Monday Motivators - Meet Mairghread


Happy Memorial Day RevTeam - today's motivator is a Rev early morning staple - she took her first 5:45am class the day of our grand opening on January 2nd, and hasn't looked back (or slept in) since! Mairghread (it rhymes with "Parade," which she thankfully explained to us on day one!), regularly spins those long legs of hers like crazy over on Bike 18 and then dominates over on the TRX. Her team spirit doesn't just end there, Mairghread has been to all of our other events, she's crafted with us, volunteered with us, joined us for our collaboration events with Saddle and Love in Motion, and even came to our Ride for Roswell fundraiser WITH LARYNGITIS. So I think we can all agree that this girl is very worthy of the term "Motivator!"  

1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?

Friends and family have always been a huge inspiration for me. Seeing them do their best and expect the same from me keeps me going. It also helps having like-minded friends who will text me to go to that yoga or spin class I don't want to go to because I'm tired.

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?

Because I spin in the mornings, anything rock and roll is a much needed wake up call. I like songs with a great beat during a spin class. They help keep me focused and my legs moving. But I also love anything random and different thrown in, just to mix it up. Lately, Colleen has had The Ataris' cover of "Summer of 69" on rotation, which is super fun.

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?

I really enjoy the Spin/TRX classes. They are such a fantastic combo of cardio and strength training, and I love that each class concentrates on a different area of the body. It makes it easy to see your progress. The only un-fun part is going to work after a really tough arm or core workout and having to reach for the phone.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack

Since my big workouts are usually in the morning, I'll have a protein bar or make a protein shake. But sometimes, I treat myself to a caramel macchiato from Spot.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?

Sundays are my favorite days to relax. I like to sleep in, do some yoga, and hang out with my family. And now that it's nice out, Soccer Sundays are starting again!

We all need some motivation after a three day weekend, so take this and run with it. Spinning, TRX, yoga and more - Mairghread leads a healthy life and is a great example!


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Monday Motivators: Meet Laura


This all-around-awesome motivator always seems to fit in a workout, no matter how busy her schedule gets. Laura brings a bubbly energy and a great level of intensity to every class.  She also just so happens to be one of my very best friends and I could never thank her enough for all of her support (and patience!). And, wow, she also takes a pretty darn good photo! She is always taking a steeper angle on the TRX or going for that one extra turn on the resistance knob and sends us some really great song ideas - we love you!

Read all about Laura in the Q&A below.

1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?
I would have to say I am inspired and motivated by others with the same goals and work ethic as myself.  As many of my friends and family members know I am a pretty competitive person by nature, which reflects in the fact that I strive to do and perform my best. During spin classes I find myself attempting to sync my pedal strokes to match the instructor or “racing” a person nearby. Group fitness inspires me to keep pushing because everyone else is doing it! Waking up at 5:15am for a morning workout continues to be a struggle, but replacing pajamas with my gym clothes really helps inspire me to get my butt out of bed!  

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?

I am a big fan of jump songs! I love anything with an upbeat rhythm and melody. Lately, I have been loving “Trampoline” by the teeny boppers Kalin and Myles, which has been played a few times in class. And for a sprint song confession and/or guilty pleasure: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen… I know it is a few years overdue (don't judge), but when the chorus comes up I literally feel like my wheels will detach from the bike!    

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
My favorite class would have to be any of the spin and TRX combo classes. I really enjoy the blast of cardio in the beginning followed by strength training. TRX is great because there are so many modifications and it is always challenging. I swear some days I just look at the ropes and my muscles start shaking.  

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
Depending on the time of day my post workout snack/meal varies. In the mornings I head straight to work from the gym so rely on protein bars and a quick drive-thru coffee stop. If I work out in the evening I will either do a protein shake, chicken/fish and veggies, or an omelet.     

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Now that the weather has been more tolerable I find myself spending my weekends outdoors … whether it’s enjoying Friday happy hour on a patio, biking around the city to get ready for the Ride for Roswell (Go team RevRiders!), or stocking up on local fruits and veggies at the Bidwell Farmers Market. Sunday evenings I  head to my grandpa’s house to visit with family, which is a nice and relaxing way to end the weekend and gear up for the week ahead.


Monday Motivators - All in the Family

Morning team! Our latest featured clients are bringing you double the motivation today. Lindsay and Bailey are sisters who are the epitome of those morning warriors we've blogged about in the past.  They get up, show up, and work their hardest before a lot of people are even awake (Yes, even on Mondays). We love their willingness to work and watching them push each other to get stronger!

