Monday Motivators: Meet Molly

Meet Molly, this week's Monday Motivator. She's as consistent as they come about working out. Molly's always working at a level 10 - and actually smiles through it all! Read her answers in the Q & A below and be sure to say hello at the studio this week.


1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?

Positive people who can make the best out of any situation inspire me. Fitness has always been a part of my life and is something I look forward to each day. I think it's important to find a workout you enjoy doing. Setting fitness goals and accomplishing them helps me accomplish other goals both personally and professionally.

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
This is a tough one. I like anything upbeat like Rihanna or Jay-Z. I am never disappointed with the playlists at Rev!

3. Favorite class at Rev & why
As much as I enjoy an hour of spin, my favorite class is RevTotalBody. I love getting a strength training and cardio workout all in one. I had never tried TRX before Rev opened, and now I love incorporating it into my workouts.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack
My favorite post workout snack is a smoothie with almond milk, frozen berries, spinach, and protein powder. If I'm in a rush, I'll grab a cold pressed juice from Ashkers.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Sunday is always my rest day. I usually spend time with friends or family, catch up on a few Bravo tv shows, and have some wine. In the summer, I can be found relaxing by the pool!

Way to go, Molly! Just like all our Monday Motivators, we can't seem to get enough of this gal!


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Hello Healthy: This new blog from the MyFitnessPal squad combines two of our favorite things: food and fitness. The blog highlights delightful healthy meals and easy, can do anywhere exercises.  These exercises would be great for your summer trip or anytime you don’t have the RevTeam around! Check it out!

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Monday Motivators: Meet Craig

Between running his own business and two little ones at home (including that very brand new one!) Craig still manages to squeeze in more than a few workouts a week with us - and we think it's pretty awesome! Learn more about him in the Q&A below.


1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?

Inspiration comes from those around me, seeing everyone else working hard pushes me to work harder in fitness. In life inspiration comes from the words of Francis Albert "I did it my way" and AC/DC "I'm on the Highway to Hell" (and "You Shook Me All Night Long!").

2) What is your favorite song to spin to?
Anything AC/DC. As you can tell I'm not up to date on music at all (AC/DC) but i really enjoy the music choices at Rev.

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
Tuesday morning with Amanda at 7am, and Saturday at 8:30. It's early enough and it gets the rest of the day started out great.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
Jamison & iced's a long ride back to Williamsville!

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Friday 5pm RevRide. I get a Friday RevRide in right after work, and then Saturday morning TRX before work and leaves me feeling great all weekend. Really enjoying my Sundays with Quinn (daughter) swimming and taking Theo (son) for walks.....great family time and feeling great=happy me!


The Great Debate: Morning Warrior Edition, Part II

The Buffalo fitness community has so many people rocking those positive vibes that we had to go another round for the Morning Warriors. Community is really the best word for it, we are all banding together to keep the lovely residents of our city happy and healthy. There is a fitness Revolution happening here! Read below for Part II of our Great Debate series, all you moonlight fitness fiends are up in our next edition!

Kate & Kathleen, Owners of Love In Motion Yoga
Love In Motion

Time my alarm goes off: 
Kate: 7:30 on a good day, grudgingly 5am on a day Kathleen drags me to an early workout!
Kathleen: My biological alarm clock goes off anywhere between 4:45am & 5:15am. If for some reason I go to bed later than normal, I set my alarm for 5:06.

Bedtime the night before:
Kate: Never before midnight.
Kathleen: My bedtime is embarrassing. Unless I'm out with the girls or on a date night, I go to bed anywhere between 8:30 and 10.

Pre-class fuel:
Kate: Coffee! And a Kind Bar (maple pecan is my current fave).
Kathleen: Small cup of coffee, water and a short seated meditation.

Post-class fuel:
Kate: A fried egg with avocado and goat cheese on Bread Hive's sourdough bread is absolute perfection. Most of the time I find myself drooling over breakfast halfway through class. :)
Kathleen: I'm not a breakfast person. I usually grab a cold-pressed juice from Ashker's or make a homemade Vitamix juice to get me through the morning. If I'm particularly hungry, I go for a peanut butter cookie Lara bar.

