"I really regret eating healthy"... Said no one, ever.

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A week's worth of healthy, pre-made meals!

Does anyone else out there feel like there is just not enough time in the day to work, get your exercise on and still find time to eat healthy without spending a fortune?

So many weeks, I would spend a fortune at Wegmans, only to toss out an uncut red pepper or an uncooked chicken breast. Throwing money away and not eating a healthy meal? Double whammy. I was never one to cook, so now with the hectic day to day that is balancing public accounting with running Revolution with Colleen & Rachel, it has become impossible. I have looked into some online meal delivery services and the price was entirely out of the question.

Then through casual conversation, a friend mentioned the Buffalo based meal service she and her boyfriend have been using, WTF Chef. Chef Pat Koch created “Wow the Flavor” (Yes, we all know what you thought WTF stood for) to prepare affordable and healthy meals, as well as to offer catering  and cooking classes. Here’s the real shocker: the cost is $4/meal. In a world where it costs $15 for a healthy salad at Wegmans, it is possible to have three pre-prepared meals for $12 a day. An example of a daily group of meals includes two eggs, a chicken sausage patty and oatmeal for breakfast, pork with cabbage and spinach for lunch, and chicken with snap peas and quinoa for dinner.

These healthy and clean options have replaced my typical slapdash lunches of salty canned soup and equally unprepared dinner of cottage cheese. I am now ensuring that I get the proper protein intake for the crazy amounts of awesome cardio I get in a day at Rev and already feeling so much more energized for it.  Check out his website here.

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My favorite option - beef, whole wheat penne, kale & green beans.