Weekends are for...brunching!

Hi RevFam,

We thought it would be nice for you to hear about some weekend things we do with friends and family when we aren't at the studio, because, yes we are still humans!

Sunday Brunch seemed to be the stand out! Brunch always works for us since there is a lot more flexibility than a Friday or Saturday night dinner.  Brunches can last as long or as short as you like (although we seem to prefer the long ones). Sometimes (as rare as it may be). we have nothing to do for the rest of the day and our best brunches have lasted almost until dinner.

Here are the Rev girls top 5 reasons we love brunch: 

1. It's a great way to catch up with friends. Good company, good food, good drinks. That's all we need to end a great weekend. 

2. You can sleep in as long as you want and still eat breakfast food. No matter how late you hit the sheets last night, rest easy! You haven't wasted your day because brunch will still be there when you wake up.

3. You can go to fancy restaurants that you'd never otherwise be able to afford. Brunch specials are basically the eighth wonder of the world. It's cheaper than dinner so feel free to have your side order of bacon and eat it too.

4. Brunch is like a therapy session. Expect a rehash of the events from the night before, support from your friends on those questionable dates, and fun conversation.

5. It's the perfect excuse to day drink. Brunch is the only meal where it's socially acceptable to drink in the morning. Say no more - bottoms up!

Colleen went to Cecilia's on Elmwood for the best $6 bottomless mimosas on her Saturday morning off with some Rev friends.  Nothing like a good campaign for champagne to start your weekend off right!

Rachel and Amanda hit up Oshun downtown with a group of friends on Sunday morning to catch up.  Plenty of beautifully plated meals all around and of course, extra spicy bloody marys.

Oshun Group Shot_copy5
Table for 16 please!

Oshun Sign_copy

We had great food and great drinks at both places and would highly recommend - we also recommend calling a few days ahead for reservations, the whole city likes to brunch as much as we do!  Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!