Muto Sisters_copy

1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?

This gorgeous weather we’ve been having! It makes you want to get out there and Just Do It (you’re welcome Nike). We also love a lot of the same things which include but are not limited to: traveling, brunch, reading and Netflix.

Our fitness inspiration is knowing that one day we might actually be graceful on the TRX bands.

2. Give us a little background: Who is older, who is bossier, who is the most spoiled? What do you ladies do for work (besides all that work you do in class!).

B: I’m the older sister (but not by much!). I’d have to say Lindsay’s bossier and definitely more spoiled. I’m honored to be part of the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation and send a thank you out to all those participating in The Ride next month!

L: I’m the baby, I’m 2.5 years younger than Bailey. Bailey is absolutely bossier and way more spoiled than me. I’m an Intake Specialist for an agency that provides community residences to individuals with mental health diagnoses.

3. What is your favorite song to spin to?

B; I secretly loved hearing Yellowcard the other day - anything upbeat and catchy will do.

L: I love all the songs at Rev; except the one where Amanda makes us do sprints in between sets of jumps.

4. Favorite class at Rev & why?

We’re big fans of the Rev & TRX classes, it’s nice that the time is split up to work out different parts of the body and we leave feeling a little stronger each time.

5. How to you keep each other motivated to get up almost every morning and get to that 5:45am class? Any threats involved?

B: At first, it was very tough getting up for 5:45 am classes but now I look forward to them! They're a great way to start the day, if I ever have trouble getting out of bed I make Lindsay come get me.

L: Knowing I have someone to go with makes it a lot easier to crawl out of bed. Its nice to start the day off with the friendly faces at Rev even if the friendly faces are pushing me outside my comfort zone.

6. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?

B: Depending on the week, you can find me relaxing at home or gallivanting around town with friends.

L: I enjoy a nice glass of wine (or 3) and a nap.

Thanks sisters for the fun responses! They aren't the only duo putting the sibling rivalry to the test either - we've got the Kopty sisters, Cosgrove sisters, Cornwall sisters, Kara & Tom Rennie and I'm sure a lot more that I missed (And apologize for doing so!) Okay RevFam, go show Monday who is boss!


Monday Motivators - Mother's Day Edition

OH BABY! This week we are featuring the mommies-to-be at Revolution. They have been with us since we opened and it has been so amazing to see those little baby bumps grow. These women are the perfect motivators for Mother's day; they are inspiring examples of women staying active and fit during their pregnancies. We can't wait to meet these little Rev babies.
       Lucy                                Trish                         Natalie

1. Is there a song that gets baby pumped up?  

Lucy: The baby seems to like all the booty songs that have great beats for spinning..."Wiggle, Wiggle," "Booty," and "All About The Bass" get us going in our workout!

Trish: She seems to enjoy all music. She's ok with noise now.

Natalie: We are loving "Where Are You Now," (Justin Bieber).

2. Giving into any cravings? You ladies are fit machines, but everyone is human, come on, lay it on us! 

Lucy: Oh there isn't much off limits! Baby loves anything from hot and spicy like Mexican food, to sweet and cold like milkshakes. I try to be sensible about it all and not go crazy...but, baby wants what baby wants!

Trish: Honestly, nothing more than usual for me! I do seem to order feta cheese when I see it on the menu.

Natalie: I have been craving gummy and sour candy like crazy. Usually I am a chocoholic, but with pregnancy I have been obsessed with Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish! I also love having ice cream a couple of times a week - I mean, the baby needs calcium, right?

3. Boy, girl, or surprise? When is baby due?

Lucy: We are expecting a baby boy at the beginning of August. Could not be more excited.

Trish: Girl! July 20.

Natalie: It's a girl! Due date is October 11.

4. How has what fitness and nutrition mean to you changed since you started exercising and eating for two?

Fitness and nutrition have always been important to me for the purpose of feeling strong and fitting into my "skinny jeans." But now, the importance has been raised to a whole new level. My husband and I have to be fit and and healthy for a little guy who is going to depend on us to take care of him. Eating right (protein, dairy, veggies) will only help baby boy be healthy upon his arrival and working out will only help me recover faster after birth and be able to be an active, energetic mom. This is the most important thing I have done in my life, I want to do everything I can to make sure we start off this little guy's life in the best way possible.