Why I love an early morning workout:
Kate: Even though I am FAR from a morning person by nature, I love waking up early and revving up my day with a pre-dawn workout. Your body moves differently then, and it feels so awesome to flush out all the cobwebs and set an intention for your day. There is nothing like watching the sun rise on your way to workout, so that's usually how I convince myself to get out of bed!
Kathleen: I'm the quintessential morning person; I'm hard-wired to be alert and focused first thing in the morning. I'm pathetic during evenings, I actually get excited to go to bed thinking about waking up for a hot, delicious cup of coffee. I have two little kids - I am a more focused and patient parent when I blow off steam, clear my head and concentrate on my yoga practice or my workout first thing in the morning.

Favorite wake up song:
Kate: Oh man, so many! But I think my fave to get me in the mood to move would be anything by Lorde, or Jamestown Revival's "Utah."
Kathleen: My favorite is always changing, but right now it's "Coffee" by Sylvan Esso. It's the perfect combination of steady rhythm and melody to get me motivated to move!

Kevin Heffernan - Rise CollaborativeJCC Buffalo

Time my alarm goes off: 7:35am for my Saturday AM class, about 20 minutes later than during the week.

Bedtime the night before: Sometimes very late. It's Friday night!

Pre-class fuel: Depending on what went down the night before, the pre-class fuel can vary. I usually have about 20-30 ounces of water as soon as I wake up. Shortly before class, I have 4-5 ounces of Wegman's brand Ensure - Chocolate! Unless I ate a huge meal late the night before, I really cannot teach spin on an empty stomach - I need some weight in there. It gives me some immediate and long-term energy.

Post-class fuel: FEAST. I am STARVING after an hour of spin. I could eat everything in sight. What usually holds me off until lunch is a shake: spinach, bananas, a scoop of protein, a scoop of peanut butter, blueberries, milk, water and raw eggs (adds a nice head to it!). Also, don't forget salt to replenish all that you've sweat out.

Why I love an early morning workout: It's the perfect way to start the weekend. I love going to the gym after work on a weekday, but on a Saturday or Sunday when the weather starts to get nicer, I don't want to spend it indoors. An early workout makes me feel productive and allows me to not miss out on anything the weekend afternoons have to offer.

Favorite wake up song: "Lazy Eye" by the Silversun Pickups. It hits you in soft waves, a little more intense each round of verses until it breaks out into mayhem. Perfect for someone who arrives to class a bit sleepy-eyed. They're already kicking ass by the end of the song.

Kathleen Granchelli, Hive Lifespan

Time my alarm goes off: 
I always have my alarm set 2 hours before I need to leave my apartment for a morning workout, I like to clear my head and relax.

Pre-class fuel: I have one large cup of black coffee, a banana and toast with peanut butter to fuel my morning workout.

Post-class fuel: A chocolate whey protein shake with peanut butter and a little honey or one of my favorite protein bars called "honey stinger." I am down for anything involving chocolate or peanut butter!

Why I love an early morning workout:
 Morning workouts are the best thing in the world. First, because you get it out of the way early. Second, it leaves you on a "healthy high" for the rest of the day. I always find myself making healthier choices through out the day and have more energy.

Favorite wake up song: As soon as my alarm goes off I start my French press and turn on Spotify. My current favorite morning jam is "On My Own" by Made Violent.

We couldn't resist checking out these wake up song ideas. Thanks to the ladies of Love In Motion, Kevin and Kathleen for sharing your routines with us. We can't help doing a little happy dance when we think of this great group of strong and inspiring people we get to call our friends!


Monday Motivators: Maura & Katie

It's hard not to love this week's Monday Motivator step-mom/step-daughter duo! Meet Maura and Katie. They sweat hard, play hard and keep each other (and us!) motivated. Be sure to give them a smile when you see them at the studio this week!


1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?

