Monday Motivators - All in the Family

Morning team! Our latest featured clients are bringing you double the motivation today. Lindsay and Bailey are sisters who are the epitome of those morning warriors we've blogged about in the past.  They get up, show up, and work their hardest before a lot of people are even awake (Yes, even on Mondays). We love their willingness to work and watching them push each other to get stronger!

Muto Sisters_copy

1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?

This gorgeous weather we’ve been having! It makes you want to get out there and Just Do It (you’re welcome Nike). We also love a lot of the same things which include but are not limited to: traveling, brunch, reading and Netflix.

Our fitness inspiration is knowing that one day we might actually be graceful on the TRX bands.

2. Give us a little background: Who is older, who is bossier, who is the most spoiled? What do you ladies do for work (besides all that work you do in class!).

B: I’m the older sister (but not by much!). I’d have to say Lindsay’s bossier and definitely more spoiled. I’m honored to be part of the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation and send a thank you out to all those participating in The Ride next month!

L: I’m the baby, I’m 2.5 years younger than Bailey. Bailey is absolutely bossier and way more spoiled than me. I’m an Intake Specialist for an agency that provides community residences to individuals with mental health diagnoses.

3. What is your favorite song to spin to?

B; I secretly loved hearing Yellowcard the other day - anything upbeat and catchy will do.

L: I love all the songs at Rev; except the one where Amanda makes us do sprints in between sets of jumps.

4. Favorite class at Rev & why?

We’re big fans of the Rev & TRX classes, it’s nice that the time is split up to work out different parts of the body and we leave feeling a little stronger each time.

5. How to you keep each other motivated to get up almost every morning and get to that 5:45am class? Any threats involved?

B: At first, it was very tough getting up for 5:45 am classes but now I look forward to them! They're a great way to start the day, if I ever have trouble getting out of bed I make Lindsay come get me.

L: Knowing I have someone to go with makes it a lot easier to crawl out of bed. Its nice to start the day off with the friendly faces at Rev even if the friendly faces are pushing me outside my comfort zone.

6. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?

B: Depending on the week, you can find me relaxing at home or gallivanting around town with friends.

L: I enjoy a nice glass of wine (or 3) and a nap.

Thanks sisters for the fun responses! They aren't the only duo putting the sibling rivalry to the test either - we've got the Kopty sisters, Cosgrove sisters, Cornwall sisters, Kara & Tom Rennie and I'm sure a lot more that I missed (And apologize for doing so!) Okay RevFam, go show Monday who is boss!