Monday Motivators: Meet Wendy


Each and every member of our RevFamily has been rockin' their workouts, including one of our favorite gals, Wendy. Read on to see what inspires her in the Q & A below. Look for her in spin classes this week and be sure to say hello! 

1. What inspires you in fitness & in life?
What inspires me in life and fitness are my three children who are now smart and beautiful adults. Watching them grow and succeed in today's world inspires me everyday to succeed and grow in mine. We are close group and I wouldn't be who I am today without them and everyday is an grand adventure when we are together. I like to focus on living in a place of gratitude daily. I am on a weight loss journey right now and losing weight is a big inspiration for me to keep on my fitness track.

2. What's your favorite song to spin to?
Favorite song to spin to is a hard question! As my kids said, "You have so many favorite songs!" I love music. The kids would tell you my music is the loudest in the house and they tell me to turn it down! We have frequent dance parties in my room at midnight. I'm loving Rachel's playlist from the Michael Jackson Notorious BIG spin off. I'm also enjoying Madonna's new album Rebel Heart right now. Anything with a beat gets me in the zone. The louder the better!

3. What's your favorite class at Rev & why?
My favorite class is a spin class. I love to move to music and the louder the better! Love TRX too, but spinning is where its at for me now. I just bought a bike and I am joining the Rev team on the Ride for Roswell. One of my goals is to try a morning class...I am NOT a morning person! I'd love to feel that energy through my day instead at the end of my day, but 5:45am girls...really?

4. What's your favorite post workout fuel/snack?
Favorite post workout snack is usually 7 at night after spinning so its home for a dinner of a lean protein and lots of veggies or dinner at Kuni's, my favorite restaurant. I like to have a protein shake a few hours before spinning to get me through second half of my day.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Sometimes it's hard to rev back up on Monday but I find the best thing is a spin class with loud music! I haven't found anything else that compares to the energy I have after a kick ass spin class!

We'll keep the beats coming and the music loud (Wendy's request!) this week...and always. Have a bright, sunny and motivated week, RevFam.


Celebrating New Friends & RevBirthdays

One of the most amazing things about opening Revolution is the new found connections and friendships that are sparking every single day, between us and the RevFam, and among the RevFam. This past weekend we got to celebrate two of those new friendships in a really exciting way!


The Lululemon Walden Galleria team brought their A-game to the studio with an early morning Rev+TotalBody. They hooted, hollered, sweat and spun their giant hearts out. And then on to the TRX, where they shined like the superstars that they all are. That same positive, happy energy they carry throughout their store lit up Rev - an energizing start to the day with new friends - like-minded peeps who care about the wellness of our WNY community. Can't wait to see what's in store.


Rounding out our morning was Andie's RevBirthday Ride. Her closest friends and sister showed up to sweat through a 60 minute spin class - all for Andie! They were all smiles and pearls (Amy!). And while some them prefer to dance their faces off in a Zumba class or get stretchy in yoga, it was a special thing to see 11 best girlfriends support Andie and her interests. 

We love celebrating anything and everything here at Rev. Ask us about our RevCorporate, RevBirthday and RevBride rides today!





Monday Motivators: Meet Ben & Amanda

Set the tone for your week with this week's Monday Motivators. It's hard not to feel inspired to accomplish big things this week after meeting Ben and Amanda, and reading their Q & A.

Ben & Amanda rockin' their RevGear in Costa Rica on a jungle-filled, volcano climbin' hike.

1. What inspires you in fitness and in life?
B: I'm inspired by a photo of myself from 4 years ago where I'm close to 300 pounds. It's a reminder of what I don't want to be and the reason why I climb the hills. It's also an inspirational reminder of how far I've come.  
A: I've been living with chronic back problems since I was a teenager. After an unsuccessful surgery, I was unable to even take an easy walk around the block without a rest. About two years ago, I decided I needed to take a more active approach to pain management. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I realized I needed to finally push myself to strengthen my core and back muscles so I could live a more active, less painful life. It hasn't been an easy road, but I've come a really long way in that short time. It helps that I have Ben cheering me on along the way. Now, I can finally enjoy climbing up mountains and hiking for hours on end. Staying strong and active is key to keeping my pain under control. 

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
B: My favorite song is whatever Rachel tells us our favorite song is that day.
A: Anything with a good steady beat.