M: As soon as I get that text from Katie the night before a 5:45 class, my motivation starts to kick in. Even though I can’t yet say I love waking up in the dark, knowing that my step-daughter will be one of the first faces I see, along with the rest of the Revolution Team, I get pumped. I am approaching 40 and am finding that exercise is not only important for my physical well-being, but also crucial to my state of mind. So for me, when I leave the studio after class, I’m regenerated for the day, both in mind and body.
K: Similar to Maura, it’s impossible to separate my inspiration from the friends and family who make healthy life choices like spinning possible. The frequency of my workouts has doubled since Rev opened, and while that has brought me closer to my own personal goals, being part of such a proactive, supportive community feels like a success in itself. So while I’m also not the biggest fan of waking up hours before my job starts, after seeing Maura and several of my other friends, it feels like I’ve already had a day of healthy fun.

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
M: I loved Colleen's Throwback Thursday set she played a few weeks ago! Overall  I love the music at Rev – it’s never boring and helps me push myself farther than I thought I could when I first started.
K: Two count jumps on the spin bike are not easy.... but blast some James Browns "Get Up Off of that Thing" and I'm all set. There's a reason why I always pick the bike in front of the speaker.

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
M: Although I love my hour spin classes, the best workout for me is a combo spin/TRX. I need both cardio and strength training and I love feeling sore the day after a class.
K: TRX EXPRESS at 7 am!!
4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack.
M: After every morning class I start the day with a smoothie made with almond milk, hemp protein powder and raspberries. 
K: I am recently obsessed with avocado on toasted sprouted whole wheat bread... I keep thinking I will get sick of it but I never do.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
M: I'd be lying if I didn't say wine! Honestly though, Sundays are a great time to start fresh. I love to read my cookbooks (I’m old school), plan my menus, shop for the week and cook. Katie and I have family dinner on Wednesdays, so I like to plan ahead to make sure we have something healthy and delicious.
K: Sundays are so important. I usually try to attend a yoga class at Evolation and do my grocery shopping for the week... but sometimes it all gets pushed aside for brunch! Brunch is also very important.

We just can't get enough of these rockin' ladies. Keep on spreadin' those positive vibes!


Sunday Link Love

Here's to spring in Buffalo! We hope you're able to get outside, enjoy some sunshine and take it all in. When you get back, be sure to check out the weekend reads and links we're lovin' right now.


1. From the always awesome Well & Good: Seasonal Allergies: 5 Allergy Fighting Foods to Eat Right Now.

2. Yummy recipe from local bloggers Love in Motion Yoga: Breakfast Cookies: The New Wheaties.

3. Catchin' up on what's hot in the local music scene with Buffablog.

4. The fitness apparel company from down under, Lorna Jane. Check out their style and read pretty much anything from their blog. Right now we're feelin' the Everyday Inspiration archives.

5. And who doesn't love a good TRX success story? We've got tons of the in-studio - but check out these stories from all around the world! TRX Success Stories.


Monday Motivators: Meet Bill

This week's Monday Motivator is kind, generous and an all-around-stand-up kinda guy. We love having Bill in our classes - his determination to master TRX keeps us coming back for more! Meet Bill in the Q&A below and be sure to give him a high five next time you see him at the studio.
Bill Grande

1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?
My fitness (or perhaps more appropriately, return to fitness) journey began in 2009 shortly before my 50th birthday. Like many of my contemporaries, I had been an athlete in high school and college but work and other obligations intervened and I fell away from any regular exercise for many years gaining an extra 45 pounds or so in the process. In 2008, I volunteered to be a member of the Extra Mile Club Committee for the Ride for Roswell and began riding with some other members of the committee who were avid cyclists including Ride Founder, Mitch Flynn. I quickly realized that if I wanted to continue riding with these folks, I had to get back in shape. In August 2009, I joined the JCC and began spinning. One of my favorite spin classes was the one taught by Colleen. Her energy and enthusiasm helped inspire me to keep going even when the going was tough. By March 2010, I had lost almost 40 pounds. I never looked back. At age 55, I have no health problems and I am on no medication. I am blessed with a new and continuously growing circle of colleagues and friends for whom fitness is a way of life. It’s a good place to be. And it all flowed from what inspires me in life, my desire to help people facing cancer or who have lost loved ones to cancer by volunteering my time and effort in support of the Ride for Roswell. It’s funny but it’s true – you always get much more in return than you give. And that is one of the things that I like best about being a part of the Rev Family. Colleen, Amanda and Rachel do a terrific job running the fitness classes but it is their commitment to community engagement that I find most inspiring and I wish them much success in the years to come.

