Start Your Revolution

Hello! We’re Revolution Buffalo, and this is our blog. Come here to learn, laugh, love and be among friends. We’ll talk about anything and everything here, from goals, workout tips, recipes, gear and playlists, to life-crushes (those people in this community that are just rocking your/our world), life-hacks and probably our dogs from time to time. So let’s get to it with our first post. What should we talk about? Goals.

We’ve got a lot of goals for ourselves, and for you, too. One of them that immediately rises to the top is this: To be the best neighbors we can possibly be. After all, this is the City of Good Neighbors we’re living in. So with each and every workout we’re focused on you – our amazing neighbors and friends! We want you to feel healthy and strong. We want you to live your best life for your kids, spouses, parents, friends and everyone who matters to you, including yourself! When we are our best selves physically, it overflows into our mental well-being and how we impact our community.

At Revolution we strive to make an impact on those very same levels, through a strong balance of mind, body and community wellness.

And with 2015 there’s no better time than today (or as soon as you finish reading this post) to start your Revolution. More like a New Year’s Revolution, with us! (Yea, we said it. And we love it! New Year’s Revolution!) We’ve got so much good-karma, calorie-burning, mood-boosting goodness in store for you, we’re just bursting with excitement to share it all. Check out our website and learn about our popular cycling, TRX and combo classes. Book a class with us and use our cool feature that lets you select your bike before you even set foot in the studio.(Save a seat next to a friend, or make a new one!) Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest news. And save the date for our Grand Opening party, right at the studio, January 2nd, 2015.

Words can’t even express how excited and grateful we are to bring a new Revolution to Buffalo. It’s already an amazing place to live. Let’s continue to build on that awesomeness together, as one giant mindful, healthy and community-focused team.

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