3. Favorite class at Rev and why?
Both: It's too hard to pick, which is why we've been trying to do back-to-back classes to get in as much of that RevGoodness as possible! All the instructors are awesome and we haven't had a class that we didn't love.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
B: After a workout, I love to pair a fruit smoothie with Amanda's various leftovers I find in the fridge.
A: Lately, it's been pineapple and a protein bar. But, I usually just want chocolate.

5. Favorite way to rev back up after a long work (and workout) week?
Both: We love being active outdoors and do a lot of hiking and exploring. We just got back from Costa Rica where we climbed an extinct volcano. We also recently discovered that we can cook really elaborate, healthy meals together, so we have been honing our culinary skills while being trapped indoors this winter.

Ben and Amananda are one cool couple! Be sure to say hi to them in classes this week.


Squashing Calories

Spaghetti squash is perfect for those who want to reduce their calorie intake while eating delicious, filling, and good for you foods. It is rich in nutrients and low in calories, averaging just 42 calories per 1-cup serving. Consider replacing your usual pasta dish with spaghetti’ll never look back! It has a richer, fuller flavor, and a delicious crunch that keeps you coming back for more. Spaghetti squash has high levels of carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids. It has significant amounts of B vitamins that are beneficial in various ways, especially for regulating blood sugar levels.

spaghetti squash

Like all winter squash, spaghetti squash requires some time in the oven before it becomes tender enough to eat. The quickest way to get this side dish on the table is to cut the squash in half and cook it face down in a baking dish.

What do you need?

1 medium spaghetti squash (2-3 lbs.)
Olive oil
Salt & pepper  

Sharp chef's knife
Cutting board
Soup spoon
Medium-size roasting pan or baking dish

Cooking Directions
Preheat the oven to 400°F.
Slice the squash in half: Use a chef's knife to cut the spaghetti squash lengthwise from stem to tail. Spaghetti squash are really tough and hard, so be cautious and work slowly.
Scoop out the seeds: Use a soup spoon to scrape out the seeds from inside the squash. Be careful of actually digging into the flesh though — we want that! The inside should look clean and fairly smooth. Discard the seeds (or save and roast!).
Lightly brush inside with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and place the squash halves cut-side down in a roasting pan.Cook the squash for 30 to 45 minutes depending on size - The squash is ready when you can easily pierce a fork through the flesh. Use a fork to scrape out the inside spaghetti like strands down to the shell.
Serve with your favorite sauce, olive oil and seasoning or as a side to your main dish. Enjoy!
*Spaghetti squash will keep refrigerated for up to a week, or frozen for up to 3 months.


The Great Debate - Morning Warrior Edition, Part I

Morning Warrior
There is a great divide when it comes to when people like to get their workouts in. The morning people have their reasons: being able to relax in the evening, feeling energized all day, the list goes on. Then team evening workout will tell you the opposite: working out at night gives them something to look forward to during the day and helps them sleep. Let’s start the debate with the early risers – the crazies who are out of the house before the rest of the world has even rolled over, come rain, snow or a few cocktails the night before. Behind every group of morning fitness fiends, are the energetic and dedicated instructors who bring the motivation no matter what time of day.  

We chatted with a bunch of Buffalo instructors to find out what it takes to get them ready to push you all to your limits. In fact, there are so many morning warriors, we have to break up this post into two parts!

Steve Procknal, Power Yoga Buffalo

Time my alarm goes off: 4:31am

Night before bedtime: 9:00pm

Pre-class fuel: Shot of turmeric, lemon, WheatGrass, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice and E3 Live with half a banana and a couple walnuts.

Post class fuel: Big Salad with rice, beans, greens and avocado.

Why I love an early morning workout: You can chose any time of the day to move your body. Moving in the morning puts your mind and body in the right state to take on anything the day has in store.

Favorite wake up song: Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday

Rachael & Gia, Co-Owners of Barre Centric Buffalo
canalside (1)
Time my alarm goes off:
G: Depending on the time I'm teaching in the morning-my alarm never really goes off after 6:30am.
R: If I am teaching, 5:30am. if not teaching early- 7:00am.

Night before bedtime:
G: Since my husband and I both have early starts working in the fitness industry we are always in bed by 10pm! Most Fridays too lol!
R: Usually 10:30pm.