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
It is tough to pick just one but I really like “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. And although I don’t know the name, there is one particular song that Colleen sometimes plays when she has us do sprints that really gets my blood pumping. Of course, that might have something to do with the intensity of the exercise as well.

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
I have traditionally done spinning and used free weights for my strength training. At Revolution Buffalo, Colleen has introduced me to TRX and I would have to say that is now probably my favorite class. It is fast-paced, intense and there is always a great group of people pushing you along. It really challenges you. I am in pretty good shape but find it difficult to fully complete all of the exercises. On one occasion a few weeks ago, I was so tired at the end of class that I could not get up and literally crawled to my water bottle. Of course, Colleen pointed that out to the rest of the class.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
A freshly cooked piece of wild salmon along with a veggie (broccoli or brussel sprouts) and some butternut squash. For dessert, I enjoy a nice glass (or two) of red wine along with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. On the snack end of things, I will typically grab a couple handfuls of mixed nuts or plain almonds. And truth be told, sometimes my cycling friends and I stop at the end of a long ride for a couple of beers.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
I have been married to my lovely bride Diana for almost 28 years. One of my favorite ways to rev back up after a long week of work and workouts is our Sunday dinner. During the riding season, my Sunday rides typically fall into the 50 to 100 mile range so I am pretty hungry when I get home. We typically go to the Fuji Grill in Amherst and they have these booths that face out into the rest of the restaurant. We sit next to each other instead of across from one another, which my wife thought was kind of silly at first but now I think she looks forward to it. I also now eat sushi with her, which I didn’t eat before because I did not think I would like it. Now, we can order different types of sushi and try what the other ordered. It’s our once a week little date where we catch up and get ready for the week ahead.

Bill, keep on keepin' on and thanks for taking the time to share your story with the RevFam. Let's make this week brilliant!


T-Minus 20 days to RevCommunity Ride: Grass Roots Gardens

The countdown has begun for the next community focus at Revolution - our second ever (and 100% free) RevCommunity Ride! We are so honored to partner this ride with the community enabling bearer of neighborhood beauty, Grassroots Gardens.


What is a RevCommunity Ride?
Cycle as a team for 45-60 motivational minutes. Then head (as a team) to a special Revolution volunteer event in the Buffalo community. Do something good for your mind, your body, and those around you.

RevCommunity Ride, April 25: The Game Plan
12:30-1:15pm: Ride the bikes!

1:15-1:45pm : Refuel & refresh. (Snacks/shower/changing rooms will be provided.)
1:45-2pm: Quick drive to the assigned garden in Buffalo, NY. (Carpooling encouraged!)
2pm-4pm: Raise garden beds in preparation for the 2015 planting season.

We’d love to have you join us for this special opportunity to better our bodies, our minds and the community. (Sound familiar?) A RevRide generates a whole lot of feel-good, do-good energy. Let’s share the love!

If you’d like to be a part of this exclusive Rev event, please reserve your spot here. While we’d like to offer this opportunity to everyone, please reserve a spot only if you can attend both the ride and volunteer portion of the event. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, bond with your current friends (yes, they can come too!) and support a local organization that helps neighborhoods bloom all throughout the city.


Bummed you can't make this RevCommunity Ride with Grassroots Gardens? Keep an eye out for more volunteer opportunities coming this summer!

Learn more about Grassroots Gardens.
Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo helps residents create and sustain community gardens on vacant properties in the city. Currently, there are 100 community gardens in Buffalo. These gardens beautify and strengthen neighborhoods, enable the productive use of vacant properties, and improve the overall quality of life for residents. Grassroots Gardens’ community gardens provide numerous benefits to the community, from greening neighborhoods through the planting of flowers, shrubs and trees, to providing fresh produce and herbs to residents who otherwise may not have access to healthy food. Other important benefits of community gardens include education – horticulture, urban agriculture, nutrition and health, neighborhood revitalization, building civic pride and rebuilding a sense of community in some of the city’s most disenfranchised neighborhoods.

Community gardeners share a common love of the City of Buffalo, a commitment to their neighborhoods and a belief that through hard work, initiative, perseverance and neighbor-to-neighbor collaboration, they have the power to make positive change happen in their communities