Monday Motivators: Meet Matt

Good morning team! Monday is back in full force, here is a little dose of motivation for you. Meet Matt, who has positive energy and always brings it full force when it comes to pushing a little harder in TRX. Read on below to see Matt's answers to our five questions.

Matt 1_copy6

1. Describe your ongoing fitness journey.
My fitness journey really began about 6/7 years ago. Growing up I was always active and played baseball all the way through college but afterwards I stopped actively focusing on working out. Finally I reached a point where I just wasn't feeling healthy, knew I had put on weight and just needed to make a change. So I started running and working out at the JCC on a regular basis and positive results started to appear. Running quickly became an outlet from my busy work schedule and it went from a hobby to something I am passionate about. Honestly, it sounds cliche but I really just had to stop thinking about getting in shape and just do it. So I committed to it and I'm better off for it.

I really didn't get into any group fitness classes until a few years later. I have known Colleen for a long time and she always 'bugged' me to try her spinning classes. Finally I gave in and I was hooked. Colleen introduced me to several other different classes and now I love trying new workouts. I still run as much as the weather allows and have plans to run a Marathon in early October in Chicago...

2. What's the number one most played song on your iPod?
It would probably be too embarrassing if I actually answered this question honestly...But come on, who doesn't love some 2 Chainz?

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
The best thing about Revolution is that every class is a little different. But the full hour TRX class is my favorite. Rev opened at a time when I needed to commit to something new, just for sake of keeping working out fresh and exciting. TRX is exactly what I needed. The classes are capped at the perfect size and every workout can be geared to your own strength level. I've noticed the change already and I can't get enough of it. Plus I love seeing how everyone in these classes push themselves to their limit.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
I am not all that into energy bars or protein shakes, even if I probably should be a little more open to all of that stuff. But after a workout I'll be sure to eat some fruit right away. I eat a lot of fruit throughout the course of every day. I know that is really boring! But learning how to eat properly and not canceling out a workout was very important for me to learn. (Except on Sundays... Sundays don't count...)

5. What ice cream flavor best describes your personality?
Cookies and Cream is my favorite... Actually Cookies in general are my weakness. Add Ice Cream with them and I'm done. I'm not really sure what that says about my personality though. Do they make vodka flavored ice cream?