Pre-class fuel:
G: I love some kind of fruit, combined with protein and usually a type of whole grain. Also, lots of water usually room temp or warm with lemon! Food ex: A poached egg with spinach on whole grain toast with some berries on the side
R: I have been loving overnight oats- so easy to make the night before and take to the studio in the am!

Post class fuel:
G: Either a vegan organic protein shake, or some nuts like unsalted walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds etc. (love nut butters too!)
R: Cold pressed juice!

Why I love an early morning workout:
G: You go about your day feeling more energized, accomplished, and you don't allow yourself to put the work out off to the next day!
R: It's the best way to wake up and get your mind and body moving in the morning. By 10:00am you will have already accomplished so much and it's the best feeling!

Favorite wake up song:
G: We teach to very upbeat fun music at the barre, so honestly I like to wake up to more Indie chilled out music in the morning as long as it has a positive tone to start the day.
R: Right now, anything from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.

Jay McFadden, Saddle Cycling
Jay McFadden

Time my alarm goes off:
4:33am! Enough time to press the snooze at least once without feeling rushed.  
Night before bedtime:
I'd love to tell ya I have a consistent routine, but the reality of being a father with a busy schedule makes that a bit erratic. Making sure to have a good meal not too late into the night and getting to bed at a decent hour is the goal! 
Pre-class fuel:
One It's always good to fuel your body and coffee isn't necessarily the best option here, but hey, I'm only human. 
Post class fuel:
Some sort of breakfast including but not limited too, eggs, oatmeal, protein shakes, whatever I'm feeling. I'm not picky.  
Why I love an early morning workout:
What a great way to start! Fills me with energy. A feeling of accomplishment rushes in and it really helps to set the tone for the day! 
Favorite wake up song:
Run Boy Run by Woodkid. Search it. Listen to it. Download it. 

You don't need to change your whole life and routine to embark on getting into shape. We all start somewhere. Making the effort is the first step. Finding your balance and what works for you is what matters most. What are YOUR goals? What do YOU want to accomplish? You are the one that decides. You make that choice. 

Well said, Jay!! We hope you enjoyed Part I of our morning warrior spotlights, Part II coming soon! If you are a Team PM instructor that wants to be included in our nighttime feature, shoot us an email at



Monday Motivators: Meet Lauren

Hello, Monday! Take a read through this week's Monday Motivator post. We changed up our questions a bit and Lauren's got some upbeat answers to start our week. Read all about her in the Q & A below.


1. What inspires you? In fitness and in life?
I think my underlying inspiration in both fitness and life would be to stay humble, work hard and be kind. I believe if you do your best to accomplish those three things in all aspects of your life you are bound to be able to earn success.  

2. What is your favorite song to spin to?
I am a BIG fan of working out to what I call “gangsta” pop-rap. There is something about the beat that totally focuses me and puts me in the zone. My current favorite spin song would have to be “Going Down for Real (GDRF) by FloRida. When I hear that song at 5:45 a.m. it totally gets me moving!

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
I absolutely love all of the Rev classes, but I especially love the Spin & TRX combo classes. Before Revolution I really had never gotten into TRX, but am now a huge supporter. I love the opportunity to get a serious sweat on with a fast paced cardio spin class and then get a killer strength training workout all in the same class. In a world where time is of the essence I think pairing the two workouts in one is amazing. 

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
Although it may not be the most nutritious, my favorite post workout fuel is sharing a Starbucks coffee with my morning workout partners while gearing up for the day ahead. Additionally, I always have a piece of Ezekiel toast and almond butter after a tough morning workout with the Rev Ladies. 

5. Favorite way to detox after a long work (and workout) week?
Friday nights are totally my detox night after a crazy week. I love spending my Friday happy hours at Rev with the amazing Colleen and then either heading to dinner or a movie with my husband or ordering take-out and binge watching a Netflix series. 

Thanks for always sharing your positive vibes, Lauren! Have a strong and focused week, RevFam!


Sunny Days

Working out on vacation. But whyyyyyyy, it’s vacation?

1. Depending on the locale, you can do something fun that you can’t normally do on your home turf. (Think running along the coastline, hiking a mountain or paddle boarding.)
2. It helps keep you in a routine so your workouts don’t feel like “the worst” when you get back home.
3. Helps ward off the dreaded, but oh-so-delish calories from drinking and dining out more than usual.
4. Even though you’re flyin’ high on vacation endorphins, a few extra never hurt!
Colleen and her fam got their workout on in the Bahamas in a few really fun ways. Because, when in the Bahamas, would you rather workout here?