Trish: Thanks to pregnancy, I'm exercising, but I've noticed I'm getting more short of breath and tired by Thursday. Now I'm doing spin weekly and prenatal yoga. I'm not one for rules, so food rules went out the window early. I am eating less junk food because baby K doesn't seem to like a lot of junk.

Natalie: Unfortunately my nutrition habits have gotten worse due to sickness. (I used to be a fruit and veggie nut, and barely ate bread/carbs, but now carbs are pretty much 70% of my diet since that's what I can keep down.) On a positive note, I drink a green smoothie every day to try to get my nutrients in, and continue to eat a lot of fruit! Also, I have two hard boiled eggs every day for all the vitamins and protein. Fitness has become less about being thin, and more about treating my body right so I can be a healthy mom and set a good example for our daughter. I want to be a fit mama, so that's my main source of motivation right now.

5. What advice do you have for fellow pregnant ladies who are worried about keeping up their fitness routines during pregnancy?

Lucy: The best advice I can give is that you can do more than you think you can do, but listen to your body and don't be afraid to take it easy when there are clear signs that you should do so. Some people think I am crazy for working out, but I find in some ways I have never felt more strong and powerful. The body changes in crazy ways during pregnancy, but amazing ways. I feel like if my body can do these amazing things now, there are no limits to what I should be able to do after birth. There are just certain movements that shouldn't be done with a bump. (The Rev women are great at giving modifications.) However, during this time, even though you feel like superwoman, you have to remember that some days you just need a break. There are lots of emotions and hormones going on during pregnancy, so some days you just need to chill and give in to some of those cravings :-)  The Revolution ladies have been amazing at working with me through this whole process. They knew I was pregnant before my family! I wanted to make sure that I was being safe with my fitness routine throughout my pregnancy. They have been interested, informative, considerate and awesome this whole time. I whole-heartedly recommend Revolution for any woman who needs fitness advice at any time in their life, preggers or not.

Trish: Don't be. It has helped me sleep better, feel better and honestly, I'm losing fat- just gaining baby! Just don't over do it. Your body will let you know when to slow down. Just remember to stay really hydrated and you'll feel like a champ!

Natalie: My advice for fellow pregnant ladies is to be kind to yourself! I stopped working out for about 3 months in the beginning because I was so sick. At first I felt really guilty about it, but then I realized that my body is busy creating a human and some of our bodies have a harder time with this task than others. Unfortunately, I had a really tough first trimester. So, I forgave myself for taking it easy and focused on rest. Luckily, in the second trimester my energy has returned and sickness has subsided, so I'm getting back into a fitness routine (although it is less intense than it used to be). I try to get to Rev a few times a week and my goal right now is to make it to 2 spinning classes and 1 TRX class weekly, and on the other days I just try to walk at least 4 miles. Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy, so you just need to honor your own body and soul and do what feels right for you.

Oh baby! These women are amazing and we can't wait to see them become first time moms. Happy early Mother's Day to Lucy, Trish, and Natalie, and all the other moms out there!


Busy, Busy Workout Bees

What a blast these last few weeks have been with the RevFam. From packed classes in-studio to some sunshine-filled events around Buffalo, we've really enjoyed bonding with the RevFam and sweatin' hard. If you missed all the fun - don't worry - we've got some really exciting things in the works for this summer. And in the meantime, catch up on all the action below!

Rev+Community Ride with Grassroots Gardens of WNY
60 minute in-studio ride followed by two hours of more than 25 Rev volunteers cleaning up the property and raising garden beds across from Harriet Tubman BPS#31.

Women Who Move the City
Beautiful night celebrating six amazing women from WNY at The Hotel Lafayette. We had a lot of fun representing Revolution at our sponsorship booth and meeting/learning about the fabulous winners making big moves around Buffalo.

women who move

Rev+Saddle Combo Ride
20+ riders from Saddle & Revolution joined like-minded fitness forces to celebrate a brand new workout collab! After a 30 minute indoor ride at Saddle, a 3 mile senic outdoor bike route to Rev and a 30 minute TRX class at Revolution, new friends relaxed and enjoyed snacks on the lawn at Saddle.


Canisus College Class
18 bright students from Canisus College were put to the test with Rachel's Rev+TotalBody workout format. They did an amazing job and had a blast celebrating one of their last "classes" of the semester together.