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Welcome to Revolution Indoor Cycling!


Revolution is an indoor cycling studio, Indo-Row and TRX fitness center in downtown Buffalo, NY that's raising the bar on cycling, rowing and group fitness. We’re changing clients’ lives one pedal stroke at a time, by merging active lifestyle, social engagement and community good. We provide fun, safe and high intensity workouts in a clean, inviting environment, with quality equipment, no distractions and lots of energy.

Revolution Indoor Cycling, Indo-Row and TRX fitness classes can be modified to each person’s experience, making any of our group classes appropriate for beginning to advanced riders and clients. Whether you try a class because you want the motivation of a group setting, are interested in improving your health, or you just want to switch up your workout routine, Revolution Indoor Cycling studio in Buffalo is the studio for you!

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Revolution Indoor Cycling

1716 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14209


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