Or here?!?

exuma 4
exuma 6

Beach vacay on the horizon? Take this 30 minute workout with you for a fun way to stay fit while away. Don't forget to bring sunscreen, water and a timer - and do forget your shoes. Sand running is best (in our opinion!) barefoot. Have fun in the sun!

Warm up 
Light jog on beach (5 min.)

Circuit (20 min.)
Alternating sprints and strength at one minute intervals each.
Walking lunges down the beach
Tricep pushups
Squat jumps (these are killer in the sand!)
In & outs
Crab walk
High knees

Easy walk on the beach (5 min.)

And have no fear, there was a whole lot of this goin' on, too. 




Monday Motivators: Meet Matt

Good morning team! Monday is back in full force, here is a little dose of motivation for you. Meet Matt, who has positive energy and always brings it full force when it comes to pushing a little harder in TRX. Read on below to see Matt's answers to our five questions.

Matt 1_copy6

1. Describe your ongoing fitness journey.
My fitness journey really began about 6/7 years ago. Growing up I was always active and played baseball all the way through college but afterwards I stopped actively focusing on working out. Finally I reached a point where I just wasn't feeling healthy, knew I had put on weight and just needed to make a change. So I started running and working out at the JCC on a regular basis and positive results started to appear. Running quickly became an outlet from my busy work schedule and it went from a hobby to something I am passionate about. Honestly, it sounds cliche but I really just had to stop thinking about getting in shape and just do it. So I committed to it and I'm better off for it.

I really didn't get into any group fitness classes until a few years later. I have known Colleen for a long time and she always 'bugged' me to try her spinning classes. Finally I gave in and I was hooked. Colleen introduced me to several other different classes and now I love trying new workouts. I still run as much as the weather allows and have plans to run a Marathon in early October in Chicago...

2. What's the number one most played song on your iPod?
It would probably be too embarrassing if I actually answered this question honestly...But come on, who doesn't love some 2 Chainz?

3. Favorite class at Rev & why?
The best thing about Revolution is that every class is a little different. But the full hour TRX class is my favorite. Rev opened at a time when I needed to commit to something new, just for sake of keeping working out fresh and exciting. TRX is exactly what I needed. The classes are capped at the perfect size and every workout can be geared to your own strength level. I've noticed the change already and I can't get enough of it. Plus I love seeing how everyone in these classes push themselves to their limit.

4. Favorite post workout fuel/snack?
I am not all that into energy bars or protein shakes, even if I probably should be a little more open to all of that stuff. But after a workout I'll be sure to eat some fruit right away. I eat a lot of fruit throughout the course of every day. I know that is really boring! But learning how to eat properly and not canceling out a workout was very important for me to learn. (Except on Sundays... Sundays don't count...)

5. What ice cream flavor best describes your personality?
Cookies and Cream is my favorite... Actually Cookies in general are my weakness. Add Ice Cream with them and I'm done. I'm not really sure what that says about my personality though. Do they make vodka flavored ice cream?


A Few of Our Favorite (Weekend!) Things

1. The view from the front porch.


2. Baskets of banana bread.

3. Brunch.

4. Touring the modern and cozy Oscars B&B on Linwood.

5. Babies on the way.IMG_2342

6. Family.
image (1)


Pump Up the Jams

Check out this mid-week playlist from the RevTeam. We're jammin' away to these tunes at the office and gearin' up for that glorious thing that is the weekend. Have a brilliant Wednesday!


Burials - The Dirty Heads                                        
Queen of the Dammed - Motorhead                              
Panic - Sublime with Rome                                         

Kill the Lights - Matt Nathanson
Downtown - Lady Antebellum
The Lion The Beast The Beat - Grace Potter

#41 - DMB                                                              
Whatever It Is - Zac Brown Band                                
Call Me - St. Paul and the Broken Bones  

Booty - J. Lo
Always Right - Alabama Shakes
Boneless - Steve Akoi

Stronger Than That - The Bahamas                                
I Feel Good - James Brown                                            
Next Girl = The Black Keys                                            
(But based on that one time in TRX when Spencer remotely took over our playlist from his office, we were expecting a little more Bey on his list...)

You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates
Little Black Submarine - The Black Keys
Dreamer - Tallest Man in the World