This class is taught by:

Colleen Kirk

In her eleventh year as an indoor cycling and group fitness instructor, Colleen has loved every minute of the ride. Her goal is to help the Buffalo community find fun in exercise and wellness – working out shouldn’t feel like a chore.


Mad Dogg Spinning®, Indo-Row®, TRX®, Les Mills Body Pump and Les Mills CxWorx.

Class with Colleen

Push your limits (and your pedals) to killer beats, heart-pumping sprints and quad screaming hills. You’ll smile, you’ll sweat and you’ll accomplish goals.

Colleen's Motivation

“Make a commitment. With your body. Your mind. And others in the room. These positive connections keep us all coming back for more of the good stuff.”

Lauren Corigliano

Lauren's been in the saddle cycling and getting all bendy and twisty in yoga for years. (Check out her Instagram to see all the poses she has mastered!) She continues to love leading class with two years of cycling and TRX instructing under her belt!


Mad Dogg Spinning®, Indo-Row® and TRX®, NASM Personal Trainer

Class with Lauren

Motivating riders to push beyond their limits with a great mix of strength and endurance from heart pounding jumps to the thick, gritty hills. Exceed your expectations and love yourself for it.

Lauren's Motivation

"Step out of your comfort zone and unveil your greatness; ride your bike how you want to live your life."

Amanda Meyers

Amanda has been a regular in the saddle for more than ten years now! She loves getting up on the bike and pushing riders to get out of their comfort zone. In her three years as an instructor she’s gained a world of confidence in herself and loves to see the same change within her clients.


Mad Dogg Spinning®, TRX®, and Indo-Row®.

Class with Amanda

An intense, varied and thoughtfully crafted trip to breathlessness. Be prepared for some seriously positive energy!

Amanda's Motivation

“Exercise because you want to, because you need to, and because it makes you feel invincible.”

Hit up the bike for 30 minutes of exhilarating, sweaty cardio, followed by 30 minutes of straight up, abs-of-steel core training circuits on the TRX system. These muscles help improve your functional strength and prevent injury. Score!

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