we will wrap these around turkey bacon or some yummy prosciutto. For a mid-morning or afternoon snack I love crunchy veggies and cashew butter.

 5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Any time I can get some extra sleep is great, and on weekends I really love it when the kids sleep a little later so we can all recharge our batteries a bit. Mind you, this very rarely happens, but when it does --  I love it. Mother’s day was especially great this year, as everyone let me sleep in late and then woke me up to a breakfast of donuts – my favorite! Weekends are a time to indulge a little more in my books, so taking a walk for ice cream, ordering in a nice dinner (after the kids are in bed ;-)  or eating homemade gnocchi and meatballs by my mom are all things that make the early morning hard work during the week all worthwhile.

Monday = Fresh start. We hope you all got this week off on the right foot - big thank you to Teresa for taking the time to answer our questions!


Monday Motivators: Meet Meggan

Meet Megg, this week's rock star of a Monday Motivator. She's always crushin' it on the bikes, on the TRX, just completed the Buffalo Half-Marathon and has a great attitude about all she does. Be sure to give her a high-five at the studio this week and learn all about her below!

1.What inspires you? In fitness and in life?
My family and friends are huge inspirations in both fitness and life. I have always been active and played sports so I've tried to keep that going. I've meet so many wonderful people through working out and their energy has been a huge inspiration & motivator. We've even been known to call ourselves the "Revoteers". I hope that my dedication to fitness in turn inspires my patients. As a health care provider, I think it's so important to provide a good example to my patients by living a healthy lifestyle. I also feel inspired when I'm wearing new Rev gear, I'm pretty sure I own one of everything.

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
I am a huge old school rap fan so put on Dr. Dre or Biggie and I'll be happy. I'm sure you've all seen, hopefully not heard, me rapping during class. Although lately, I've been into any song we do tap backs to. I remember the first time I every did tap backs was with Rachel to "Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris with Florence & the Machine, that song still gets me pumped up.

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
It's really hard to pick just one because I love them all, but I'd say RevTotalBody is my favorite. I think it is the perfect combination of cardio and strength/resistance training. You pack so much into 60 minutes and it truely is a total body workout. I just started, okay only once, but I'm signed up for more, Friday 5:45 am Rev & Core. It may become a new addiction, it was a great way to get my Friday & weekend started. Now that the weather is finally nice, it's a perfect way to get your work out in and still be able to enjoy the many after work summer time events.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack:
I'm not going to lie, I have a small cheeseburger addiction. Once a week my good friend and I do "Workout Wine Wednesdays" at Acropolis and I give myself a mid-week cheat meal accompanied by a glass(es) of wine. They use super fresh ingredients and grass fed beef so I feel like it's at least a little bit healthier version. I don't believe in deprivation, so if I'm craving something I eat it, but just in moderation. I try to make meals ahead of time so that I don't have to spend too much time cooking after a hard workout. I've started baking or slow-cooking chicken breasts on Sunday night so I have it for the whole week to use in lunches and dinners. I love to hit the farmer's market to grab fresh, local fruits and veggies this time of year too.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Working out is actually my favorite way to rev up after a long week. Not only is it good for me physically, but it does wonders for my mental self. I find that it helps me clear my head and destress. I also enjoy spending time with friends and taking advantage of every last bit of the weekend with them. You can usually find us in the kitchen or at the grill cooking up a feast on any given Sunday afternoon. Feel free to stop by one of our Sunday dinners anytime!