Day of Rest

We know it ran through your mind the minute you checked out our schedule. “No Sunday classes at Rev?"

Back in the day (maybe not our day, but definitely someday), Sunday was a day when shops, restaurants and bars all closed. People spent time at home or outdoors, with the ones they loved, or snuck in a few precious moments of “me” time.

And among fitness friends, we all know that a healthy routine includes at least one day off per week for recovery. How many of us actually do that? At least one whole day and night focused on renewal? 

Okay, we know some of you are feeling anxious. (We admit we kind of are, too.) But recovery doesn’t necessarily mean “sitting still.” It could be a yoga class, stretching on the living room floor, a brisk walk around Delaware Park (or dare we say, to Sunday Funday), or a light jog at Canalside with a friend. It could even be cheering on the Bills in OP.

We promise these Sundays of rest will make us better instructors and workout partners for you all week long. So let’s all pay our dues – and show our bodies lots of love, all the other sweaty days of the week. When we better ourselves those days, we can afford to give our spouses, kids, friends, parents, pets and selves a little extra love on our day off. 

So here’s to taking back our Sundays! Recharge and renew your body and mind. Take time to do what makes you happy. We promise, there are six days of hard work right around the corner.

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A Perfect Pair

At Revolution Indoor cycling, one of our goals is to partner with some of best businesses our local community has to offer. And, gasp! Could our first partnership really be with another fitness center? Why, yes, yes it could! We’ve got lots of class-act friends in the biz and we want to show some love and respect for all the different ways fitness professionals are helping to make lives in this very community healthier, every single day. And, plain and simple, it’s a seriously fierce opportunity (and would make an impressive Christmas gift) to compliment your group studio workouts with us at Revolution Indoor Cycling.

So who is this mystery partner? Did you pick up on the clue in the first paragraph? It’s Fierce Fitness of Buffalo, NY!

Here's the deal: Want to make your workouts twice as nice?
Fierce Fitness & Revolution Indoor Cycling are joining fitness forces to bring you an unbelievable deal!

Fierce Rev Membership
Purchase a 20-pack of classes from Revolution and receive a special gym membership offer at Fierce Fitness for just $29.99 per month. (Monthly payments available, 3 year contract.)

You’ll love the boutique amenities and attention you receive at Fierce Fitness, combined with high-grade equipment in a clean and secure environment. Membership includes private key fob entry, so you can work out when it’s convenient for you. Learn more about Fierce Fitness here. Contact Revolution Indoor Cycling or Fierce Fitness about this special offer. 

Keep your eyes open more exciting news to come from this perfect pair!

“Fierce Fitness, LLC (Fierce) is a private, personalized functional training facility located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, in the Elmwood Village. Fierce was founded by Giovanni Preziuso in 2005. We began with a modest 1994 (pink) Ford Escort that traveled from the parkways to basements of the Elmwood Village. Fierce is now located at 167 Ashland Ave, Buffalo, New York.

In 2011 Sherry Arndt Preziuso joined forces with her husband, Giovanni, and together we created a one-of-a-kind training facility. With pride, determination, relocation and renovation, Fierce has grown to a 4,000 square foot facility. 167 Ashland is a beautiful building with an old world charm that once housed horses, a car wash and a book binding business. One would never guess what lies behind the side door, but inside you will see a spacious and fully renovated, modern industrial training facility.

Fierce offers a private, friendly and secure training environment. Only members have access to the building via key-fob entrance between the hours of 5:00am and midnight, seven days a week (even holidays). By design, limited memberships are available, so you will not find yourself in a crowded gym standing in line for use of your favorite piece of equipment. Fierce specializes in tailored personal training programs and small personalized classes. On any given day, you may find yourself throwing a 140lb “green guy,” climbing a rope, slamming battle ropes, building your cardio endurance on the Helix lateral elliptical, or simply lifting weights and taking a jog on a treadmill!”


What is this "bike stations" thing you keep hearing about?

We want to help take any guesswork out of your experience at Revolution Indoor Cycling. When you reserve a bike through our website schedule (all linked into everybody’s favorite booking tool, Mindbody), all you have to do is show up. No rushing to get there obnoxiously early to stake out “your bike” like a vulture. (Because don’t we all get to a point where we feel like we literally own the bike we ride day in and day out?)

Maybe you’re the cycle superstar gunning for the bike right up front that lets you lock eyes with the instructor on more than one, one-gaze too long occasion. Or you’re the rider that chooses a bike to make you feel like you blend into the pack a bit more. Or you’re bringing your BFFs and you want to make sure you’re all in the same row. And maybe, just maybe, you saw a really cute guy/girl who always sits on bike 12, and by picking bike 11 you’re guaranteed the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Whatever the reason you choose “your bike,” book it and relax, knowing you’re not going to get stuck in the corner if you get there last. At Revolution you get what you came for. Try it out…we hope it makes you feel like a VIP!

See our schedule and book your bike here.

Please note: Unfortunately if you log in to book directly through Mindbody or the Mindbody app, this feature is not currently available. But no worries, you’ll receive an email with a bike assignment just for you.

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Start Your Revolution

Hello! We’re Revolution Buffalo, and this is our blog. Come here to learn, laugh, love and be among friends. We’ll talk about anything and everything here, from goals, workout tips, recipes, gear and playlists, to life-crushes (those people in this community that are just rocking your/our world), life-hacks and probably our dogs from time to time. So let’s get to it with our first post. What should we talk about? Goals.

We’ve got a lot of goals for ourselves, and for you, too. One of them that immediately rises to the top is this: To be the best neighbors we can possibly be. After all, this is the City of Good Neighbors we’re living in. So with each and every workout we’re focused on you – our amazing neighbors and friends! We want you to feel healthy and strong. We want you to live your best life for your kids, spouses, parents, friends and everyone who matters to you, including yourself! When we are our best selves physically, it overflows into our mental well-being and how we impact our community.

At Revolution we strive to make an impact on those very same levels, through a strong balance of mind, body and community wellness.

And with 2015 there’s no better time than today (or as soon as you finish reading this post) to start your Revolution. More like a New Year’s Revolution, with us! (Yea, we said it. And we love it! New Year’s Revolution!) We’ve got so much good-karma, calorie-burning, mood-boosting goodness in store for you, we’re just bursting with excitement to share it all. Check out our website and learn about our popular cycling, TRX and combo classes. Book a class with us and use our cool feature that lets you select your bike before you even set foot in the studio.(Save a seat next to a friend, or make a new one!) Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest news. And save the date for our Grand Opening party, right at the studio, January 2nd, 2015.

Words can’t even express how excited and grateful we are to bring a new Revolution to Buffalo. It’s already an amazing place to live. Let’s continue to build on that awesomeness together, as one giant mindful, healthy and community-focused team.

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